Sunday, September 8, 2013

Monday 9.9.13

1. Snatch 
5 x 1 across at 90%

2.  Clean and Jerk Complex
3 sets across of:  Power Clean + 2 Front Squats + Jerk

3.  Oly Pause Squats
10 x 1 Front Squat across, OTM

4.  Gymnastic Benchmark
Max Distance Handstand Walk

5.  Metcon
"American Dream"
AMRAP 20 continue as high as possible, alternating between:
Power Clean, 205/140
Muscle up

1.    Metcon continue as high as possible, alternating between:
Power Clean, 205/140
Muscle up

2.  Snatch
5x1 across at 90%

3.  Front Squat
10 x 1 across, OTM


  1. 1 clean
    2 muscle ups
    3 cleans
    and so on?
    or 1 clean 1 muscl up
    2 and 2
    3 and 3?

  2. Snatch @ 90kg
    Clean complex @100kg
    OLY front squats @ 95 kg
    Handstand walk 1st attempt (17m) 2nd attempt (17.5m) on grass
    Metcon 6 power cleans in the 11th round
    116 reps

  3. Open:
    1) 8 @ 145# (205 is my 1RM)
    2) 135#
    3) 225# across

  4. 1. Snatch - 195

    2. Clean and Jerk Complex- 245

    3. Oly Pause Squats- 245, Rock bottom for 5 seconds (glutes touching back of leg)

    4. Gymnastic Benchmark- 5 meters first time, 7 meters second time

    5. Metcon- Come a long way in 3 months, couldn't do muscle ups with no false grip in May. Made it through 7 rounds and 5 power cleans in the round of 8. Muscle ups were still the limiting factor, power cleans were no problem.

    1. We are definitely polar opposites....those cleans tore me apart, I was lucky to pick the bar back up without a full step away and rest after each. I was able to get angry a few times and get sets of two or three back to back, but not one single rep were easy.

      Awesome progress though, you are making some crazy progress in such a short time, fun to watch it happen and be a part of it.

    2. Thanks man, you guys are always giving me something to shoot for in the gymnastics department. Nice handstand walk!

    3. Sounds similar to boat I'm in with MUs. Only false grip at the moment. Waiting for the breakthrough to no-false grip to happen!

    4. Good job bro, I struggle with the mu's as well, no false grip are really rough for me, false gripping at the moment and they were a big limiting factor, the cleans were definitely the easy part! But like u, I'm making progress, a short time ago I would've died out and lost my mu's all together after about a total of 5.

  5. Regionals.

    1) at 158

    2) 209

    3) 275

    4) 22'

    5) 8rds plus 9 power cleans. (86reps)

    Fiancée did the Open.
    1) 4rds plus 5 power cleans (@110)

    3) done at 120

    She was short on time and could only do two parts before work.

  6. Regionals
    1.Snatch: 145lbs
    2.Clean and Jerk: 195lbs
    3.Pause Front Squats: 205lbs w/ a 4sec hold
    4.No accurate way of measuring, but it was about 12ft.
    5.Metcon: 6rds+7PC+5MU. PC's felt good. Did assisted bar MU's. I've got ring MU's down easy, but the bar just hasn't come around

  7. A) 225 (one miss)
    B) 265
    C) 365 - misreadid not ause at the bottom. Would have attempted 335
    D) PM session
    E) 9+2 cleans - The inner coach was not a strong voice this morning. Go get 10+ bug guys!

  8. Reg:

    1. 185x4....just couldn't get the last one after 5 attempts, I called it and moved on before I let it get to me.

    2. 225, felt better than expected, even jerks felt quick and accurate.

    3. 225, stuck with this to make sure I would get good pauses and not give up back upon assent. Still got tough near the end with full glute to achillies pause.

    4. appx 100+ feet, this is from one end of gym to other and back again with one turnaround....fell on second turnaround or I might have gone further.

