Monday, May 21, 2012

Tuesday 5.22.12

 TEAM - A fist is stronger than five fingers.

1.  Snatch
On The Minute:
5x1 at 85%
3x2 at 75%

2.  DBS
10-8-6-4 Dumbbell Snatch, :20 between rounds

What should a Taper week look like?
The goal of a taper week is to decrease the volume leading up to a competition with the goal of being rested and primed for game day.  
There are a few ways to program a successful taper week, and much of it can be individual, but here are a few common characteristics that work well for most.  
(Assuming the competition in on the week end)
1.  Monday should be heavy.  Preferably Back or Front Squats - something like 5x3.  These should be 'heavy' but not max effort.  We don't need to make gains today, just get the stimulus.  This heavy squat will have a huge neurological and hormonal spike which will benefit you later in the week.  Come Saturday you'll be ready to chew concrete.
2.  Chose intensity over volume, but keep intensity "relatively" high not max effort.  No need to max out - save it for game day, but keep the feeling of what it's like to work hard. 
3.  Train skills - practice (neurological) is more important than training (muscular) at this point.
4.  Rest at least one complete day of rest.  It's ok to add mobility or active recovery.
5.  Train the day before competition.  Most athletes do better coming off a light day of training than they do coming off a rest day.  Keep it lighter.  A fast walk through is appropriate.  

3x Games Competitor, Stacey Kroon training at CFNE.

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