Friday, August 2, 2013

Tuesday 8.6.13

Team CFNE after the Final WOD.

1.  Bounding
5 attempts to establish your best Standing Triple Jump, Lucas Parker's Demo vid.

2.  Deadlift 
work up to a heavy single.

3.  20 Rep Benchmark
20 rep max Push Press, for max load.

1.  Metcon
1 RFT:
25 Thrusters, 95/65
25 TTB
25 Box Jumps, 24/20 - games standards.
25 TTB
25 Thrusters, 95/65

2.  Rowing
5x300m, 1 minute rest

1.    Metcon
1 RFT:
25 Thrusters, 95/65
25 TTB
25 Box Jumps, 24/20 - games standards.
25 TTB
25 Thrusters, 95/65

2.  Skills
Double Unders
3 x 2 mins of max reps, 1 minute rest


  1. Open Program
    1) 7:40 - first set of thrusters and box jumps unbroken. T2b were tough due to a lower pullup bar at home, but I'm ok with this time.
    2) 102, 90, 84 - used my old Buddy Lee rope and it felt like a weighted rope after normally using a Rogue speed rope at the gym. Ugh.

    Had to do this today bc of equipment restrictions. Will do 31 Heroes on Tuesday.

  2. Ben, what do you think of evolving box jumps into box jump overs? Here's the cost-benefit analysis as I see it:
    First, the CONs, against jump overs: athletes have to choose between lateral jumps, or forward jumps with rotations; either form involves lateral forces on the knees.

    Now, the PROs:
    1. lockouts on box jumpas are tedious to perform and excruciating to judge
    2. speed -- the lockout wastes time. Observe the 2012 Games WOD with box jumps in it... this exercise slowed the athletes down. Nobody needed to break. We all had to tolerate the tedium of waiting for them to lockout their knees on each rep.
    3. It's not just tedious, it plagues the athlete with a mentally fatiguing tradeoff, between being obsessive about range of motion, and going at intensity.
    4. OPTIONS -- the athlete needs to make a choice about jumping all the way over the box, or hop-landing on top of the box as they pass over. This gives new opportunity for truly metabolically superior athletes to push further into the red zone: clearing the box may be just slightly faster, but at a significant cost. If you can pay that cost... kudos to you, you earn those faster reps.
    5. Achilles tendon -- the box jump over involves more variety of movement, more moving parts, more coordination, but less impact on the tendon.

    We hope to see box jump overs replacing the mis-named "box jumps"... and the sooner, the better.

    1. Interested to hearing Ben's reply on this. Personally, I think box jump overs suck more seeing as how i'm not a 'metabolically superior athlete' :P

    2. Britt, you're not required to jump "over" the box as in "entirely clear it" --- you jump onto the box, but you're not required to stand up all the way, and then you move on and jump down on the other side of the box.

      You can jump laterally, or you can jump forward, then find a way to turn around to return back onto-and-over the box -- you can turn in air, or you can land, turn around and jump again. Most just jump laterally.

    3. So I look less like a troll, here is a better account of CONS and PROS:

      1) box jumps have a measurable distance of moving the body's mass, box jump over only have a minimum of an obstacle you pass over
      2) jump overs give advantage to flexible-coordinated athletes

      Box jump overs at 24" are a lot less work than box jumps at 24", but those of us who do them typically go higher - 30" men, 24" women

  3. Regional.

    1) about 20'

    2) 451

    3) 136

    4) 6.31.

    Had to do this wod a day early due to my normal gym being closed and not having the right equipment for Mondays wod. Was a good wod, felt pretty good today. Looking forward to giving "hulk" a go tomorrow.

  4. This is going to sound stupid to some...I am not very tech savvy... Does this site have an RSS feed I can link to my android app "Xercise"? In the past I had this app hooked up to my affiliate feed so all I had to do was type in my results, it takes me a bit to type everything in...


  5. It would be nice to receive the blog posts by email. Blogspot should have that option in setup. It is letting us receive comments by email-subscription. It will greatly increase your readership and following if people can sign up to receive the blog updates by email.

    1. Check out it will auto email the posts to you after a quick little set up

  6. Session one:

    Bounding: three attempts no measuring tape

    Deadlift: felt heavy today, worked up to 405. I did 405 for a set of 5 the other week, hammies were tight.

    Push press: 125

    1. *five attempts no measuring tape

    2. Metcon: 8:12 with 30 inch box jumps (no 24 inch box)

      No rower

    3. Should've subbed the DUs for the row, buddy.

      All good though.

