Thursday, September 26, 2013

Saturday 9.28.13

Meg Fox.

1. Track Session
A.  4 x Shuttle of: 5-10-15 out and back
B.  6 x 150m Sprint, rest twice the work time.
C.  3 x 400 hard + 400 easy recovery

2.  Barbell 
For time:
4x8 unbroken Back Squats, 225/155 - taken from a rack.
rest 2 minutes
4x4 unbroken Cleans, 225/155 - squat or power.
rest 2 minutes
4x6 unbroken Front Squats, 225/155 - taken from a rack.
rest 2 minutes
2x5 unbroken Jerks, 225/155 - taken from a rack.
rest 2 minutes
1x5 unbroken Thrusters, 225/155 - "thrust-a-jerks" allowed.

This entire session is for time, but don't allow yourself to work with bad mechanics - be smart and take the time you need to get the reps and drill in good movement.  You must break after the prescribed reps and if you can't get a set unbroken you must redo that set.  

3.  Gymnastics
4 RFT:
7 MU
7 Box Jumps, 40/30"
7 Burpees

1.    Metcon
3 RFT:
30 Squat Cleans, 95/65
30 Burpees
30 Abmat Sit-ups

"We are lions in a field of lions.
Believe that voice that says that you CAN run a little faster
 and that you CAN throw a little harder.
Luck is the last dying wish of those who want to believe winning can happen by accident.  
Sweat on the other hand is for those who know it's a choice."


  1. I just extracted the audio from that video. It's my alarm clock ringer.

  2. Coach Bergeron, I just read through most of your programming philosophy. I was especially interested in the section called a word on volume and training vs. practice. I have been crossfitting for about 15 months. I am 45 years old. In August I began doing the workouts designed for competitors at my box. The workouts include strength and oly lifting every day as well as wods with heavy loads most days. My coach also does not allow scaling like we were able to do as regular members. So if the wod is an AMRAP, for example, and heavy weight is involved, I have spent the entire AMRAP time on one movement completing less than one round. This has felt weird to me, but not knowing much about competitive programming, I've been doing the workouts as well as I can. I'd like to hear your professional opinion on scaling weight and/or movements for athletes preparing for competition.

  3. First Sat Metcon. I def have to get used to this type of volume, but I'm motivated...


    Metcon: 32:07 Burpees are my goat. Got held up on the 2nd and 3rd round of burpees significantly.

  4. For some reason it rains every saturday about the time I start working out, I either need to find an indoor track or start splitting this up.

    Did Rower
    A. 6 x 200 sprint, rest twice the work time- 35, 35, 38, 37, 38, 38
    B. 3 x 500 hard + 500 easy recovery- 3:42, 3:38, 3:42

    2. Barbell- 33:04 with 205, this was a vomit inducing good time.

    3. Gymnastics- God bless you guys who still have enough in the tank to do this. I finished the above and in conjunction with the last couple days my shoulders and elbows were fried. I would probably still be doing this workout. Decided to call it.

  5. Replies
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    2. Cool result. Did you finish all sit-ups unbroken?

    3. Thanks Stas! I was grinding with my burpees. Jeremy showed me cool tips with burpees and its working for me. With sit ups, from the start I'm swinging my arms already to make it easier.

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  6. Open:
    Metcon - 27:22
    Really frustrating about my weak abdominal and burpees.

  7. O my holy soul!!!!!
    Hahahaha this was crazy!!!

    1) Did the shuttles unbroken.
    150m @ avg of 24sec
    400m avg 1:35 and took it very easy on the
    Recovery 400's

    Squats 225
    cleans 205
    front squats 225
    Jerks 205
    thrusters 205
    25min and only got 4thrusters...

    3) Just did this and finished it... Probably

  8. Open:


    That was tough. Box squats 5x5 @ 80% before it. was a bad idea. hurt so good.

  9. Open
    1. 18:14
    2. DiD some regional core work
    3. RDL & snatch work

  10. Open/Masters (47)

    22:48, 65#
    did some additional core work and light snatch work with Bussom and the gang at Apex.

