Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Wednesday 5.17.12

1.  HPC
Max unbroken Hang Power Cleans (225, 135), Rest :40 between sets.  Continue until you've accumulated 30 reps

2.  Double Tabata Mash up
Eight rounds of:
As many reps as possible in :40 seconds of:
Front Squat (95, 65)
Pull ups
Rest :20 between movements.  This is a 16 minute workout - :40 of FS, then rest :20, :40 of PU, then rest :20 and repeat eight times. 

The Iron, by Henry Rollins


  1. Ben, are there any particular strength programs you recommend that I can get started on instead of bs'in around until your post Games programing ramps back up? Ready to start killing my 2013 training!

  2. Depends a bit on your strengths and weaknesses.

    To improve in the slow lifts (squat, bench, dead, press): http://startingstrength.wikia.com/wiki/The_Texas_Method

    To improve in the fast lifts (clean, jerk, snatch):

  3. I'll look into both of them, thanks! I would assume that to begin a strength phase you would start with the slower lifts.. That's where I'm lacking anyways, and hoping that strength gained there will transfer over to the faster lifts once I hit that cycle.