Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Until the week before the games we will be following the schedule below:

Monday - Rest
Tuesday - On
Wednesday - On
Thursday - Rest
Friday - On
Saturday - On
Sunday - On

As far as we know the Games are going to be Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  We will spend the next month training on the same days.


  1. Hey Ben,
    Quick question on my nutrition and looking for you input. I have typical staples in my diet that I pretty much eat every day. Makes it easier that way for me personally. So here's my typical breakdown.
    Breakfast: 20g whey protein, 2 whole eggs, 2 slices bacon, apple, table spoon peanut butter.
    Snack: whole boiled egg, table spoon peanut butter, half a sweet potato
    Lunch: meat and veggie
    Snack: same as above snack
    Post wod: 5oz orange juice, 10oz water, 20g whey
    Dinner: meat and veggie
    Supplementation: 3.5 g fish oil, vitamen C, multivitamin.
    I eat on a budget so going all organic tends to be rather expensive. Any suggestions on altering MU diet?
    Stats: male, 5'8, 165lbs

  2. This is a big question with so many possible answers depending on goals, training volume, food tolerances, etc... It is beyond the scope of "the comments." For now, eat clean and monitor your results. Tweak, improve, tweak, improve....