Thursday, August 8, 2013

Friday 8.9.13

Team CFNE.
1.  Speed Work
3 max effort attempts at Shuttle Sprints, each sprint consists of: 5-10-15 yards out and back.

2.  Pulls
Clean Grip Dead Lift
5 x 3

3.  Metcon
"Mr. Perfect" of: Parallette HSPU - head to the ground is RX. of:  Power Clean, 225/155

4.  Core work
3 supersets of:
20 Weighted abmat Sit ups - Feet anchored, you choose weight.
30 Reverse hypers - you choose weight. - if you don't have a reverse hyper do good mornings.

1.  Metcon of: Parallette HSPU - head to the ground is RX. of:  Power Clean, 225/155  

2.  Skills
Odd:  4-10 Pistols
Even:  6-12 TTB


  1. Quick question - what would the Rx'd height be for the HSPU?

    Great photo.

    1. Just looked at the Rogue Parallettes they are 12" high.

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    1. Sorry for the moronic question.
      I was almost asleep at the time.
      Tackling this this evening

  3. If thats Mr Perfect, whats The Ultimate Warrior gonna look like...
    Enjoying these wods!!!

    1. I think we've already done that. It was Fran on crack. I wanna see a Nature Boy wod.. Woooooo!

    2. Ok so that was when I took off...
      missed my favourite then.
      Coach will probably make it very hard for us to go Woooo after that one..
      Haha I'm looking forward every day to wod names... Weird

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  5. Open:

    1) 16:04 used 2 45# plates

    2) done


  6. 1. Speed Work
    Measured off three locations on the basketball court. Three efforts, didn't time it since it wouldnt be accurate.

    2. Pulls
    Clean Grip Dead Lift-135-225-275, 315, 345 Done with a shrug at the top

    3. Metcon- Went down to a deficit of 5 inches from paralettes, which was about halfway to the ground. 14:07

    4. Core work
    Done, weighted my feet with 1.5 pood KB and Good mornings with an unweighted bar.

  7. im assuming a shrug at top is correct? like a clean pull?

    1. No shrug at the top - that would be a clean pull.
      These are deadlifts with a clean grip - double overhand, same width as clean and hook grip.

  8. Reg:

    Rough day today....

    1. decided to skip in anticipation of Spartan in two days.

    2. 225-315-335-345-345. should have done one more at 345.

    3. 13:30 not RXed. Started with a set up to allow shoulders to touch 45lb DB's and 225 on the bar. After one round I got rid of the DB's which put it at about a 8" deficit, then dropped the weight to 185 which was too low.... not a good day.

    4. wanted to do this but ran out of time.

    I will chalk this up to an odd week without my regular training partner (JimmyC). I haven't scaled the load during a WOD in a really long time, it made me feel like a beginner again.
    On a brighter note, the deadlifts were three repping at what was my PR not very long ago.

  9. Open
    1. 13:36 - 5"deficit... parrallette to ab mat....i hit 7 off the bat! Round of 6 i failed twice on hspu...not a fan of hspu!
    2.6 pistols/ 10 T2B every rd

  10. Open

    1. Almost 20 minutes. Far from Rx. Used 2 20kg weights for hspu and an abmat. Did 80kg on 2-4-6 and 60kg on 8-10 PC.

    2. Did 3-4 on every set pistols. Did 3 on left and 4 on right cause i had to hold light in a ring. Can´t do them on the right leg.
    TTB: 10-8-7-6-8-7

  11. Still processing this whole session. Not sure how i should have modified. I listened to my gut said its time to start getting your numbers back up...and my skills back up.

    1. :17 seconds/:17 seconds/:18 seconds (changed lead leg to try and see if it made a difference) these were meters not feet
    2. Clean Deadlift (assumed more like a clean pull?)stayed @ 205 and worked on power and speed with the shrug
    3. Excuse my language but i would like to rename this Mr. F'ing Perfect! lol KILLED ME today...but I gained some mental strength for sure....I failed reps on the HSPU, I had to squat clean (so not RX) but hey i got the job done!
    23:47 - I would think a wod like this in the games would have a 10-15 min cap for sure! So i prob should have modified, I sacrificed intensity so i could just get my confidence back up on the weight.
    4. Core work-used a 55# dumbbell/ no reverse hyper (google "hug a twinky"- done with a 15# dumbbell between my feet) i said...still processing how i feel right now...Definitely missed the "metcon" but hey, in this sport, shits getting heavy!

