Thursday, May 10, 2012

Friday 5.11.12

1.  Snatch
20 DU + 1 Snatch at 85%, OTM x 10 - don't go heavier.

2.  Mod WOD2
2K Row - pace at :10/500m seconds over your best 2k pace
50 Pistols
20 HPC 225, 135

The Post Training Self-Fulfilling Prophecy...

The moments immediately after training are some of the most powerful moments you have as an athlete.  Not for nutrition or mobility, but to practice self talk that will have immediate and huge effects on your performance.  
  When "time" is called, do you immediately second guess your effort?  Do you think about how hard that was and focus on how awful you feel?  Do you think about how you could have gone faster or regret breaking up that last set?  If so, you are undermining your training and creating a self-fulfilling prophecy of continued struggle and failure.  
Instead, after your next hard training session take one minute with our own thoughts and reinforce how happy you are with the effort you gave.  Reinforce how pleased you are with finishing strong and not breaking up the last set.  Tell yourself you like "this" feeling.  Convince yourself that you like the feeling of lying on the floor with battery acid pumping through your lungs. 
As you practice this positive self talk you are creating a different kind of self-fulfilling prophecy.  One of success, max effort and determination.  Practice this consistently for a week and watch your performance and effort jump up a level.


  1. Great stuff, i love it. can i use it at my studio?

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