Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Friday 8.16.13


1.  Pulls
8 x 3 good mornings,

2.  Odd Objects/Movements
Play around with sledgehammers and stone shouldering - you choose the load, reps and scheme.

3.  Metcon
"Purple Drank"
4 RFT:
6 Deads, 315/225
12 Ring Dips
40 DU

4.  Rowing
100 calories for time

5.  Core work
100 abmat sit ups

1.  Metcon
4 RFT:
6 Deads, 315/225
12 Burpees
40 DU

2.  Skills
Odd:  3-5 Squat Therapy
Even:  3-5 Muscle ups


  1. Replies
    1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sA1U5Ve6vc4

    2. Thanks. I was wondering what squat therapy was.

  2. great blog,i am still far away from the loads and results i see people post here but hope to come near them soon.
    37 years old btw.

  3. OPEN

    1.) 10:12min ... subs the DU´s in 3:1 SU´s, Deadlift with 225# (my 1RM at DL is 287#) ... Deadlifts unbroken, have to take more next time - SingleUnders unbroken ... felt good

    2.) after Shoulder Destruction yesterday at the Metcon it wasn´t possible to do MU´s today ... tryed 2 rounds and subbed it with 3:1 StrictPU + StrictDips ... Squat Therapy was better than last time

    Wonderful weekend @ All!

  4. OPEN
    1) 10:54
    2 ) done with bar muscle ups

  5. 1. Pulls
    8 x 3 good mornings- 95, 115, 135,155, 175, 185, 205, 205

    2. Odd Objects/Movements- We don't even have rowers at our box

    3. Metcon- 5:09, sub 5 was easily within my sights but I missed my last DU 3 times, just goes to show don't lose focus until the task is accomplished.

    4. Rowing
    100 calories for time- 4:08

    5. Core work- Done

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    2. Did the row at my house.

    3. Hey Jeremy.
      Asking you as I dont want to bother coach with unnecessary questions...
      I can keep up with the heavier wods that we are getting most of the time here, but had a horrible time at Open13.4.. Do you think we will do more of that kind of metcon when we closer to Open time? I was thinking that we are now probably doing something like the "Ha-uge" phase from previous philosophy... Anyone can answer I just see Pace's enthusiasm so picked him... Thank you

    4. I think the programming philosophy is more geared towards what Crossfit is...we go heavy sometimes ... we go light sometimes ... we go long sometimes ... the extra work is really what is periodized IMO ... right now ... outside of the metcon we are getting stronger and we are working skills as well as speed and explosiveness ... all things that are important in getting good at this sport ... I try not to think too much about the end result and instead just focus on day by day... :)

    5. Yes I guess I got caught up in one bad wod. Thank you Cheryl!!
      I am improving all round tho... Thanx again :)

    6. By the way I'm not questioning the programming. I love this blog and wont ever train any other way.

    7. Hey brother, agree with Cheryl said. Also, look at that workout in the context of almost 9 months worth of programming. It's just one workout. I bet we are going to cycle in some of the old Open wods here and there and based on the fact that he is trying to get folks ready for competition I bet there are workouts with similar time domains, loading etc like we see in the Open.

      I am right there with you on the 13.4, the PC+J are no problem but TTB have always given me problems. In the attempt to become well rounded we are going to see workouts where we are the hammer and some where we are the nail. I keep up with your stats and I don't think you have anything to worry about, just keep working hard.

  6. Regionals.

    1) 110/132/143/154/165/165/165/165

    2) 5x 30sec on : 30sec off. Did 135# alt shoulder toss with a 135# MMA sparring dummy. Got 6 each round. Was harder than expected.

    3) 4.49 as rx'd

    4) 100cals in 4.09

    5) 100ab mat sit-ups in 2.45.

  7. Reg:

    1. 155,155,175x6

    2. Finally got to try the new stones, just picked them up over and over to get used to the transition...no hammers yet.

    3. 6:17 RX, wasn't really sure I would be able finish this but once I got going I knew it would happen. Very happy with this since my DL is not great.

    4. 4:16, did this about 5 minutes after above, maybe should have spaced it out a little better.

    5. Sit-ups done, surprisingly harder than expected.

    Today was a great day, great programming with a great training buddy made for a fantastic training session.

  8. Open -

    The regular class at the box was doing deads this morning so I joined them, thinking it would be a good "warm-up" for the met-con. Worked up to 405x5.

    1 - 10:58, that first rep at 315 each round felt like it was bolted down!

  9. 1) 135-205
    2) -
    3) 6:20
    4) 4:21
    5) Done

  10. 1. 13:10Rx

    2. struggeling with MU´s

    3. extra: did 100 abmat situps for time. 3:38

  11. opens
    3rns@215, 4th rnd at 205

    practice MU, I almost got it back....within the next week, I will have this.

