Monday, May 28, 2012

Tuesday 5.29.12

The Regionals are behind us.  Hopefully you took time yesterday to reflect on your performance.  What went well, what could you have done differently (don't think of this in a "woulda, coulda, shoulda" kind of way, but what can you learn from the weekend).  
Was your mind in the right place for every wod?  Did you recover properly after each wod?  Did you always have chalk, tape, time to get worked on by a ART, or massage?  The small things add up.  What small things could you change for the next competition?

NOW IT'S TIME TO GET READY FOR THE GAMES!  The Regionals are over, look forward not backwards.  You can't change anything from the past so don't dwell on it.  Focus on the present - it's the only thing you can control.
Montoya hits 225 (10#pr) on the Snatch Ladder.  
Team CFNE hit 1130 to win the event and was 10# off the world record.

1.  Front Squat 
10x1, across at 90%, OTM

2.  Push Press
5x3, climbing

3.  Thruster/MU
5 RFT:
6 Thrusters 165, 125
6 Bar MU

World Record...

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