Monday, September 30, 2013

Tuesday 10.1.13


1.  Bounding
5 attempts to establish 1RM Broad Jump

2.  Pull
3x8 Romanian Dead Lift

3.  20 Rep Benchmark
20 Rep Max Jerk

1.  Metcon
3 RFT:
500m Row
12 Burpees
21 Box Jumps, 24/20 - games standards.

2.  Row
Each Interval For Time:
3 x 2K Row, equal work:rest.

1.  Metcon
3 RFT:
500m Row
12 Burpees
21 Box Jumps, 24/20 - games standards.

2.  Skills
OTM x 8:  10 TTB + 20 DU


  1. Open Masters 46
    OTM 8
    1-6 all ub. 7,8 T2B 5,5/4,,3,3 DU ub

  2. Hi everyone!
    Metcon: 9:40 (previous result was 10:24, very happy with improvement)
    OTM 8: 1-4 all unbroken, last 4 rounds did 6 TTBs and 20 DU, aslo unbroken. Weak abdominal, my goat.

  3. So I've been listening to podcast and reading about programming and I feel like a common theme is the idea if you want to make regionals or win local comps you need to have not only a good coach but someone programming specifically for you and your weaknesses. I think this programming is great and in the short time I've been here I have def improved. I'm wondering since this is still programming for no one person in particular if anyone has made regionals following this blog or is their some truth to the u need to have someone programming specifically for u. thanks everyone.

    1. You pose an interesting question. One I would be interested in having people sound off on.

    2. It all just got me thinking and thought what better place than this as a sounding board.

    3. I have made regionals 3 years in a row ... I made it to the games in 2011... first full year of Crossfit... I only recently started working more individualized programming... so in short... Yes! you can make regionals with this blog! I have Been a fan of Ben and heather for as long as I can remember and was following his regular programming before he even had this. he used to simply add some extra work for competitors to his box blog. I think making regionals takes a mindset and determination. attack every workout like its standing between u and regionals ... I do think it's important for u to take the time to reflect on your own personal limitations and find ways to work them in (under no fatigue) to get better at them.

    4. I think if you have the resources to hire a coach of Bens caliber and have him program for you personally, theoretically its going to be definitely better than CompWod.

      However, here are some considerations.

      You may be training alone the majority of the time as your coach is only programming for you. As in my case, my training partner and I have very opposite strengths and weaknesses, he pushes me in metcons, I push him in the oly lifts and most strength stuff. If he was only programing for my weaknesses, my training partner would probably get bored and maybe stray off onto something else. Also training alone does not yield intensity, you know and I know, when we have someone to chase, or someone that is chasing you, your likely to downshift and hit the gas.

      The other thing to remember is, Ben is a world class coach. This isn't conjecture thought up in a backroom somewhere, this is stuff he has used and has worked. He's sent teams to the games, he's sent individuals, and correct me if I am wrong, he and his wife have both been games athletes. I have seen huge, huge, gains in my overall fitness. Not just one area, but all of them which challenged conventional wisdom of the idea that you have to stop metconing to get stronger. Not true my friend, you have to change your approach to your metcons, how they are designed and programmed, not stop doing them.

      My final thought is, we as athletes have to take some responsibility for ourselves as well. We know what we suck at, and we know what we're good at. I have a weak aerobic base. I row and air dyne more than he prescribes and that has been great. I just make sure I eat more to ensure I am not at a caloric deficit at the end of the day so the strength stuff keeps going up. I used to row 8 500 Repeats with 1m rest, they'd usually start around 1:43 and end around 1:50, I did that workout last week and they started around 1:37 and ended around 1:44. I find myself only failing in metcons due to muscle fatigue now and not my lungs. I'm never really gasping for air. So that being said, he's giving you an incredible template to work with, and supplying phenomenal workouts, but you may need to do some slight tailoring to your ability/weakness etc.

      Long story short, outside of having Ben program for you personally, Compwod is the next best option.

