Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Thursday 5.24.12

1.  Row 
5 minutes easy, no monitor

2.  Snatch 
3x1 at 80%
2x2 at 75%

3.  "Pregame"
2 rounds NOT for time:
2 Squat Cleans 185, 115
3 Muscle ups
5 T2B
6 Wall Ball
Rest 2 minutes between rounds.
This should be at a walking pace, take about 10 seconds between movements and focus on technique and proper positioning - not fast cycle times.  The idea is "Calm and Confident," you have done the work now it's just a matter of getting loose and feeling things out.  

Lots of rest tonight.  Before going to bed visualize yourself going through "Diane" - Every Rep!  Feel the bar in your hands, and your head hitting the mat.  Visualize the details.  

Don't worry about WOD2 or Saturday or Sunday.  You should only be focusing on the NEXT event.  Nothing new tomorrow.  Eat the same breakfast you have been doing and get to the venue early.  You are ready.


  1. Focus team! U got this! One workout at a time! U guys dont need luck! I have never met a team with such dedication, motivation, and willingness to help one another. Rest up! Ready to see u guys kick some ass this weekend! U are ready!