  11. Open
    1) 19:06 Rx
    2) Did regional core work and snatch technique
    Felt good overall today

  12. Open
    1) 18:05 65#
    2) regional core work and snatch technique

  13. Open
    1) 19:12 - 1st & 3rd round @ 80#, 2 round @ 95#

  14. Open/Masters (43)

    metcon: 22:39, slow and steady, anyone do the cleans unbroken?
    will do the the squat work later today hopefully, as too tired after the met con

  15. Nursing an injured knee right now so doing my own stuff working around it for a few weeks. But man is that an awesome video!! Thanks coach, that really lights a fire!

  16. Open
    Metcon - 25:23
    That was a struggle and surprisingly it was the squat cleans. Rep 13 of 1st round took a nice shot to the jugular with the bar.
    Burpee's at my own box (70 on Tuesday), All those burpees in this programming on Thursday, 40 more lateral over the bar burpees at my box Friday. I'm almost starting to like that.

    Those working out alone, any advice on staying mental strong on workouts like today/Thursday that are longer workouts (or at least for me). I do try and set a goal to hit whether trying to finish a round or a specific movement in a specific amount of time. I know it's all mental at that point, but anybody have any little tricks or advice you might be willing to pass along. With the guys I normally do the class WODs with, we like to bust on each other and typically just say 'suck it up sally' and get it done, just curious where other people are on this.

    1. When I'm alone I'll put a word under the wod on the whiteboard to remind me to push hard so instead of stepping back away from the bar I'll look up and focus on the word.... Words like, Go, push, leaderboard, compete

  17. Just a note: I did a local Corporate Challenge thing today with a bunch of random events (just-for-fun type of thing). The only challenging event I did was the 800 meter run, and I shocked myself with a time of 2:37, which is about 15 seconds faster than I've gone before.

    A few years ago, before doing CrossFit, I set a goal to run a single mile under 6:00, and in training specifically for that, my best 800 was 2:52. Today, I do running-only workouts rarely (follow the Open program here now and have been doing solely CF training for 4-5 years), and I was able to crush that time and honestly had some left in the tank. It's not an elite time for sure, but for a guy with no T&F background, I'll take it. For those newer to CF, there's no doubt this stuff works.

    1. Open Program
      1) 24:25 - not up my alley at all, but hopefully got better today. High rep squat cleans crush me every time.

  18. Participated in some open gym stuff with the members!

    1.) Light snatch work

    2.) "Bring sally up" challenge...was fun, made it the whole way through but wowy was my back screaming.

  19. This was a fun!
    1) shuttles done
    150's between 25-27
    400's about 130-135 recovery was about a 2min pace

    2) 28:25 RX Did 2 clean and 2 power cleans TnG

    3)Will do a bit later. Have to clean the box. I want to be a little more fresh for this as I plan on absolutely demolishing this.

  20. 1) done - didn't have timer with me
    back squats @ 155, cleans @ 145, front squats @ 145, jerks @ 135, thrusters @ 125 (4)
    3) I needed to work on mus, so I did OTM work. Started off 2 otm, tapered to 1 - worked up to 30 mus

  21. I'll be doing today's tomorrow and getting back on track with the blog, took an extra rest day Thursday cuz my knees have been pretty stiff and sore and then Friday i was prepping for our in house throwdown we had today. And I'm super stoked because my snatch has been feeling crappy lately and haven't been able to get anywhere near my previous PR of 195, been stuck at around 175, well today I prd by 10# and hit 205! And then pr'd my grace @ 2:15! I've gotta say too, all the volume we do on here has really helped me when it comes to competition time I used to be pretty dead after 1 or 2 wods and have to survive the rest, now I can keep going strong throughout, we did 4 pretty grueling wods today and I still have my legs and will be able to go again tomorrow and not be laid up for 2 or 3 days, pretty awesome!

  22. 1. Didn't do lack of time
    2. Was able to hit all at 225#, Last exercise thrusters I was only able to hit 3 of the 5. Did not keep track of time due to coaching and talking as I lifted.
    3. 8:52 (strung all muscle ups, accidentally used a 43" jump)

  23. Open: 28:37
    Trying to get back into it. Been off barbells for the past two months. :/

  24. How did everyone do their timing?....2 min rest between each set or just between exercises? We started doing the back squats as fast as possible for 8(good form), and then resting 2 minutes before the next 8....five mins of.conversation ensued before we did the sets as quick as possible resting 2 mins between exercises.