    5. Cheryl Danny thanks for your feedback. Cheryl I was hoping to hear from you cuz I knee your resume and also got to see you in action at this years crush games I competed in. all your words echo what my instincts were about this programming so I am happy to read yalls thoughts. look forward to continuing this journey here and thank you Ben for providing such an excellent resource

  4. Morning
    1. 9 feet 8 inches
    2. 285
    3. 170 up 15# from last time. woo hoo!

  5. open
    1) 9:39 - Last time I was 9:13
    2) Done rounds 3-8 did 8 TTB

  6. Open
    1) 10:55 - 1 second faster then last time and I had to tie my shoe round 3 so I didn't kill myself on box jumps. I got better today.
    2) completed Rx - all TTB unbroken

  7. Whew, rough day!
    1) 8'9"
    2) 225 across
    3) 205x16 - I need a coach around to kick me in the nuts to prevent attempts at a 20rm with a 15rm weight! However, this was one rep more than my last attempt!
    4) 12:?? I forgot the seconds. yuck.
    5) PM session

  8. AM Session

    1) 7'

    2) 225/275/315

    3) 175 (made all 20 this time, only got 18 last time)

  9. open: 11:38 rx

    2. 8ttb

    3. getting better every day!

  10. Open
    1. 11:18 Rx (PR - 0:50 faster than last time)
    2. Rx (unbroken except the R8)

  11. 1) not done
    2) 175-195-215
    3) 165 ( had some more left in the tank:)
    4) 9:37

  12. Open:
    1. 11:48... My Rowing sucks...
    2. Done

  13. I didn't end up doing any of today's programming, but I did get a workout in.

    We had a memorial WOD in memory of someone very close to a lot of people at our box that passed away over the weekend.

    The WOD was: 1 minute of silence followed by 59 minutes of rowing, rest when needed.

    This kindof worked with today being rowing heavy, but it was definitely more emotional than physical today.

    I have no yardage to report, it was a somber morning.

  14. am session

  15. AM-

    1. 9'10 . 3" off my PR. White boy just couldn't jump today.

    2. 205-245-295

    3. 155 for 17. 3 Reps more than last time, hopefully next time I'll nail this.

    1. PM -

      1. Did this at home. No rower so we replaced that with a 400M run. Also, did it with a buddy and only had one box so BJ were definitely slower. 11:45 total. Not sure on my last attempt, but it wouldn't really matter because we rowed and did this at our local box and had our own boxes.

      2. Again, no rower so we made a fun little game with the airdyne. 1 of us did 1 mile on a bicycle, the other did tabatas on my air dyne while the other was on the bike. Did 3 rounds of this. Brutal.

  16. Open
    (1)11:13 ...slow row time UB burpees and box jumps
    (2) 5 rds of ub 10 TTB and 20 double unders in 30sec, rd 6-8 TTB were choppy and not so fast rounds

  17. Open

    1) 11:42 (0:56 PR)

    2) TTB only

  18. Open
    1) 11:23 (sub, 400 meter run)
    2) Done

  19. Open
    1. 11:48 (34 seconds slower than last time)
    2. Done

  20. Open- worked out with Burnes today!

    1.) 10:25....7 sec slower from last month wah

    Rested about 10 min

    2.) Unbroken on t2b and D.U through 7 RDS then only got the t2b in on rd 8.....sneaks up on you!

    1. Love Woding with you, just lightning out of the corner of my eye

  21. 14:40 with 30" box and step-downs. I'm not a fan of rebounding on a 24, let alone a 30. Last time was 14:06 with a 24" box and more rebounding - so I'll take this as pretty even.

  22. 1) 7' 5"
    2) RDL 165/185/205
    3) 20rm jerk @ 105# (10# PR)
    4) 12:07 (28 sec PR)
    5) only got 2 of the rows in due to time, so I did the 8 min TTB/du work when I got home

  23. Open Masters 40-45. 5'7 230#

    11:18 sec

    TTB not bad but still to beat from weekends competition to finish. I decided to rest instead and get back to it Thursday.

