Thursday, May 10, 2012

Regional Prep.

This is a re-post to help answer some questions.

Hey Beasts and Ninjas, 

There has been a bunch of questions on the direction of this site, so here's my quick answer.  The programming on this site is geared for competitors preparing for the Regionals.  After the Regionals are over, it will focus on preparing for the Games in July.  

I understand that many of you may have missed the boat this year, but are still looking to use this site to help improve your training.  Since we know the WODS for the Regional competitions, the programming on this site is going to be narrowly focused over the next four weeks.  My suggestion is if you are not competing in a Regional this year use the next three weeks to improve weaknesses and then jump back on board in June. 


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  2. Just spent 20 minutes paroozing the site and looks to be some great stuff Ben! My season just wrapped up down here in the Southeast. While I finished 24th at Regionals, which is absolutely not the number I was looking for, at only 20 it was my first time competing at that level and I'm incredibly hungry for next year. I've never periodized before, but to be successful in our sport, it seems to be the best route.. Looking forward to what's to come on here. Congrats on all of your athletes thus far!

    1. Welcome Noah. Hopefully I can help you out and get you onto the podium next year.

    2. That's the goal! Thanks boss, I'll check back in after the Games.

      Katie - Let's get it!

  3. Noah-
    Ditto on all counts. I'm in the Southwest and pulled off a surprise 13th.

    This site is great; thanks for taking the time and generosity to share it with others outside of your gym. I look forward to following the programming after the Games. And congrats to you and Heather!