  12. Metcon: 13:56 HSPU's rx'd. Cleans @ 205#
    Skills: 6 pistols/10 T2B

  13. Regionals:

    1. 0:13.72/0:13.36/0:13.76
    2. 286 across
    3. 10:24 (all kinds of adjustments made) Regular HSPU/185 lbs. PC
    4. Done with GHDSU with 20 lbs. MB and good mornings with a 45 lbs. bar

  14. i'm gonna go ahead and say phspu's are gonna cripple me and make this take 1 full hour lol 230# and deficits arent kind to each other

    1. I have a feeling your time will be one of the faster ones posted, what ended up killing my time was the cleans.

  15. OPEN
    1. Metcon - 17:46 (8" Deficit / 195# PC)
    2. 4 Pisols (Left Side Only) / 10 TTB

    ... right hip/knee were protesting following Mr. Perfect and declared the start of an immediate rest day ... scaled the PCs to just under 90% 1RM ... beaten and broken - good times.

  16. 1. 11.9, 11.8, 12.1 (Done on football field in cleats)
    2. 315 across
    3. "Mr. Perfect"- 16:53 RX... got tough during round of 6.
    4. Abmat Sit ups w/55# DB
    Good Mornings w/75#

  17. 1) Done
    2) 335
    3) 20min Normal hspu and 225. I dont have bumper plates so controlling 225 down after each rep burned the post chain just a tad... Well I guess it makes me stronger hey...

    4) Only sit ups with 45plate.

    MR Perfect was less than perfect, but we did it!

  18. 1) speed work...Done

    2) Clean Grip Deads - 225, 275. 325, 345, 365

    3) "Mr Perfect" = 13:42....10" defecit

    4) Done with 45lbs

    1. Yards....I think Ben may have edited the post but it says Yards in the description now

    2. Got it he must have just done it not long ago thanks man!

  19. 1. 14.32, 14.28, 14.29 (did on concrete, slipping all over)

    2. 315, 365, 385, 395, 405 (holy tough on thumbs)

    3. 11:36....9" deficit

    4. 35db sit ups, 45# & 65# lb goodmornings

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  24. 1, 10:45, 125#, box HSPUs

    2. 6 pole-assist pistols (left leg is much better than right), 6 TTBs

  25. Open Master:
    1. regular hspu/ 105#pc 12/2-. . . 2/12
    2. otm: 8 ttb/4 pistols

  26. Metcon:
    14:45 Rx (PHSPU were tough)

    OTM x 12

    Pistols: 6,6,4,4,4,4
    TTB: 12,10,8,7,12,10

  27. Open

    1. Used Parallettes with a 6" deficit. This is my first time using parallettes in a workout (I get nervous that they are going to slip, but once I got into the workout today, it was okay). Scaled to 145# Power Clean. Finished in 14:54.

    2. Did 10 pistols/10 TTB for every round. Worked on maintaining a kip in the TTB - was successful in all but 2 rounds.

    1. Deb, I always like checking in with your times - you tend to beat me often ;-) but you always provide a great gauge and time to chase. thanks and great job!

  28. regional
    1) done - not timed, rough estimate of the distances
    2) 225, 235, 245, 255, 260...I thought I was going to lose my thumbs ;)
    3) 15:27 - I used a 6 inch deficit for HSPU and started stripping weight on the cleans as my form went to sh*t- went from 155 to 145 and finished at 135
    4) done - 1 pood kb and 45# good mornings

  29. 1) done
    2) 225, 275, 315, 315, 315
    3) 11:18 used 2:05, just not the same stimulus with 225 for me...not strong enough...yet. HSPU were unbroken. Ben, why are the paralletts easier for me! Gimpy wrists maybe?
    4) 60lb for weighted sit-ups

    1. @Cole

      On the HSPU check where your hands are in relation to your noggin. when on the floor most people put their hands too close to the wall and this makes balance difficult. Notice on the parallettes where your hand are in relation to the wall and your head.

