Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Thursday 8.15.13

Derek, of Team CFNE, the only athlete in the world to compete 
in every Games on a team.

1. Snatch Complex
5 sets of: Snatch Dead + Hang Squat + Low Hang Squat - stay on the lighter side.
Snatch Dead - slow, focus on bar path, knees and positioning.
Hang - taken from the pockets.
Low Hang - Taken from below knees but off the floor. 

2.  Clean and Jerk Complex
3 sets of: High Hang Squat + Hang Squat + Low Hang Squat + Split Jerk -  stay on the lighter side.
High Hang - Pockets.
Hang - Mid thigh.
Low Hang - below knees but off the floor.

3.  Squats
6x4 Front Squats, across

4.  Gymnastic Skills
OTM x 10
Odd:  3-6 Muscle ups - bar or rings
Even:  20 yard Handstand walk

5.  Metcon
"Open 13.4"
Clean and Jerk, 135/95

1.  Metcon
"Open 13.4"
Clean and Jerk, 135/95

2.  Clean Complex
3 sets of: High Hang Squat + Hang Squat + Low Hang Squat + Split Jerk -  stay on the lighter side.
High Hang - Pockets.
Hang - Mid thigh.
Low Hang - below knees but off the floor.

3.  Strength
3x5 Push Press, climbing


  1. is that one high hang squat clean, then one hang squat clean, then one low hang squat clean, then one jerk without dropping the bar?

  2. Hey guys, just started the program and rely enjoying it. Question on back squats. Low bar when not programmed as high bar???

  3. Replies
    1. Same here, high bar transfers over to the Olympic lifts more than low bar, so I only do Low Bar Back Squats if he specifically programs them in.

  4. Cheers guys. I'll keep to the high bar.

  5. I hit this one today b/c I have a comp this weekend
    1. 93 reps, bitter sweep....Happy with my T2B's but 8 reps off PR.
    (Messed with one of the comp wods for this weekend- snatch ladder, snatch on min- started at 135#, went up by 20#'s, missed 235#, rest one minute, then max MU's in a min- strung 8 then hit 2 more.
    2. 155/185/225
    3. 155/185/225- I have more in me, ran out of time due to class coming in.

  6. This open WOD murdered me. I'm comin for your ass 13.4.

  7. 1.
    13.4 Open Workout:
    4 rounds + 15 CJ's + 8 T2B = 83 reps... 16 rep PR from back in June but I'm still not satisfied with my work:rest ratio

  8. 1. Snatch Complex-95-95-115-135-135

    2. Clean and Jerk Complex- 135-155-185

    3. Squats
    6x4 Front Squats, across- Pretty darn sure this said back squats this morning when I checked, did high bar across with 305

    4. Gymnastic Skills
    OTM x 10- Done, did Bar MU's except it was more like 1-2 every minute, forgot gymnastics straps and the bar is dangerously slick. I've been hammering handstand walks for about 4 months and it finally paid off today, was able to do 5-7 yard chunks each time.

    5. Metcon- Thought I would have done better but my inability to string the TTB together past the round of 6 really killed it. PR'd by 9 reps at 83 reps. Guy who counted for me thought 90 was easily within reach. I got better today.

    1. Yeah, apparently I should be working on TTB a little more and eating less pancakes.

  9. Reg:

    1. Snatch Complex: 115 no misses

    2. Clean and Jerk Complex: 155 felt good

    3. Front Squat 6x4: 225 good weight, not much room to go up next time.

    4. EMOM: 3-4 MU per, made 20 yards in first three rounds, then 15 in last two.

    5. 13.4: only 92, OPEN score was 96. I think there might be a 100 in me if I were fresh. Will need to work on efficiency in stringing together moderate load clean and jerks...they were rough.

    of note: I took the time to write down a schedule for today and it worked very well. Partitioning the time to keep it within 1.5 hours seems to be possible most days.

  10. Open -

    C&J Complex first - 155, stayed light (like 55%)

    13.4 - 61. So mad at myself. I looked up my Open score last night (68) and for whatever reason, this morning I thought I only had to get into the 12's to break that, so this was a mental error more than anything. I had plenty more in the tank which pisses me off.