  7. Open
    1. 12:18 - it took me a while to finish the TTBs but I definitely see improvement

    2. 82, 70, 74 - still a goat but I'm surprised I was able to string 54 DU's today

  8. Bounding: 23'4" on third attempt and couldn't get withing a foot of that again in the following two attempts.

    Dead: 385.....I know we aren't supposed to PR on heavy...but I was just throwing plates on and lifting...I did the math after I pulled my last one and it was 20 over my last PR and there was still a little room to go heavier...My maxes are going up really quickly from suck to OK.

    20 rep PP test: 135...two or three reps had soft knee catches at the top....I'm just too used to it to not do it a bit in fatigue.

    WOD: 6:47 .... not my best day, couldn't string together anything, I'm going to blame it on having to workout solo, but it was bad. I'm pretty sure I threw away a minute just in dropping and resetting in every single set.

  9. OPEN

    1) 10:01 ....My t2b's are very slow and my thrusters fell into that same category this morning. Oh well regroup and take tomorrow to rest and then back at it thursday.

    2) 120, 121, 116 ---- after the first WOD of things I am not good at this was a welcome finish. Stomach turning though.

  10. open

    1. 14:10 My thrusters is by FAR my biggest weakness. (6:35 thrusters time)

    2. 73, 82, 76

  11. Open
    1. 6:22- i thought the thrusters were going to be the worst the 2nd set of T2B, i wanted sub 6.
    2. 134/157/125- shoulder were smokes
    *messed around w triple jump 21'/22/23/23/23'

  12. 1) Best attempt: 6m 81cm
    2) 470
    3) 155
    4) 9:95 delts quite tired after 20RM but had no time for 2wods...
    5) :53, :55, :58, :59, :58

  13. Open
    1. 9:47 - hard time on the 2nd set of ttb!
    2. 122, 133, 124 - pr string dus 105!

  14. Regionals

    1. 22.2 ft, have never done anything like this before was messing around with starting on both feet and starting on one foot (had a female who did track in college giving pointer).

    2. 415, felt extremely heavy today...

    3. 115. Had maybe 5-10lbs left in me.

    Partner only had time for one session today.

    4. Metcon: 8:50 rx, if it wasn't for T Albert gaining on me it would've been slower, on days he and I can train together we both benefit.

    5. Completed immediately after clearing the floor from the metcon.
    57sec, 60sec, 58sec, 58sec, 59sec. brutal is an understatement

    Thanks for the programming and the motivation! Constantly improving.

  15. Open:

    1) 9:26 Rx

    2) sub with row
    5x300 1 min rest
    59.1, 1:02.9, 1:03.5, 1:03.8 and 1:04.1

  16. AM Session

    1) Bounds - Done
    2) Deadlifts - 415
    3) 20 RM Push Press - 145....(17 @ 150)

    1. PM session

      Metcon - 7:42
      Rowing - Fastest :51 / Slowest :59

  17. 1. 14.40, brutal.

    2. 58, then my rope snapped. 45, then my second rope snapped, again! I left it there for today.

  18. 1st post yesterday didnt go through! grr so posting both days today

    1. 5x1 snatch @ 85% (120)
    2. 3x squat clean + hang squat clean + jerk (155)
    3. max muscle ups- did not attempt ... I was already stressing this movement enough ... since my wrist surgery I haven't done any muscle ups... this wod will be a test in itself
    4. was able to do the wod but modified to 2 muscle ups per round ... just worried about pushing my wrist too much ... didn't miss any though
    got through all rounds slowest time was 1:12 ( lost my last clean grr) but most were around :59-1:03
    5. should mobility ( just precautionary since I haven't done m ups in so long - bandy stretches/ lacrosse ball, upper back

    Tuesday a.m.
    1. standing triple jump - I am so not good at this kinds of stuff lol I assumed start from standing position ( no running into it or stepping into it) got 15 feet
    2. heavy deadlift - stopped @ 305 neutral grip
    3. push press - 125x11.. tried 115 after that got through 15

    pm later :)

  19. Regionals:

    1. 22'6"
    2. 425 lbs.
    3. 135 lbs.
    4. 6:24
    5. Average 0:59/round

  20. Open 6:45. Second round of TTB was rough. Thrusters weren't the worst part like I had assumed. DU's were terrible on the shoulders only got 72/81/75 on 2 minute rounds.. Disappointed with that. Need to work on them as I fatigue

  21. Opens
    1. 9:59rx
    2 du 39, 67, 62

  22. Regionals:
    1. Done
    2. 405# 1RM is 415. Everything felt very heavy today from 315 up.
    3. 145# Just right last 5 were a battle.
    4. Later
    5. Later

    1. 4. I have a comp on sat. Feeling a little beat up so I did some otm snatch and MU work.
      5. 5 rounds 1min work 1 min rest AD.