    2. Good advice James, thanks for th e response.

  30. Open
    Only did skills, 10/10/8/7/8 TTB & 6 pistols across.

    Destroyed my sternum last Saturday with atlas stones, laying off gymnastics for a bit, even if I could do 155 power cleans (which I cant) I wouldnt manage a single HSPU today.

  31. Open

    1. 16:53
    Scaled to standard HSPUs and 205 lb. PCs

    2. Started with 10 alternating pistols (5 each leg)/12 T2Bs and that lasted the first 4 rounds. Then 8 pistols/8-9 T2Bs the last two rounds. My T2B form started to break after 7-8 reps, so I stopped there each round vs. practicing crappy form. Pistols just harder. Both felt really good the first 3 rounds.

  32. open

    1. HSPU were 2 #45's with an abmat between cleans done at #205
    12:34 probably could have gone heavier on cleans and had more of a deficit on HSPU
    2. 10 T2B and 6 pistols to a 12 inch box with a pole for support "this is a major goat of mine"

    Day 4 for me

  33. OPEN:

    1. Did 10,9,8,7,6,5,4 HSPU w PAD and 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 cleans @ 185lbs. My body gave out, and I felt defeated. Got home and realized I made a terrible mistake, lol. Attention to detail.

  34. Open
    1) 9.54
    Scaled the clean to 90kg
    All HSPU were unbroken! A massive goat for me but so I'm really happy with that!
    It seems I've got the kip dialled in!
    2) Done

  35. Nathan Lauritzen
    CrossFit Foothill
    Rancho Cucamonga, CA

    1. 13.94-13.31-13.15
    2. 225/315/365/385/385
    3. 14:49 rx (8" defecit)
    4. abmat w/ #45 DB - Hyper w/ #165

  36. Open
    1) 11:27 Went with regular HSPUs, big mistake. Should have went with at least some deficit, all sets were unbroken. I did play around with the paralletes,that is a whole different ball game. And I am not in that league yet. Very deliberate on the PC's, nice to move that weight again!
    2) Pistols per leg . 2,3,3,3,4,5,5
    T2B 12 x 4 unbroken, 9+3, 7+3+1+1

  37. open
    1- 13:10 escale a 140# @80%, para las HSPU 2 plates 45#

    2- 6 pistols con banda y 8 T2B

  38. 15:25rx.
    Didn't have time for strength/skill work today so I'll make up tomorrow

  39. 1) 15.9 - 15.8 - 15.9
    2) 275 x 3 - 295 x 2
    3) Metcon - 28:39. One abmat, start PC with 205, and went down to 195 after first round. One of the most humbling WODs I've ever done. Very frustrating.
    4) 55 lb KB for situps, 45 lb bar for good mornings

  40. 1. 12.6,12.5,12.3

    2. 315# for speed
    3. 11:56 rx. I hate par. hspu.
    4. done. did weighted ghd's and reverse hypers on the ghd

  41. Masters (41)

    1. Shuttle sprints done, but did not time. Felt good though.

    2. 275, 295, 315, 315, 335

    3. Metcon - 16:14 RX. About a 5"-6" deficit on HSPU's. Those 225 cleans got heavy and got me breathing hard.

    4. Used 25lb dumbbell for situps. Did standard GHD's for posterior.

    Good session, was leaking hard after this one.

  42. Open

    11:33 done with regular HSPU and 185# cleans

  43. Open:
    1) 14:12 (185#/45 Plates with DBs)
    2) 10/12 on all

  44. open
    1-done not rx with 9"parallette bars to ab mat
    2-done 10 pistols 12 toes to bar

  45. M/25/5-6/178/Southeast
    1)No tape measure so I paced it out:14,14,13 seconds
    3)13:37Rx(12" deficit-HSPU huge goat)
    4)Completed- 2-36k KB/ 115# good mornings
    Great Programming Ben. It never gets easier.