    Push Press - 135, 155, 175

  11. Open
    1) 75, not happy at all. The Open was 87, not sure what happened,
    2)135,155,175 kept it real light
    3) 185, 205,225x 3 got sloppy

  12. Open
    1. 63reps short 2reps pr - unbroken up to half of 3rd round
    2. 135#, 155#, 185#
    3. 135#, 155#, 185#

  13. OPEN
    1) 68 which is less than open but gym restrictions today were main difference. Confident I could have beat open number in different setting.
    2.3) tonight.

  14. 1) 135 Too heavy for just technique... But did it.

    2) 135
    3) 225 6sets of 4
    4) So today was my very first Bar MU!!!!! And I then did 3unbroken every set!!! Very happy with this
    5) 67 haha bar mu's got me too excited.

    Good day out tho... Progress us what I want. Thanx Ben!

  15. Open
    1) 13.4- 75 (12 rep pr)

    2) clean complex- 135# across

    3) 3x5 push press- 135,145,155

  16. OPEN
    1. 13.4 - 65 Rx'd (7 reps off PR pace)
    2. Clean Complex - 135-150-165 Rx'd
    3. 3x5 Push Press - 165-175-185 (PR)

    ... had no intensity during 13.4 - wandered through - OPEN retests are a bit tough on the psyche ...

  17. Regionals:

    1. Done @ 95lbs.

    2. Done @ 135lbs.

    3. 225 across good weight

    4. Done with strict ring pull ups. I dont know where my mu form has gone...

    5. 79 reps. That is 8 less than the open. The C&J's were so much smoother than the open, just couldnt push the transition speed. The rounds of 12 and 15 C&J were easier than the first three which surprised me.

  18. Open

    1. 13.4 68. I got 86 in the open
    round of 3&6 were just to slow
    2. clean complex 135-155-175 light and felt smooth
    3. push press 3x5 135-155-175 I probably could have started heavier
    Doing the metcon"conditioning" first is new for me. It also tells me that I need to warm up better. Lesson learned now

  19. Open:

    1) 80 reps (3 reps off pr)

    2) 135#, 155# and 185#

    3) 185#, 195# and 205#

  20. Open
    W/U: 4 rounds of Cindy.

    1) 13.4- 42 (3 rep pr) I haven't made much improvement on this.....Initiating a good lift with solid technique oddly enough is holding me back - I think about initiating a lift too much. The juice is there, it's just a mental deal.

    2) clean complex- 135#

    3) 3x5 push press- 135,145,155

    After party: 50 GHD sit-up's.

  21. Regionals:

    1. 121 lbs.
    2. 185 lbs.
    3. 242 lbs.
    4. Ring MU 4 each round/Handstand walk done
    5. 92 reps (84 reps in Open)

  22. 1) Done at 95. Knee not feeling that great

    2) Done at 145

    3) Done at 225

    4) Got 3 to 4 MU's each time, and just worked on getting up on hands and not falling. Made it 4 or 5 steps on the hands. Needs work to say the least. Shane does this well though, so he will be a big help.

    5) 94 reps. Got 97 in the open. If I were fresh I'd like to think I would have hit 100.

    Going Monday to have the knee looked at by Dr. Rocket. I am pretty sure surgery is in my future. Not looking forward to the mental part of dealing with that. Its a tear on the outside of my right knee. Any words of encouragement from those who have had surgery would be great. Recovery, post surgery feeling etc. Now is the time to do it, and be able to recover and get back at it with plenty of time before open. Thanks

    1. I had a lateral release and scope done a couple of years ago - it was so worth it. Squatting was really painful BEFORE surgery, now it's great!! My best advice is to find an aggressive PT that understands CrossFit and can get you moving as soon as possible - I had been given a 3 month recovery, my PT had me doing "some" things within a week and I think I did Fran 4-5 weeks post-op. Just make sure you're smart and listen to your body - you're going to have scar tissue and you may need to lay off impact work from time to time (I still do) depending on how you're feeling. Good luck!!