  23. Open Master
    1. 8:37 rx
    2. DU- really need practice on these: Did this 3xs
    50, 46, 44/ 54, 44, 53/ 46, 51, 66

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  25. Open
    1. 6:44 felt good about it moved really well up until the 2nd set of TTB. I feel like I needed to push harder on the last set of thrusters but not in happy about the day still feel good.

    2. 150/116/121

  26. Open
    1. 8:55 rx toes to bar caught up with me on 2nd time around
    2. 104 69 87

  27. Open

    1. 6:54 - TTB are getting better! Did the first 15 in round 1 all strung together (did all 25 without coming off the bar) - the 2nd round, I got 7, then it was 1-1-1 from there - but I still did 15 hanging on the bar - and then the last 10 without coming off.

    2. I forgot my jump rope at home - so I did the rowing intervals (I will do the double unders later today)
    1:05, 1:05, 1:06, 1:07, 1:05

    3. Did some HIGH C2B pull-ups with false grip - and some "assisted" muscle ups on the bar. All I need is someone to gently push my foot and I am over. I am MUCH closer to getting a legitimate strict bar MU than I am anything resembling a kip. Happy with that! :)

    Going to gymnastics class tonight! Hills Gymnastics is close by (where Dominique Dawes trained), and they have an adult class on Tuesday nights. Really excited to learn and try some different/new things! :)

    1. Whats going through your head when your doing TTB? Push/pull to get the momentum? I think i've figured out the technique, just need to work on stringing big sets together, good job!

    2. I am thinking about whipping my feet back. I used to just bring them straight down. Not perfect yet - but getting better. Once I lose the momentum, though - it's like I cannot get it back no matter what!

  28. Had to do all in one session so I can WOD up with some friends later on.

    1. 26'4"

    2. 530. Felt real good on deads today. No round backs whatsoever.

    3. 175. I wanted to try 185 but was a little wasted from 175.

    4. 5:45rx. 2nd round of t2b were the hardest.

    1. 530 bro? fml just bitchin me on DL.

    2. MAne, You are unreal strong haha

    3. @Dex, you should've tested out the dead waters today. @cody, too bad i can't say the same with my met cons. haha

    4. You crushed this WOD though!

  29. Open
    1. 9:10RX - (5 TTB/than all singles, deff needs some work!)
    2. 102/119/82

    Happy to be back on compwod! And happier to see Michelle, Cheryl and Deb still on here!

    1. i may have sat this year out...but i didnt stop mind is right...and im ready for 2014!!

    2. Glad you are back!! It got lonely here for a while ;)

  30. A.M. Session

    1. Standing Triple: 27' 2"
    2. Deadlift: 425
    3. Push Press: 165... Thought about passing out.

    1. P.M. Session

      1. MetCon: 6:08 Rx
      2. Rowing :57, :57, :59, :59, :59

  31. YES! So glad to be back at it, too, and psyched to see you and the other ladies posting as well. I love that Ben has designed a comp program for Open athletes. Looking forward to a great training season!

  32. Open

    1. 8:13
    2. 82, 80, 82 (ugh! Double-unders are still such a goat!)

  33. Regional.

    All in 1 session.
    1. 24' 7"
    2. 435
    3. 145#
    Metcon 6:14 second set of ttb holy cow.
    5x300m rows 57.8, 58.4, 58.9, 58.7, 58.8

  34. Regionals / SoCal

    One Session:

    1. Roughly 19ft.
    2. 415# Felt heavy for today.
    3. 135# Maybe another 10# in me, but last 5 were tough!
    Metcon: 6:15, attacking my Thruster weakness!
    5x300m Rowing: 1:01,1:03,1:04,1:05,1:04

    Shout out to Gabe Perez for training with me today
    gave me that extra motivation and push. Thanks dude!

  35. Open
    1) 6:17

    2) during the 3 rounds i did 30 seg unbroken double unders then rest 10 seg and continue until the 2 min. Feel pretty good but my shoulders were sore.

