Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Wednesday 8.21.13

Cheryl did "The Seven" in under 18:20 - I think she is back.  
Looking forward to seeing her compete in the East Coast Championships next month.

Recovery Day
Active Recovery

Awesome news, we are upping our game...
 The CFNE East Coast Championships
is going to be held at the world famous Reggie Lewis Center in Boston this year.
This venue has a indoor "banked" track and an infield with five full size basketball courts.  

 This will be one of the best CrossFit Competitions in the country.
Still room to sign up in the scaled and Rx Divisions. 

I am very excited about the programming for this event.  
We will announce everything (except the final event) in early September.  
For now, here are some guidelines to help you decide on which division to register for:

RX Standards:
Ring Muscle ups 
Squat Clean, 225/135
Complete DT as Rx in under 13:00
First Place Male and Female $2,000.00 each.

Scaled Standards:
Chest to Bar Pull ups (six per round)
Squat Clean, 185/105

Sign up now!!!


  1. 18min!!
    I think shes back too ;)

  2. Unreal Time... Great Score Cheryl.

  3. Replies
    1. awesome stuff!!! congrats :)

    2. That was an amazing time! Congratulations!

      Also, thanks for the advice on the jump rope. I just got my RX rope delivered today.

  4. I can't imagine moving that fast on "The Sevens". Very impressive!

  5. Stellar, Stellar time! Awesome work

  6. Assumin regionals is my goal and I want to try this programming should I start with today or back track to earlier wods to start. ?

    1. Start with today.
      Welcome to the best programming you will ever do and enjoy seeing consistent progress.
      You will not be disappointed!

    2. Great! it was between this and outlaw and I feel this will work.my goats and progress way better. I've outgrown the programming at my box and need more. look forward to joining this community and representing in 2014. Go time boom.

    3. Hey Joey. I saw from your Blogger profile that you live in Brandon. So do I. Where do you currently train?

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  8. A.R.T. visit + mobility + swimming.

    Do you recommend any sort of Deloading, Ben?

  9. Bad Ass, hoping I can catch some of that action at the Comp on Sunday