  46. m/32/5'10"/175

    scaled to 205# and used 2 45# and a 35# plates stacked and an abmat to cushion my head.

  47. 1) 14:84, 14: 35, 14:19, Did these in nanos on slippery grass, no doubt if I had used cleats those times were a second faster at least. Lots of slippin and sliddin.

    2) 315,335,345,355,365

    3) There was only one set of parallettes for the 2 of us so we made this a team wod. Only had the parallets a week so wasn't much practice, I'm getting the hang of them. 10 RFT, 3 Power cleans @ 225, 6HSPU, 3 ea. 19:30

    4)Done, Used a barbell and a 16 KB. Probably was too light.

  48. 1.) 19:44 rx 10" deficit on parallettes...cleans felt heavy today but hspu felt good I'll take it!

    2.) Odd: 10 pistols
    Even: 10 t2b, unbroken

  49. This was the most challenging wod for me so far... I'm in love with this programming but this is my first post:)

    16:33 used 155 power cleans but I couldn't do 12' deficit hspu... Had to come down to 6'... It still wrecked me!

  50. Regionals/SoCal
    CrossFit SGV

    1)13.6 / 13.8 / 13.4
    3)"Mr. Perfect" - 11:37 RX
    4) Abmat Situps: 50# Dumbbell
    Good Mornings: 65#,75#,75#

  51. 1. 17:57 135# 12...2/2...12, regular hspu
    2 otm... Subbed 200m runs for pistols, 6 t2b per rnd

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  53. Open Program
    1) 18:35 - 225# cleans and 6" parallette HSPU. Happy with the HSPU, but the cleans were the tough part. Pleased to finish Rx'd but it was slow.
    2) Done with 6 pistols and 10 T2B each round.

  54. Open:
    13:38...135# PC and just used 25#plates for my deficit...hspu are not my favorite!

    Didn't har time for skills, will do them in the morning.

  55. Regionals

    1) No timer but completed. These are in my wheelhouse being an old football guy

    2) 300-315-325-335-335

    3) 205# Cleans Regular HSPUs. 17:26
    Was happy with my HSPUs as these are a hug goat for me. I felt like a golfer with the yips today on my cleans. I could not shake using all upper body once I got the bar to my knees. Stayed after to do some power shrugs for practice.

    4) 50# on Sit-ups, Empty Bar Good Mornings

    5) Skills
    TTB 12-12-10-9-8-8 all unbroken
    Pistols 4-4-6-5-4 these need some work


  56. Open.

    1. 14:35. 3" deficit on PHSPU, did 195 on the PC until round 8 when the barbell slipped off my fingers and slammed on my shoulders (3 times) I dropped the weight to 155 and finished out. Not happy on my performance here.

    2. knocked out 12 TTB and 10 Pistols unbroken each round.

  57. Ahh! MCing at the Games really threw me off! I've been training, just not posting.Though, I'm back for good now.

    Shuttle Runs- did 5, 10, 15 meters-
    -14.65, 14.40, 14.24.. Never been good at lateral movement and change of direction.

    Clean grip DL- 295, 315, 325, 335, 345 - worked hard at leading with my chest high. ANYONE ELSE'S THUMBS ON FIRE?!?!?! Hook grip killllllled me!

    WOD-Rx. 11:28 .. friend (Noah Ohlsen) 9:24
    Used paralettes w/ 25lb plate and ab-mat.
    -wide feet the whole time. Felt good to get through this WOD pretty quick though. Only broke HSPU on round of 8.

    Superset- 45lb KB, 55lb KB, 70lb KB
    70lb's for all 3 sets on Reverse Hypers... these sucked. Hurt so good.