    5. 9 cleans + 3 MU's. Those cleans really took it out of me quick, but what I wasn't expecting was a complete dip failure on the top of the seemed like it came out of nowhere.

    1. Nice job on the handstand walks, impressive. And you edged me out today on the metcon.

    2. Thanks Drew, I used to work on handstands almost every single day as part of my warmup....two years later I'm confident in the skill. I usually do a bit of handstanding before any overhead work as well as a way to get my shoulders activated so I guess I'm upside down alot. Somehow it doens't help my HSPU much though.. too bad, cause those are terrible for me.

  9. Open/Masters (43)

    WOD: 8 rounds even, last MU just in time, happy with this, as 205 is getting pretty heavy
    Snatch: 5 sets of155 x 1
    ran out of time for front squats (have to start earlier than 5:30 am!)

  10. Are you guys doing everything unbroken? Or just go as long as you can with minimal rest? Trying to understand when to know you are done with this metcon..

    1. If you look at Regionals, it's written to do it as an AMRAP 20.

    2. Thanks.. I didn't even notice!

  11. I tried to keep manageable sets the whole way through. Did 2-3 on cleans and muscleups. Probably would have been a little better showing if towards the end I had gone to singles if needed and really pushed the pace. Spent to much time resting to hit that 3rep per set mark.

  12. Open
    1. American Dream - 7 rounds + 1 (Rx)
    2. SS - 5x1@155#
    3. FS - 10x1@260# (OTM)

    ... big day ... 18 months ago my 1RM PC was 215# ...

  13. Regionals:

    1. 148 lbs.
    2. 176 lbs. I did this as a complex on the EMOTM10. I haven't jerked in a few weeks and I felt like I needed the practice.
    3. 209 lbs. Anybody ever heard of vasovagal response? Scary shit. I was planning on doing this at 245 lbs. and as I was working up to that weight, at 220 lbs., as I was driving out of the hole, I collapsed and had a little mini-seizure-like episode. Took a moment or two to get myself together, did a quick evaluation and decided to take it a little easy on this one...If anyone else has ever had this happen to them, please post so I don't feel so freaked out!
    4. Five attempts. Best effort was about 8'.
    5. 8 rounds plus 3 cleans.

  14. Open
    1. 9 rounds + 10 cleans
    2. Snatch 90 kg (missed one)
    3. FS 120 kg

  15. Is the open metcon not an AMRAP 20?

  16. OPEN

    1. 7rds complete RXD
    2. 185-185-185-X-X
    3. 275lbs

    1. Started to feel really good half way in. Thumbs are raw
    2. Couldn't get the catch down. Need more practice
    2. Felts okay. 90% should have been 303# but not feeling strong today.

    -CFN (Naples, FL)

  17. Open

    1) 9 cleans + 3 MU. Rough.

    2) was meant to be 76kg but went @60kg. Couldn't snatch for shit today.

    3) 122.5kg

    Recharge and eat the world and hit tomorrow with an uppercut to the face.

  18. Open
    1. 10 rounds Exactly felt like I was dragging today it was rough for all 3 today
    2. 210
    3. 275 I did the oly pause squat

    1. I Did the American dream so I did it as a 20min AMRAP

    2. I think I will start looking at your scores! I got exactly the same as you, but you edged me out a little on the MUs... Great work man!

    3. Darn you blake! I was 3 mu's short of 10! Until next time my friend!

  19. OPEN
    Metcon - 8 rounds + 9PC + 6 MU
    squat snatch - 115# across
    front squat - 245# across

  20. It's killing me not do these workouts. its stuff I def need to work on. I have a 2 day comp this weekend so I'm scaling back so I can crush this weekend. yall keep working hard and ill be watching weights and times. yall motivate me. can't wait til next week so I can get back on the plan. thus will be tgeasy comp for Thr year so I can really focus on the program. unless someone wants to do a team comp. no more individual. boom.