  24. Open
    1)11:17 Don't know how I beat my previous with all the crap I've done to myself the past couple weeks, I'll take it!
    2) No where close to RX. Got behind on the dubs early, played catch up the whole time. Lost T2B at the end. Always fun Woding with Jon, kids ridiculous!

    1. Always a blast! Appreciate it brotha, moving well yourself

  25. OPEN:

    1) 9:19 Rx.
    2) Done. All t2b unbroken and no misses on DUs.

  26. Open
    metcon - 9:54rx
    OTM x 8 completed

    I've been following the open template for a month now and pr'd from 9/5 by 1:09 seconds after surfing for a couple hours prior. Definitely getting faster and reaping the benefits of following such a solid program. Thanks Ben!

  27. 1. 7 ft
    2. 175/205/225
    3. 20 RM Jerk 135 - super stoked about this
    4. 10:44 Def faster than last time, but i must have forgotten to post last time, i know i was in the 11:?? range
    5. 8:01/8:21/8:12 - my 2k PR is 7:36
    Feeling good today and tomorrow is a rest day! :)

  28. Open
    1. 9:46
    2. Fell off on rd6, t2b is a major gaot
    3. Jerk work

  29. Open/Masters 43

    Had to change up a little, as I train at home and don't have a rower yet, so went to local global gym, but disappointed to see no box jumps there. So I did as follows:

    2 x 2000 m row at 7:28, 7:41
    went home and did metcon with 400m run instead of row: 11:15
    8 OTM TTB and 20 DU, did it, but fell behind the last 3, just kept plugging until done

    Ordering rower this week!

  30. Open
    Metcon 10:18 rx (10sec faster)
    Clean complex from yesterday 225 235(failed push jerk) 245 (failed push jerk)
    Skills completed

  31. 1) 11:15 20" box

    2) done with 6 ttb per minute

  32. Open
    1. 11:09 (four seconds faster, yeah!)
    2. Complete :)

  33. Afternoon
    1. 10:20
    2. 8:14,8:09,8:05
    Good day

  34. Afternoon
    1. 10:20
    2. 8:14,8:09,8:05
    Good day

  35. OPEN:

    10:24 rx'd. Got a little too excited on the first row
    Skill work: done

  36. 1. 8.5 feet
    2. 185/215/230
    3.160- 11 UB PJ
    4. 11:15 - disappointing
    5. Pussed out on rowing due to terrible cond. did OTM t2b and dbl Unders.

  37. Open/Masters
    5TTB/20DU (still nursing elbow)

  38. Open

    1) Metcon - 10:52

    Tried pushing more than last time and really felt like it when I was done, but still finished 13 seconds slower

    2) OTM TTB + DU - Done. All sets took about 30 seconds

  39. Regionals
    2.Deadlifts-225,245,265lbs. My deadlifts have improved so much since I have started this programming!
    3.Jerk 20RM-145lbs....Got 19 reps and for some reason I dropped the bar. Oh well.
    4.Metcon-10:40. 38sec PR from the last time
    5.Skipped rowing. Ran w/the team at practice today after school
    It's awesome to see progress!

  40. 1. 8' 6"
    2. 245# 275# 295#
    3. 145# (155#x16 last time, so went down 10lbs)
    4. 10:25 (airdyne @ 1k)
    5. 7:03 6:51 6:55 (airdyne @ 4k)

    * used to be a rower in college and doubling my airdyne distance seems to correlate decently with similar output/effort on the rower. Not perfect but close. No idea if other airdynes would be the same as mine is probably 10 years old.