    1. Fun little burner! May start playing around with some of this stuff with Mr. Malitsky!

  58. Open
    39:41 w/ 3in deficit hspu /115# clean.
    Power clean form was there today... Unlike with 125# ..
    First time doing deficit hspu

    6 pistols assisted, 7ttb

    1. Forget to put that last 6 deficit HSPU I had to go to two inch deficit. Has hit a wall and it was not gonna happen at 3 inches.

    2. Great work Caitlin. looks like the hard work is paying off.

  59. Mr Perfect:

    22:27. Fuck deficit HSPU.

  60. Open:

    1.) 60:00 clock stop...DNF

    Had 10 cleans left at 40 min mark then hit a wall.

    Plenty of high clean pulls just need fast elbows and commitment. Pretty good being 225 is my 1RM

    2.) will do tomorrow

    1. Ethan coaching moment here. If your 1rm is 225 you need to scale this wod. staring at the bar for an hour is in no way building your crossfit ability. Its just breeding frustration. take the weight down next time and get your time sub 20. Good work lately!!!!

  61. F/130#/NW Region


    Held off on the sprints because I am nursing a hip injury and was worried about the changing directions quickly.

    Clean grip DL
    155 - 185 - 205 - 225 - 245
    Felt good but definitely see how it is a grip taxer without the reverse grip. Should do more of these obviously!

    Mr. Perfect
    This WOD scared me. My power clean PR is only 158# so I stepped the weight down. Was going to do 135# but decided to go up a little so went with 140#. I couldn't do the HSPU with the paralette deficit so I stacked 2 - 45# plates on either side and used that. Not sure how tall that is.

    17:41 - very slow in the grand scheme of things but considering it was one I wasn't sure I could do and I know I fought through I was pretty happy.

    I am loving the programming. It is hard but I am learning to push through things I didn't think I could to take my performance to the next step.

    Sit ups with 35# plate

    Reverse hypers with 25# plate

  62. OPEN / Masters (43)

    Mr. Perfect...not so perfect...
    4-5 inch deficit HSPU & 205# PC ~ 21:19
    HSPU were terrible...Big Goat

    OTM = Done...Went for 8's on the T2B with a slower lowering from the top...good burn by the end

  63. Regionals
    1) 18,17,17 (no good on wet grass)
    2) 330, 375, 400 x 2, 420
    3) 11:34 Rx
    4) GHDSU, Goodmorning

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  65. OPEN - RX - parallettes were higher than my shoulders, hands were at chest/nipple level. Time = 19:06

    Pistols, worked on right leg, my right ankle was broken when I began CrossFit. Left pistols are fine, heel down, below parallel, no hitches, but right side, it's hard to keep my ankle down and move unhitched through the whole ROM. Got them all done with best form possible.

  66. 1) speed work
    Done no timer

    2) clean grip deadlift (hook grip)

    3) "mr. Perfect"
    Power clean 85kg
    Hspu rx
    Time 9:59

    4) weighted situps
    Good mornings

  67. Open

    1) 12:51 @ 175# PC & 5" deficit HSPU. Need to work opening my hips on PC. This was the heaviest weight I've used for PC in a WOD.

    2) 8 pistols/12 TTB

  68. Regionals
    1) Done
    2) 315,335,365,365,365
    3) 14:32 12 inch boxes w/ab mat about 9 inch deficit
    4) Box Wod plus Annie
    5) 25# ab mat sit ups and bar good mornings

  69. Open
    1. 16:45 (8 1/2" deficit, 225# power cleans)
    2. Did the weighted sit-ups and reverse hypers. 50# on sit-ups, 70# on reverse hypers.

  70. Open

    1) 12:45 @ 185# PC & regular HSPU I tried a 2" deficit but after 6 reps I began to fail so I switched to regular they are still a major goat of mine.
    2)8 pistols/10 TTB
    3) did 3x 500m Row with Bus and Erica with 90 seconds rest in between

  71. Regionals:

    1. Done
    2. 365, 365, 365, 375, 385
    3. 12:30 Only 5" Deficit
    4. Done with 25#'s.

  72. Open

    5 days off after getting married :-) ouch!!!

    1. 12:17 :(
    2. Ran outta time. Will do Saturday.