  21. 1) 165
    2) 200
    3) 215
    4) Only a copule attempts, about 10 feet
    5) Scaled to 185. Rd of 10 + 6 cleans

  22. First off, let me just say, I loved today, the movements, the flow, everything.

    1) 217 Across. Yes, I got out the 1# Chips.

    2) Started at 245, but the jerk felt wierd, I felt myself get real overextendy so I backed it down to 225, then did the last set at 235. Which isn't across, I know, but it happened.

    3) 225 Across

    4) About 21'. I haven't worked on it in about a week. It's amazing how fast it goes, took 5 or 6 attempts to get this number. Will throw this in my warm ups now a few times a week just to keep the flow.

    5) 9 Full rounds + 3 cleans. Really happy about this, I was aiming to get 8 full rounds. Paced myself a bit too much early, but was still pretty smoked by round 9, so it was probably fine. I probably had another round in the tank though.

  23. Regionals - M/36/173/5'10"

    2)242# Felt pretty good. Could have went a little heavier.
    3)242# Goat of mine to get comfy in the hole.
    4)HS Walk - 60ft
    5)American Dream - 10rds completed. Smoked.....

  24. 1) snatch 75kg no miss
    2) complex 90kg
    3) 110kg
    4) no measure
    5) 9 rounds + cleans

  25. Open
    Unfortunately unable to do today. Still banged up from Saturday. Got drill this weekend so schedule will be messed up this week, so may hit this on Wednesday. Great job everyone, this one looks fun!

  26. Open
    1. 8 rounds +9 cleans (71 reps)
    2. 165#
    3. 255#

  27. First day posting just moved and got settled in and at a new box, CrossFit Moxie, in San Jose so thought I would start posting today.

    A. 7 rounds+ 4 reps Rx'd
    B. 170lbs
    c.i know it says across but I started to light at 225 so went to 245 after 5 reps


  28. Open
    Metcon: 8 rds plus 5 power cleans (muscleups really slowed me down)
    Snatch 175
    Front squats 275

    Does anyone have a program for getting better at muscle ups without destroying your shoulders by doing 1000 a day?

    1. If you have a strong base for c2b pullups and dips, then work the core. Add hollow body rocks to your warmups.

      work that transition with the band on the low rings - the fastest situp in the world = MU on the reg.

    2. Thanks man. I will give it a shot.

  29. No where near the rest of you guys today.
    3 M-u shy of finishing rd 6 @ 185
    Probably moved too slow but everything was a tough single anyway.

  30. 1) @ 105
    2) @ 140
    3) @ 175
    4) terrible at hs walking so I just spent about 20 min working on it
    5) went a minute over to finish round of 6. Cleans were fine, I'm just terrible at mus.

    Not a great training day

  31. 1. 180# (missed last rep with 3 attempts)
    2. 225# across. Missed jerk on 1st rep from not being able to re-set grip.
    3. 225# across w/4sec pauses. Felt great with my long ass legs not getting in a sticking spot.
    4. 3-5ft of multiple attempts. Going to take Shane and Danny's lead and incorporate these into daily warm-up.
    5. 7rnds + 8pcs (64 reps). MUs had to be extensively paced in singles. PCs no issues.

  32. 1. 205 (1 miss)
    2. 225 (jerks hurt my shoulder)
    3. Skip
    4. 28ft
    5. 9 rounds even

  33. My coach wanted me to do the open program today.

    1) My mu's were a lot better than I expected them to be, but I tore pretty bad in the rd of 6 and that slowed me down, I killed the cleans, unbroken through rd 5 and then went 3/3, 4/3, and 4/4. Got 7 rds + 8 cleans.

    2) 165# no misses

    3) 295# (coach said to do the 3 sec pause on these even though it wasn't required for the open)

  34. OPEN

    1) 9 rounds + 10 power cleans + 3 MUs
    Paced myself through the whole workout. Wanted to make sure I wasn't missing any MU.

    2) 210#
    Felt goooood.