  36. Open
    1) 6:17

    2) during the 3 rounds i did 30 seg unbroken double unders then rest 10 seg and continue until the 2 min. Feel pretty good but my shoulders were sore.

    1. 26'8-- these were so weir
    2. 445# (1rm 525)
    3. 155#-- should have went heavier, but wasnt worth trying again cuz my delts and triceps were shot.
    4. 5:45 rx
    5. :55, :54, :56, :55, :53

    Woke up feeling pretty beat up, but pushed through. Great day. Great job everyone.

    1. avg pace on rows was about 1:29

    2. Your numbers blow my mind everyday. I'm not a regionals athlete (yet I hope) but knowing that your a true regionals athlete and this is where I need to be is pretty darn motivating. Manimal.

    3. Nice job man! I always look forward to seeing what you post everyday

    4. what hit you the hardest on the metcon today??

    5. i finished 140 in my region last year danny haha just motivated man. and been rowin alot more. and Mane the toes to bar are the worst for me. Heavy man problems lol

  38. Regional:
    1) 22'4" was the only one I can remember
    2) 405 felt heavy today so that is where I stayed
    3) 115
    4) 10:04
    5) 59/60/612/61/59

  39. 1) 9 meters
    2) 180kg
    3) 60kg-65kg x 12 reps
    4) 7:31
    5) 59 - 59 - 59.1 - 59.6 - 58.1

  40. 1). I did this in my backyard and used dog toys for landmarks so...far? I don't know but I tried hard
    2). 405 yuk
    3). 145. I thought it would be smart to work up to a heavy 5-6 set first and that strategy was maybe not as awesome as I drew it up
    4). 6:23. I'd rather chew tinfoil than do thrusters so I guess it'll be doing a shitload of thrusters (excuse my language)

  41. 1) 24'6".

    2) 425

    3) 135. Started to light and was burnt out for 155. I know I can do 155, but 20 reps at 135 kinda smokes ya.

    4) 8:57. Not super stoked on this, would have liked to have been sub 8. Slow on TTB, slow on Thrusters.

    5) This was all one sesh so these were kinda slow,. 1:39, 1:42. 1:46.

    1. Shoot, read this wrong, rowed 3x500's. Cuss. Would have much rather done the 300s. I was trying to make sense of everyone else times.

  42. Open
    1) 7:33
    2) 113,109,76 Glad this came up my double under endurance stinks. Not tripping up, just lose my legs, lots of work needed here

    1. Nice work on the dubs!

    2. Haha of course not, I know they're a weakness you did well.

  43. 1) Bounding - 18'10"
    2) DL - worked up to 335
    3) 20 rep PP - 125. Think I had 130, maybe 135.
    4) Metcon - 6:20
    5) Rowing - Done. Avg about 1:07 per 300 m

  44. A) Triple Jump = 26'5"
    B) Deadlift = 475#
    C) 20 RM Push Press = 160#
    D) "METCON" = 8:41
    E) Row 5 x 300
    1) :58
    2) :59
    3) 1:00
    4) 1:04
    5) 1:00

  45. Open

    1.) 5:41, loved this WOD

    2.) Double unders = 210, 142, 150

    3.) Worked on my push/split jerks. Did sets of 2's and 3's up to 80% pretty happy it feels better outside of some elbow pain.

  46. Open

    1) 7.19
    T2B held me up and the last set of thrusters had too many breaks!

    2) Didn't have time for DU's, I'll get them in tomorrow.

  47. Open

    1. 16:35rx (24" box)
    2. 89, 98, 54

  48. Open

    1. 8:55. Like everyone's saying, 2nd rd of ttb were toughest

    2. 96, 100, 70

  49. RFT- 21:40


    Deadlift- 455lb.

    Pushpress- 185lb.

    5x300m row-1:07, 1:03, 1:06, 1:06, 1:06

  50. open
    1-6:53 Rx
    broke up 15/10 except for last set of thrusters
    ready for a rest day

  51. Open
    1- 15:50 no m esforze casi estuve muy lento pq estaba hablando con mi primo

    2- 1: 63, 2:53, 3:55 la cuerda no m ayuda necesito una nueva

  52. Open
    1) 6:58
    2) 102/113/109
    1) 6:45
    2) 140/140/141

  53. Open/Masters
    1) 7:42

    2) football practice...two-a-days with the boys...100 burpees with the team for conditioning today!

