Friday, September 6, 2013

Saturday 9.7.13


1. Track Session
A:  6 x 40m, rest as needed
B:  5 x 60m, rest as needed
C:  4 x 100m rest as needed
D:  3 x 200m, rest as needed

2.  Barbell Benchmark
A:  3 sets of max unbroken Cleans, 225/155 - all reps must be TNG, no resting in the hang.
B.  21-15-9 unbroken Back Squats for time, 225/155 - you must break between each set.  if you are unable to complete the prescribed reps in a set you must re-start that set.

3.  Gymnastics
3 Rounds for max reps of:
1 min Muscle ups
1 min Box Jumps, 36/30"
1 min 5m Bear Crawl - set up 2 cones 5 meters apart, every time you go around a cone equals one rep.

1.    Metcon
400m Run
30 Wall Balls, 20/14


  1. HELL YEAH! is it tomorrow yet????

  2. Hot shoulders and elbows. Glad for an off day tomorrow.

    1. Track Session- Done, will have to get a watch.

    2. Barbell Benchmark
    A: 3 sets of max unbroken Cleans, 225/155 - -3,4,4 power cleans, my legs are fried from this week so I went PC instead of SC.
    21-15-9 unbroken Back Squats for time, 225/155 - sub 5, didn't set a timer like a dumbass. Started at 2:09 finished before 2:14. No real issue here, all the 20RM work has paid off, I knew the pace I needed and everything was smooth and unbroken.

    3. Gymnastics
    3 Rounds for max reps- 47 total reps, MU's were interesting considering how my shoulders and elbows felt.

  3. Sprints done average 9 sec
    Average 12 sec
    Average 18 sec
    Average 41 seconds
    I did squat cleans because there a goat and was 2,3,4 stopped because of form because posterior chain was fried from yesterday.
    6:11 for back squats
    Muscle ups were 7,5,7
    Box jumps 13,12,11
    Bear crawl wasn't pretty

  4. 1) Average times:
    40m @ 6sec
    60m @ 8:30
    100m @ 14sec
    200m @ 32sec
    Really enjoying the track days!

    2) Squat cleans: 2 3 3 Posterior chain
    grilled after yesterday and the

    21-15-9 6min flat. Rested way too

    3) 65Reps in total and skipped last bear
    or I'll be late for a 21k off road
    Cycle I now have to go do ... Not in
    Have a great weekend.

  5. Open/Masters (43)

    Metcon: 16:49
    3 sets of TnG cleans at 135 x 10
    3 sets of max muscle ups
    I sometimes try some of the regional work depending on time and energy
    Now the weekend begins!

  6. Open
    I paced this one out a little much but oh well I work tomorrow and would like to be able to be worth something. This was fun but I'm going to miss my legs...

  7. Open:
    20:24 rx Splited wallballs 3x10.

    Also did EMOM 10:
    5 Deadlift 265
    10 HSPU

  8. Open

    16:42 with a 10kg and 12kg med ball switch med ball each round with a partner as only 1 10kg ball

  9. Open
    Great work young Austin! Your runs were smoking fast!

  10. Regionals:

    1) Sprinting was the hardest part of that day!
    2) Max reps cleans @ 225 = 4/5/3
    3) 21-15-9 Back squats @ 225 = 4:06min
    4) Box was closing, so I had to change the workout and did a metcon instead of the regular 9 min workout:

    3 Rft:
    Run 400m
    30 KB Swings

    Was a great workout day and a very nice week, but I am looking forward to the rest day tomorrow :-D

  11. Open
    16:23 3 out of 5 sets unbroken felt great a little surprised after the beating my shoulders took yesterday.
    Did the core work from yesterday's reg wod

    1. I went unbroken, young austin was flying this am!

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  12. Open Program
    1) 19:28 - hotel gym, so ran on treadmill at 1% incline and did 20-lb DB thrusters.

  13. Open

    16:16 Nice work this morning Bus and Erica!

    1. Damn that a boy nice work... I wish I could have been running with u on this one.

    2. Thanks Blake! You killed this wod too!

  14. Bummed I'm missing today! (At a comp today).

  15. Regional:
    1). Done. I timed myself so hard to say exactly
    2). 4, 3, 3 resorted to squat cleans on the last rep each set. I started using. This site last year around this time and I couldn't do any TNG with 225
    21-15-9 didn't have to redo any set. Finished under 5mins. Last year my 20 rep max was 225. Thanks Ben
    3). I did this in a FGB format except no rest between rounds. The subbed HSPU for bear crawls

  16. 1. Done
    2a 8,8,8
    2b 4:38 ouch
    3 Saving for tomorrow

  17. Open
    14:11. WB unbroken. Running slow.

    BP 38/5'11"/195

  18. 20:33 with 10# wb. Both huge weaknesses for me.

  19. Open
    Didn't do WOD, two weeks out from the Beast and have done nothing to get ready. So the wife and I hiked/ ran when we could Wachusett Mt. Approx 11 miles hit just about every trail at least once.

  20. Would have loved to hit this, competing as a 4 person team at Albany Fall Face Off. 4 workouts-2 day event, currently in 2nd. Good job today everyone!

    1. Shawn, I didn't know you were on here

    2. I don't normally post...but I need the push from you all and to return the favor! Great seeing you on here and your progress Mike! Proud of you for doing that hotshots in your gear! See you at CFNE EC Championships?

  21. 1. 40m ;06 across OTM
    2. 60m :09; 08; :09 OTM
    3. 100m :16,:15,:16,:16 OT:90sec
    4. 200m :31;31;32,32 OT2M

    cleans 4/4/3 ... not complaining .. just wish these would start to feel easy again!
    subbed bench press for backsquat WOD today - workin on rebuilding the upper half 4x8 @ 115#

    WOD : huge goat WOD
    muscle ups 4 across
    box jumps 7/10/10- got more comfortable as I went
    bear crawls 8/8/8
    ** didn't feel like I was giving 100% in the WOD today ; felt kinda likei was using my own insecurities and self doubt get the best of me ... ah well :) tomorrows a new day!

  22. M/25/5'6"/177/Southeast
    2)a)10, 11, 12 b)3:16
    4)82 reps

  23. 21/165lbs/93rd in SE in '13

    1) Done.
    a) 4, 4, 5.
    b) 9:20 - Freaking tough w/ 20RM being 245.

    Gonna be doing a good amount of training tomorrow, so didn't do the last WOD.

  24. Open

    1) 16:09
    Used a 16# medball. Wanted to do some tests: running faster and try to keep the pace with a lighter weight and all sets unbroken. Tough one.

  25. Regional
    1) Track - Felt like I should have gave a little more on these.
    40m @ :08
    60m @ :11
    100m @ :17
    200m @ :35

    2) Cleans @ 3-3-3 Rx

    3) 21-15-9 B Sq @ 6:06 Rx

    4) Gymnastics
    MU @ 10-8-7 @ 25 total
    BJ @ 14-15-15 @ 44 total
    BC - Didn't do.

  26. Open
    18:34 slow runs, wall balls - 30, then 20-10

  27. Did this one Sunday and opted to bag the weightlifting and save the strength for the rest of the week.

    1. Gymnastic stuff
    Muscle ups, 10-8-7. The set of 10 was a PR
    Pistols instead of bear crawl to save the calfs, been super tight lately. 13-14-17
    Bear Crawl- 7-6-10

    Did some rowing as well.

  28. Open.
    1. 18:22. Happy but running still slow for me

    Worked up to a heavy set back squat