    3) 275#
    Could've gone heavier, but wanted to make sure I had depth and form

  35. Open- mondays are tough w school & teaching the 4 & 5 pm
    1. American Dream- 9rds +17 - really wanted 10!
    2. 205# didnt have much time
    3. I will make up

  36. Clean and jerk complex 155/165/170 missed the across part woops.
    Wod-5+6 cleans and 3 muscle ups rx. Cleans unbroken. This is the most muscle ups I've ever done, so happy it was in a wod too!
    F squats otm x10- 185 across

  37. 1-"american dream"
    9rds +5 power cleans
    not one to complain but just for reference when i look back, I strained my right lat friday night during the wod. felt a little sore today. used rock tape, mobility, pain ball to work it out. feels good now.
    no time for front squat or snatch today.

  38. Open
    1) American dream-8 rounds + 9 cleans and 4 M/U. Hit a huge wall at the set of 7 m/u. cleans were no problem.
    2) shoulder injury did light technique and snatch balance work
    3)265# should have gone 275#

  39. Open:

    1.) 7 rounds + 8 cleans + 1 mu

    Paced too much in beginning but finished strong

    2.) 160# felt fluid

    3.) 225# felt solid

  40. Open

    1) 4 rounds + 5 cleans + 1 Mu at 155#

    2) 95#

    3) 185# me costo

    Muy mal En el metcon me costaron muxhisimo los mu me dolia el antebrazo..

  41. Open

    1. American Dream - 7 rds + 11. Strict muscle ups with smallest band, no ceiling height. Too slow on the cleans, but at the end failed on muscle ups.

    2. Snatches - felt heavy and unstable underneath it today. Did a few reps at 135, couldn't stabilize 155 then gave up. 1RM is 200lbs, so don't know what happened. Still fatigued from the OHS the other day I think.

    3. OTM front squats 10 x 1 - 305lbs. These felt pretty good.

  42. Open.

    1. 7 rounds of cleans plus 4 MU. Cleans @ 185. Did Bar MU because the rings aren't up in the new gym just yet. I tore my palms pretty bad on the MU so I stopped with 4:00 mins left. On the plus side that was the most bar MU ive ever done.

    Skipped 2 and 3 because of the hands.

    Fun WOD, can't wait to do it again.

  43. Regionals
    1) 175#
    2) 205#
    3) 265#
    4) 90'
    5) 6 rounds - 205 still feels heavy for me, working on a bigger second pull.

  44. Open
    1) 89 Reps 8 rounds + 17 reps
    2) 205 no misses
    3) 280 no misses

  45. Open
    1- 8 rounds + 6 power cleans
    2- 165
    3- skipped

  46. Open

    1) 8 Rds + 9 PC/6 MU = 87 Reps
    2) @ 155# - felt really good tonight
    3) @ 225 - Definitely a fight the last couple rounds

  47. Open
    1. 5 rds+6 cleans and 1 mu. Used 125# for cleans, those felt fine. MUs killed me.
    2. 105#
    4. 165#

  48. Open

    1) 8 rounds + 9 PC + 6 MU
    2) @ 165 lbs
    3) @ 285 lbs

  49. Open

    1) 7 Rounds + 8 Cleans 185# - Muscle Ups got tough quick!
    2) 165# Failed the last set was catching too far forward
    3) 245#

  50. Regionals

    1) Snatch: #160 - Felt like hell the whole time. I think that I just wasn't focused enough before starting. Lots of Misses!!!

    2) C&J Complex: #205 - Not happy with this either. Hit #215 last Monday with this.

    3) Oly Pause Squats: #225 - These felt good actually. Held them for a solid 5 sec. Wanted to go heavier because of the previous poor movements, but thought that this would be better to stay.

    4) Gymnastics Benchmark: 97' - 3 attempts total. Felt really good at these!