    D/U will be performed as part of an "active rest" tomorrow

  54. Open
    1- 8:24
    2- did 3 rounds if 2min max run, 1 min rest.

  55. Regionals

    1) 27' 1"

    2) Worked up to 395lbs

    3) 120 for 16 reps (Overhead is a HUGE GOAT)

    1) 8:34...need to work on thrusters

    2) 1:06-1:08-1:07-1:09-1:11

    3) Did the DU skill 125-119-109


  56. Open.

    1. 7:27...Couldn't kip with the pullup rig I had so the T2B were slow. Shoulders were feeling tight on the thrusters from a workout I did in the morning

    2. a. 170, b. 140, c. 129 - That was fun.

  57. Regional

    Bounding: sidewalk. Random pedestrians adding upscale agility component. 23'5". Lots left. Lack footwork.

    Deadlift - felt good. Worked up to 455#. Got heavy feeling fast. Wasn't paying attention too much to weight. Focused on form. 10# off PR. Wouldn't have kept form with any more on bar today.

    Push Press - 135# felt heavy. Shoulders still feeling jerks and deficit HSPU I've been working on.

    Will be doing 2nd part in a.m. Ran out of time. Had to coach rest of the night.

    There are some serious beasts posting here. Happy to be a part of this crew.

  58. OPEN:

    1. 10:08 (T2B... nuff said).
    2. 51 / 64 / 75

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  60. 1. 11:41Rx
    Thruster are hard on knee after injury in April

    2. 127/138/129

  61. Open:
    1) 10:48
    2) 112, 98, 107

    Started doing CompetitorsWod this week. Having Ben Bergeron as my coach - even is it's only virtual - is such a pleasure! I used to do my own programming which I have never liked, and often 'forgot' about doing the things I suck at. Now I enjoy every minute of my training, and trying to be better every single day when I read here the comments.

  62. OPEN

    1) 5:52 rx (2nd set of T2B... Ouch)

    2) 100 - 80 - 88 (DUs are a major weakness. Kind of happy this came up!)

  63. OPEN
    1. 7:01 Rx'd
    2. 140-145-133 Rx'd

    ... need to work on my box jump cycle time much too slow ...

  64. regional
    first day back from a week away - just did the deads and the metcon
    deadlift - worked up to 295, stopped when I felt my form go
    metcon: 6:51

  65. Open
    1) 11'26"
    2) 16 - 14 - 26 (I am very bad in DU)
    Thx coach

  66. Open
    1) 5:38 @ 80# thruster - definitely should have done this Rx. First set of thrusters and TTB unbroken.
    2) 130/121/130

  67. Open

    1) 6:45 did 20 TTB instead to keep intensity
    2) 132/130/128

  68. metcon:
    7:20 Rx... need to work on those TTB

  69. Went to a bachelor party last night, so just moving today was a win.

    1) 256.5 inches was the best jump (248.5, and 250 as well)

    2) 405 (definitely a high-gravity day today)

    3) 135x20

    Evening: 1) 6:51 (Did both sets of thrusters straight, t2b crushed me)

    2) Nope, just didn't have it in me today.

  70. Finally getting caught up, great to be back
    1)No tape measure, 8 paces was the longest jump. Improved from 1st-5th attempt
    3)20reps-170, 185F(16reps)
    4)5:22 Rx
    5)Rower was dead in the water today, went 1 min on,1 min off

  71. Open WOD, (thrusters, ttb, bj, ttb, thrusters) time = 9:11

    Did that with an injured hip flexor, first time I've felt a strained hip flexor in 20+ years. Had to break up all my TTB pathetically. Blood sugar of 38 when I finished.

  72. 2014 OPEN

    1) 9:57 First round of thrusters did 21 not thinking, so on last round I picked up the last four and did 29.
    2) 87,107,67

  73. Day 2

    1.) 6:55 I HATE THRUSTERS!
    - 1st Thruster and t2b unbkn
    -step downs on box jumps
    2.)7x1 deadlifts 315-335-375-385-395-495

    david / 32/ 5'10" / 175 lbs

  74. Regional
    1) 20'5"
    2) 485
    3) 165 x 20

    4) 7:55 Rx
    5) 52 / 55 / 56 / 58 / 55

  75. Regionals

    1. 23.5"
    2. 385 - Sore today.
    3. 165
    4. 7:24
    5. No Rower today, did DU's.

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  77. 1 8:48, t2b and box jumps too slow :(
    2. 136,116,106.