  12. 1. Pulls
    8 x 3 good mornings,

    2. Odd Objects/Movements
    Play around with sledgehammers and stone shouldering - you choose the load, reps and scheme.
    *I dont really have any odd equipment just yet and didnt have time to go to another box today so i improvised:
    5 Rounds for Time
    8 Dumbbell Snatches (alternating @ 55#)
    sprint 50meters (to the dumpster
    4 Wall Climb Overs - about a 7 foot wall where my dumpster is
    7:31- kinda fun for sure!

    3. Metcon
    "Purple Drank"
    4 RFT:
    6 Deads, 315/225
    12 Ring Dips
    40 DU

    4. Rowing
    100 calories for time
    5:35 kept calories per pull between 1000-1200 rough
    5. Core work
    100 abmat sit ups

  13. Regionals:

    1. 135, 145, 155, 165, 175, 185, 195, 205
    2. No really odd things at the gym so I did some heavy ass prowler pushes.
    3. 6:12 not Rx. I did 120 singles per round. I am sad to say that, after 18 months of doing this, I still do not have double unders. I got through the Open 13.3 workout by doing a single/double routine, but I was advised to abandon that. My inability to pick these up is like a big, open wound.
    4. 4:21
    5. Done not for time

    1. check out gymnasticswod.com! he has a few drills on there that I think really help...

      one more thing mike-
      what kind of jump rope are u using... I have had the most success teaching newbies double unders with an RX Jumprope.... make sure you start with a thicker rope and progress down to a thinner one... yes this is more shoulder taxing but better for your timing :)

    2. Cheryl,

      Thanks for the tips. I have a Rouge SR-1 rope. Is there a specific RX Rope you recommend or are they all the same?

      Thanks again!

    3. http://rxjumpropes.com/sizing/cable-descriptions/

  14. Open
    1)9:58 Calling today DDD day. Dubs Disaster Day!! I felt like a newbie today. My dubs were the worse they have been in a LONG time. Not going to let it affect me, moving on!
    2) 5 Squat therapy, 5 MUs on all but last one 4. Only one set unbroken
    Going up to NH for the weekend, you Competitors Stay Strong my friends!

  15. Open

    1. 9:15 rx double unders beat me up today none were ub

    2. wrist got a bit sore on 2nd set of muscle ups so I went to 5 CTB dead hangs

    I warmed up a bit more today and I feel that it helped. Also have been following coaches cool down.

  16. Hey gang!

    It's been awesome to see what everyone has been accomplishing on here and how much the comp wod community is growing. I'll tell you guys first hand what most of you already know- Ben is the best coach in the world. Not that it's all about the games, but CFNE has been on the podium in 3 of the last 4 years at the games on Sunday, and the only constant other than my old body has been Ben Bergeron. He is the man. If you want to get better, just do exactly as he says. Easy as that!

    I've been out since the games doing modified stuff- shoulders are banged up and I think I have 2 mri's in my future

    Anyway, did the open wod today (purple drank with burpees) -6:18

    Have a great weekend!


    1. Stoked to see ya posting again, heal up bud! Was always stoked to see your numbers last year!

    2. Wow man its real cool to see you post and thank you for the awesome inspiration!!
      Im a big fan of Ben and the whole team!! Thanx again Derek! Will do just that and follow the program religiously. Hope to visit CFNE one day from South Africa. Hope you heal quick and make your 8th Games.

    3. amen, D. watching you guys this year at the games, and everyday at the gym is such a huge testament to the credibility of sticking to this program... and serious inspiration to train hard. so lucky to have that.

  17. Ps if you haven't seen it yet check out the CFNE site and Montoya's 250# snatch. What what?!?!

    1. Saw that so impressive! Definitely agree with all the above. Great community, in Ben we trust!

  18. 1) 185 Across

    2) Nothing really odd to play with at home. Thought about cutting down the tree in my yard, but really wasn't sure how long that was going to take, haha! Did Parallete HSPU work, 5x Max reps with a 35# and an Ab Mat, which only turned out to be 3 or 4 each time, but I'm good with that as there is normally 2 plates there. Handstand stuff is getting wayyyyyyyyy better.

    3) 7:14. Really enjoyed this one, a 315# DL sounds innocent enough, surround it by a bunch of other stuff and put a clock on it, whole new bear.

    4) 7:01 on the air-dyne, no rower at home. This was kinda slow, but my quads were just on fire. Probably from yesterday.

    5) 3:31. Okay with this, really don't remember the situps the last time I did Annie. It's been like a year and a half, so I think that's an okay time.