  41. warmed up with some light romanian deadlifts.
    metcon: 3 rounds 500m row, 12 burpees, 21 box jumps 20"
    11:24rx 6 sec PR from last time. happy with this since my legs are still smoked from saturday!
    Goat work: ttb otmem x 8- max quality with kip, when kip is gone drop down

  42. 1- 8'1"
    2- RDLs at 175
    3-115 failed on #12 poor technique... One of my goats- push jerk
    4- metcon 10:55
    5- rows 8:42/8:42/8:39- died on row

  43. Open
    1) 12:01 (last time 12:29) i dont have row so i did 50 sumo.

    2) rd 1 done, rd 2 5/10, 3 5/12, 4 5/8, 5 5/10 6 5/10, 7; 5/9, 8 5/10.. ttb is a goat for me

  44. Open
    1. 11:25 - 20 sec faster than last time
    2. Fell off at round 6..but still finished all 8

  45. Open
    1. 10:29. Compared to 12:00 on 9/5. Was good to have a number to chase. No rower still so did 50 sdhp w/45# bar again instead. Happy with the effort.

    2. Did better than I hoped here, completed for 6 rounds, then went to 8 ttb. Double unders felt good and fast. Must be all that DU work lately! Keep killin it my compwod brethren!

  46. Open

    1. 10:25 substituted 400m run for the row
    2. Practiced kipping form so I stuck to K2E. DUs went MUCH better than previous WOD Great way to end the day. Looking forward to tomorrow's rest...

  47. Open
    1) 10:00
    2) done in 9:50 kept the first 4 rounds OTM

  48. Open

    1) 11:17. Box jumps seem to gas me quick

    2) 2 rds UB then did 6,6,7,7,8 of t2b

    Finished up with 120 DU to make up what I didn't get

  49. PM Session

    4) 11:38

    5) 7:05.2/7:17.1/7:12.5

  50. Regionals:

    1) Bounding: Didn't do.

    2) Pull: #225-255-275

    3) 20 Rep: #145 --- #5 PR! Might have had #5 more pounds but short on time.

    4) Metcon: 11:04 --- :41 sec PR from last time.

    5) Row: No time. Make up tomorrow.

    2. 165#, 185#, 205# - had no idea where to go with this. somehow grip became limiting factor.
    3. 85#
    4. 11:26 Rx - :06 slower than last time

  52. 2. 135#, 135#, 135#
    3. 90#
    Metcon 16:05 Rx'd (24" instead of 20" box)
    Row 8:35, 8:34, 8:29

  53. Open
    1) 11:12 rx
    2) t2b unbroken through round 7, got 18 doubles on the last round before time expired otherwise finished all other rounds rx with at least 10 seconds to spare.

  54. Open Masters40-45. First time posting here, hope to become regular. So first off - THANKS for the programming!
    1)10:50 rx with step downs.
    2) Done.

  55. open
    1. 400m run instead of row (no rower) - 10:23...57 second pr from a month ago, awesome
    2. completed 5 rounds plus 6 t2b
    3. my brother PR'd on his deadlift which tied mine so i had no choice here had to one up him ha

    425 1 RM deadlift - 10lb pr

  56. Open
    1. 12:17 (7 seconds better than the last time).
    2. Done, unbroken. t2b became difficult by the last round.

  57. Open
    1. 12:44 - and I'm trashed.
    2. 4 minutes no problem. 5 minutes him me like a shit ton of bricks.

  58. Open

    1) 11:25 rx
    Had to do step downs all the way through, achilles talon...

    2) Went through 6 minutes. Enough T2B for my shoulder :)

  59. Open

    1) 11:25 rx
    Had to do step downs all the way through, achilles talon...

    2) Went through 6 minutes. Enough T2B for my shoulder :)

  60. Open
    1- 10:07
    2- done struggled with DUs towards the end.

  61. Bounding: 8'6...I feel fat and slow
    Pulls on 4" deficit. All 225
    Completed max effort C2b from other day: 20
    20 rm press. 135, 155 (15 reps)

  62. Open Program
    1) 10:06 - :22 PR - really happy to shave so much time in just a few weeks. Conditioning has improved.
    2) done but the last 2 rds went over time. T2B crushed me.

  63. Open

    1. 12:23
    2. Done. Struggled with TTB on rd 6 and 7.

  64. Open -

    Metcon 9:01 rx

    2) done (unbroken and within the time)

    1. Averaged right around 30 seconds on #2. Unbroken except for Round 7 of Du's...did 19-1.