Sunday, May 13, 2012

Monday 5.14.12

1.  Box Squats
5 x 2 Box Squats - Climbing.  Set the box height so you are at parallel at the bottom, not below.  

2.  Push Press
Quickly work up to a 5 rep heavy Push Press

3.  Bent Over Row
4 x 10 bent over row - Overhand grip

5.  Prowler
5 x 40m Prowler push - 2 x bodyweight, rest as needed between sets

Different events require different mindsets for optimal performance.  
Should you be calm and confident entering a wod, or should you be a pitbull ready to attack? 


  1. Ben- Is there a way that we (us followers of your programming) could receive emails when you update the blog posts? I know this is an option on some blogs, and hoping it is here as well.

  2. Not sure. Try clicking on the "subscribe by email" link just below the text box and see what happens.

  3. Ben- Looks like that only subscribed me to the current post I am commenting on.

  4. If you scroll down to the bottom of the home page, there's a link that says subscribe to: posts (Atom). Click that and then over on the right hand side, the last link says subscribe in mail. Click that and you get the RSS feed to your email ever time Ben posts on this bad boy!