    All in all, good day.

  19. good to here from u Derek !! stay young my friend :) heal those shoulders!!

  20. Won't be able to post tomorrow. Weddings far away today and tomorrow. WIll probably try to do the speed work, some gymnasty goat stuff and mobility sunday.

  21. 1) 155...never been comfortable loading up weight with these kept it casual

    2) check

    3) 5:24...DUs got me

    4) 4:26

    5) Done

  22. Quick question: how often do we deload? Been following for 3 weeks and I'm getting real tired!


  23. 1) Good morning- up to 155
    2) 3RFT 70#mb over the shoulders, 20 sledgehammer on tire
    3)~ 8 min. DL were heavy.
    4) First 50 cal for recovery, last 50 cal all out
    5) Done, ouch

  24. regional
    1) good mornings - climbing from 85-125#
    2)- later
    3)11:04...I'd like to blame this on the fact that I gave blood yesterday, but really I am just terrible at ring dips. DLs and DUs were unbroken and all my time was wasted on dips
    4)row - 6:58
    5) done

  25. 1. Done.
    2. Messed around with the sledge hammers
    3. "Purple drink" 5:45rx damn double unders got me
    4. 3.29 got my goal and got sub 3:30. Haha
    5. 3:29 unbroken

    *im ready for tomorrow's work.

    1. That is an unbelievable row. Impressive.

    2. Thanks Michael. I see you putting in work yourself.

  26. Open

    RX'd at 10:52. DU's got me, especially rnds 3 and 4.

  27. OPEN:

    1) 7:55 Rx. Only one slip-up on DUs in round 1. Singled most of the deadlifts. Might could have gone TnG on a few more.

    2) Done. 5 of each every round. In dire need of squat therapy.

  28. OPEN

    1. 9:30. DL went 3-1-1-1
    2. Muscle Up 4's, Squat Therapy 5's, toes 1 inch from wall tempo 30x0

    -Mario, CF Naples

  29. 1.) Worked on 3x5 pressing snatch balance up to #115
    Followed by 3x3 heaving snatch balance up to #145

    2.) Metcon- 6:58, need to push more

    3.) Otmx12
    5 squat therapy
    5 muscle-ups
    I switched between bar and ring muscle-ups every other time, unbroken on all

    1. Interesting switching bar and ring.....

    2. Wanted to work both! Plus my hands would've torn fo sho if I went the full time on the bar.

  30. Regional
    1. 125/135/145/155/165/170/175/180
    2. Stones and chopping wood. #of chops without a break of wood =# of stone to shoulders. Went back and forth between chops and stones. Used 115# and 142# stone. Worked 18min
    3. 4:46
    4 4:28 (5min after metcon)
    5. 3:32 no anchor of feet butterfly. I suck at situps good to be mixing in.

  31. 1) 205 x 3, 225 x 5
    2) Stones - did 2 EMOM with the 215lb stone (rough)
    3) Purple Drank - 4.16RX -- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GQX9y4dOQEU
    4) 4:09 (hamstrings totally burned)
    5) - Done, didn't time.

  32. 1). 135 across
    2). Got to drop in at Verve today and they let me move some atlas stones around...good times
    3). Purple drank: 5:24
    4). Did 100 calories on the Airdyne
    5). Unbroken but I didn't time it
    6). Extra credit...I did the MU squat therapy. 5 MU and the therapy was needed...I should do more of it

  33. Open
    1)5:46, Broke last 2 sets of ring dips 8,4. Everything else unbroken
    2)Done. Need to work on squat therapy, wow.

  34. open
    1.) 6:14 rx'd
    -everything felt great! broke dl's in 3/3 every round so my form would stay solid, probably couldve pushed to 1st and 2nd unbroken, but wanted to keep a fast pace the whole time.
    2.) completed.


  35. open
    1.) 6:14 rx'd
    -everything felt great! broke dl's in 3/3 every round so my form would stay solid, probably couldve pushed to 1st and 2nd unbroken, but wanted to keep a fast pace the whole time.
    2.) completed.


  36. Regionals
    7:02 dead lifts felt good but gotta work on the ring dips... That's where I struggle most

  37. OPEN:

    1. 10:05 Unbroken deads, burpees were ok, DU's need some work.
    2. Tried 2 no false grip MU per rnd, only got 5 total but feel good. ST done.

  38. 1) Good mornings - 135 across
    2) Played around with some 115 lb and 145 lb Atlas Stones as well as some log clean and jerks.
    3) Metcon - 6:59
    4) 100 cal row - 5:19
    5) 100 abmat situps - 6:04ish - got a terrible lower ab cramp about half way through

  39. OPEN

    1) 10:08. Du and DL were not my friends today.