    5) "American Dream" @ 9 rds (Rx'd)

  51. Rough day of training. Definitely feeling the effects of the intense volume on day 5 in a row for me..

    Regionals 21/165lbs/93rd in SE in 2013

    1. Snatch- 185-
    had a hard time hitting it at first. missed about 3 or 4 times. hit it 3 in a row, then missed twice before calling it a day. odd forearm/wrist pain that made it difficult. decently heavy tngo snatch's yesterday might be the culprit

    2. C&J Complex- 225-
    did 245 last week on the same complex, but front squats were slow and tough, and jerk felt really off. at this point i was mentally done with the barbell.

    3. EMOTM Oly FS- 225
    another WOD I thought I'd hit waaaay heavier. was thinking 265 going in, but I was spent. didn't fail, but came pretty close a few times, losing lumbar.

    4. Max Distance HS Walk- just under my 100 ft. marker, so about 99 ft.

    Later that night after coaching...
    5. American Dream- Rx 9+18
    -I'm not sure anyone actually reads this, but you should for a funny story. Was UB on my muscle-ups through the round of 8, but by round 6 of the cleans, I felt a slight cramp starting in my right calf. I pushed through it, and every clean I'd feel it start to flex and go away. By my round of 9 mups, my calf would cramp slightly on my kip. So it comes down to my final 10 seconds.. Need 3 muscle-ups for 10 full rounds, and I'm definitely capable of going UB on the those 3.. I get my first, and on the next attempt my calf cramps up completely, and I'm out of commission. Like a little girl, dangling from the rings after my missed rep on muscle up #9, i'm screaming "HELLLLLLP.. stretch my foot back." Pretty solid pain. Went away after about 5-10min.

    Definitely a sign that tomorrow's a rest day. Will hit Tuesday's work on Wednesday.

    1. Ha! My calf cramped at the end too, so weird!

    2. Dylan, I can't always keep up with you, but today it seems we are a dead match. You got a few more MU's but other than that we did the same things almost verbatim..I did not cramp though :).. I guess what I need is for you to continue to train too many days in a row, just to keep us in the same range.

    3. Calf Cramp > Stepping on a Lego Block.

  52. I couldn't do "American Dream" yesterday since I don't have high rings available.
    I did a WOD called Retribution instead:
    12 Thrusters (75)
    9 Front Squats
    6 Power Clean
    3 SDHP
    Time: 6:34

    Snatch work at 125

    Front Squats: done at 185

  53. Open
    1. Did full 9 rounds without timing
    2. 175
    3. Forgot to do

  54. Open

    First day back after 2 weeks on vacation.

    1) 6 + 8 - thought I would make it to the round of 8 but had trouble with cleans. Everything done as singles.
    2) 80kg - went a little light on these today
    3) 130kg

  55. Open

    1. 7 + 8 cleans and 4 Mu's. Paced this one a little much on the cleans.

    2. 95lbs. Missed on but felt good overall. Major goat but i can feel some jumps coming soon.

    3. rest week for squats (5/3/1)

  56. Open Program
    1) 8 rds + 3 PC - worked in no-false-grip muscle ups a lot, really want to improve these. Maybe could get through another 5-10 reps if I stuck with false grip.
    2) Done at 170 (power)
    3) Done at 270 (~85%)

  57. 1. 8 rds pm the nose had 2 mu misses

    2. 185 only made one attempt. I was on my toes

    3. done at 255

  58. Open
    1. 6 rounds + 2 cleans at 165#. Cleans were tough.
    2. 115#
    3. 195#

  59. Open:

    Metcon: 10 rounds + 7 cleans. Had to make it up on Wednesday.

  60. Open
    1 - 10 cleans + 2 muscle ups
    2 - not across, should've been 99kg. Did 90, 95, 95, 100, 100
    3 - OTM for 5 minutes, 1 @ 135kg
    Time and tiredness pulled the plug on this one

  61. Open:
    1- 7 rounds + 5 cleans (95# cleans & modified muscle ups)
    2- 70#
    3- 115#

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