  25. 15:23 95 did reps of 21 so I had no reason to stop and go unbroken

  26. Regional:
    used 165lbs for all,took 21:53
    Gymnastics: 8:37

  27. Open

    23:10 rx (Raced in a 5k last night!)

  28. Open:
    8 x 400m run every 3 mins

    WOD: 14:32 as RX'd

  29. What a day


    Did the shuttle runs , didn't time them but they were all out.

    6x150M average 23-25 seconds
    Had to run 100M, stop turn around and run 50M


    1:28, 1:25,1:20


    Back squats @225

    Tried cleans @225 had to scale to 205

    Front squats 225

    Jerks got 3 at 205 failed scaled to 185

    Tried thruster at 205 got 2, scaled to 185


    Muscle up wod

    7:23, felt good on this.

    Fun day. Mentally tough

    1. I know I got better today, thanks for the programming

  30. Open: 17:13 Head wasn't in this one for some reason... gotta push harder...

  31. 1) a. :16/:15/:15/:14

    b. :24/:26x5

    c. Total time 12:05, we didn't time the splits, prob between 1:20 - 1:30 on the hard and a trot on the easy.

    2) Total time 33:00

    Made 225 on everything until the jerks, had to go to 185 for the jerks and thrusters, tried 225 and just didn't have it today, upper body is a little tired from yesterdays throwdown.

    3) 15:47 - Really excited about this, my mu's are getting a lot better!!!

  32. 1) skipped
    2) no time
    back squats-front squats-cleans rx jerks and thrusters 80kg
    3) Gymnastics 10:18 bar mu no rings

  33. Open

    (had to do a little extra work today for a photoshoot just before my WOD. Should've taken more time between that work and my workout. Hit the wall in the 1st round).

    1) 21:25 rx.

  34. 1. Track Session

    A. 4 x Shuttle of: 5-10-15 out and back 14.88, 14.53, 14.59, 14.89
    B. 6 x 150m Sprint, rest twice the work time.
    did not time these, we rested as long as it took the boys to do 150m
    C. 3 x 400 hard + 400 easy recovery

    2. Barbell
    For time:
    4×8 unbroken Back Squats, 225/155 - taken from a rack.
    rest 2 minutes * done unbroken rx

    4×4 unbroken Cleans, 225/155 – squat or power.
    rest 2 minutes * done unbroken rx TnG squat cleans

    4×6 unbroken Front Squats, 225/155 - taken from a rack.
    rest 2 minutes * done unbroken rx

    2×5 unbroken Jerks, 225/155 - taken from a rack.
    rest 2 minutes * 1st unbroken/2nd failed 5th rep rx. did not repeat set.

    1×5 unbroken Thrusters, 225/155 – “thrust-a-jerks” allowed.
    * did one rx, failed second trap and shoulders feeling squirly. called it there.

    3. Gymnastics
    4 RFT:

    7 MU
    7 Box Jumps, 40/30″
    7 Burpees

    modified due to trap- 4 rds 7 ring dips, 7 bj 30", 7 burpees 11:08

  35. Did this work on Sunday
    1. :17-:15
    2 :24x5 and :25 x1
    3. 12:05 total time...brutal after the sprints today for some reason! Runs were really hard to push today!
    4. Barbell- 21:40 Total time...all RX only made 4 jerksters...failed rep 5 but super happy with this!!
    5. 14:43- felt like i was "practicing" today...i have been very uncomfortable with muscle ups since it tweaks my wrist a lot and so today i feel like i was just going through the motions...the box jumps are normally a huge goat of mine but i felt pretty fast on those.
    all one session. Good training day!

  36. Brutal barbell. 36:12. Did everything RX except 1 set of jerks at 205, and thrusters at 205
    Conditioning: 11:12...surprised how hard muscle ups were after barbell work

  37. Forgot to add I only did shuttle as warm up. Didn't have time for rest of track session

  38. Open

    Got the wife to do it with me:
    28:46 with 15lbs med ball cleans.

  39. open:

    25 min. cap

    2 rounds + 30 + 1

  40. open:

    25 min. cap

    2 rounds + 30 + 1

  41. Did this a week late

    Regionals barbell 21:07 RX