    2) 5 MUs and 5 OH Squat Therapy. Completed

  40. 1. 7:52 - Felt good - heavy deads, but good.

    2. Worked on Muscle-Ups (Rings) -- DID NOT MISS A SINGLE ONE TODAY!! This is a first. And, I got two in a row a few times. Great day. :)

    Did squat therapy (just not in the OMEM).

  41. Open Program
    1) 7:51 - Felt really tired today but I actually felt pretty good about this time. All deads unbroken but they were tough. Broke maybe 4 times total on D-U.
    2) Done with 3 M-U and 5 squat therapy. For muscle-ups, did 2 sets of no-false grip M-U on rings, 2 sets of false grip M-U on rings and 2 sets of bar M-U.

  42. open
    1- 12:58

    2- squat done, 3 en todas con el banco rojo y los pies casi pegados a la pared

    MU, 3,1,2,3,3,1 tengo que mejorar la tecnica en las que hice 3 siempre fue con el false grip

    1.) good mornings, no rack- from the ground: 75-95-125-125-135-145-145-155
    2.) surprisingly, we don't have a sledge or stone in my office. huh. weird.
    3.) the draaaaank: 8:46 - strict box dips, no rings, 215#... unloading the bar realized i'd grabbed a 15kg. : (
    4.) 100 cal row: 6:11
    5.) 100 situps: done.

  44. M/25/5'6"/178/Southeast
    2)Work with Propane tank(10 gallon) and gas cans(filled with water)
    3)4:16 Rx
    4)No Rower, 100 Sumo DL high pulls for time(32k)3:29

  45. - Good Mornings 135x2, 145x2, 155x4
    - "Purple Drank" (6:10)
    - Row 100 cal (4:55)
    - 100 Abmat SU's - ouch

  46. Open
    1) 7:00
    2) 5 Muscle ups 5 Squats

  47. Regionals)

    1) 95-115x3-135x4

    2) Nothing really awkward at Below Average Joes

    3) 8:49 Did Burpees instead of Ring Dips

    4) Horrible

    5) Complete


  48. Open
    Did purple drank because I need work on my rig dips more then anything, got 6:58

    Did the snatch complex from yesterday because I need work on that too did 135

    Didn't do OTM save some for a visit to another box did a long one.

  49. good mornings: starting at 115#-145#
    odd object work: 7 min emom 1 heavy stone to shoulder (120#-135#)
    wod: 8:26 at regional
    row: 6:57
    100 situps with a 35# kb

  50. Open
    1)7:04rx dead's unbroken
    2)5 st, 3-5 unbroken mu's

  51. 1. 135 across

    2. did 5x5 ground-to-shoulder with a 100# heavy bag
    then 3x20 sledge hammer stikes

    3. 5:42- felt pretty good

    4. 3:51- never done that before.

    5. 2:46- unbroken, felt like leonidas afterwards hahaha

  52. Just discovered this site today, I really like what I see so far.


    1) 10:46 - a little trouble with the DU's. Had to break up most deadlift sets

    2)5ST - like these, more challenging than I expected
    only 2 MU's after first minute. needs some work

  53. Open
    1- 7:29 all deads unbroken really happy with that.

    2- 5 squats, 3 muscle ups - 3 rounds kipping 3 strict

  54. Regionals:
    1) Worked up to 185
    2) 30 seconds sledgehammer strikes/30 second stone lift at ~140# 6min
    Averaged 6left/6 right on sledges and 4-5 stone lifts
    3)Purple Drank- 7:27
    4) Rowing 4:51
    5) got to 39 before huge ab cramp/charlie horse that lasted about 5 seconds. Took a small break and finished with crunches. Couldn't go back to ab mats as I would cramp each time. No matter how much water I drink, I cramp up on a large number of ab mats. Workout partner suggested straight leg instead of butterfly. Suggestions?

  55. Open
    1. 10:53 - dus way broken up
    2. Done with assisted strict mus 5 per round excerpt for last two only got four

  56. 1) good mornings
    8x3 80kg

    2) 2 rounds of 200m prowler bodyweigt

    3) metcon 4 rft: 7:54 rx

    4) row 100 cal 5:07

    5) 100 abmat situps done no time

  57. Open:
    1. 8:31 with 245#
    2. 5 squats, MUs - 5,3,3,3,3,5

  58. open
    1-6:59 rx dl unbroken two trips on du
    2-done 6 mu / 5 squat therapy

  59. Finally able to get to gym to do this wod!
    1) 15:20 rx -DU saved me from an even long time
    2) 5 squat therapy, 3 ring pull ups.

  60. Still following a week behind,
    1) 6:48
    2) done 5 and 3 MUs