    2. Hey Jimmy,

      I am a PT so hopefully I can help out. If they are just going in and doing a meniscectomy (taking a piece of the meniscus out), then your recovery should be fairly quick and return to activity is "as tolerated". I've had athletes back to activity within a week or two. If they are repairing or doing reconstruction of a ligament then rehab will take a bit longer. Best of luck.

  23. I did the everything for the Open athletes in the AM and have some time in the PM to go back to the gym. What should I do when I go back?

    1. Foam Roll, Mobility, Nothing..... all great options

  24. regional
    1) done @ 85
    2) done @ 105
    3) 125, 135, 135, 145, 145, 155
    4)I need a ton of work on each of these movements, so I spent 30 minutes working on both instead of the 10 min OTM WOD
    5) 93 reps...I think I have more in me. Next time :)

  25. Thursday--morning WODs, I always start half gassed since it has only been 8 or 9 hours since my last WOD the night before with only dinner between (did Admiral and C2B last night since Tuesday was busy), but constantly varied, right, mornings are a goat so I get at them.

    1) 13.4--50, that 135 felt like 185 :)--love the mental challenge these WODs pose.
    2) Done at 95--really trying to work on speed on the 3rd pull, felt great.
    3) 155-165-175failed on last 2, but still feel good about it because 175 was my 1RM until today and I got it thrice after all that shoulder work leading up to it.

    Great job everyone, thanks for the motivation!

  26. Been following progam for about 6 months. First post.
    1: 90 reps. Got 98 in the open. Not sure why so much lower today.
    2: 135, 175, 225. Not really "on the lighter side", but I couldn't help
    myself. Felt pretty good.
    3: 175, 195, 205.

  27. open

    1. 68 reps. 4 better than open but i wanted over 70 today.

    2. 60kg (135) across.

    3. 60-70-75kg (135-155-165)

  28. Open
    1 rep PR got 97 but I felt way better then I did the last time I did it. I think I left too much in the tank but still feel good about it.

    2. Clean complex
    Worked to 185 stayed light

    3. 3x5 p.p.

    4. Did the bar muscle ups and hand stand walks OTM this was a lot of fun! Hit 6 bar mu every time only hade to break up the last set of mu. Hand stands weren't 20 yards it was about 20" short just the length of the box. hand stands went well hit the first 2 sets unbroken. Didn't ever take more then 35 each set.

  29. Open

    1. Did a lot better than what I did in the Open. I got 79 in the Open - and 93 today, so I will take it. TTB felt better - and I was able to string them together more.

    2. Used 105 for all three rounds of the Clean Complex

    3. 105-110-115 - may have been able to go heavier, but I wasn't sure, and by this point, my shoulder didn't feel 100% - so I called it a day :)


    A) Snatch Complex w/ 135# (Kept it real light and worked on bar path)
    B) Clean & Jerk Complex w/ 185# (Felt GREAT)
    C) Front Squats 6 x 4 (I know it said across but I did 275,275,275,295,295,295) Felt Strong
    D) 10 min EMOM:
    - Did at least 4 Bar Muscle Ups each round
    - Did Wall Holds and Shoulder Taps (HS walk is not there yet and I wanted to get shoulder stability in)
    E) Open 13.4
    RX'D and got 74 total reps. (Completed all of the round of 12's and got 14 C&J of the set of 15)



  31. First time posting
    1)94 reps (99 in the open)
    2)185 across

  32. 1) 115-125-125-130-135
    2) 145-150-165
    3) 205 x 3 - 185 x 2 - Felt heavy today
    4) 5 ring muscle ups every odd. About 10 yds hs walk every even
    5) 13.4 - 91 reps. Got 103 in the open.

  33. Open

    44 reps- I really need help on my ttb.. any one have any drills or tips they can give me. I'd really like to retest this workout once I can string more than 2 ttb together

    Clean complex- 135#, 145#, 145#

    Push press- 135#, 155#, 185#

  34. Open
    1. 69 reps
    2. 165-185-205
    3. 165-185-205

  35. Open master:
    Open 13.4: 66 rx
    Clean complex: 75#
    PP: 75/ 85/ 95

  36. Regionals:
    1) 95, 105, 115, 135, 155
    2) 175, 195, 205
    3) 245
    5) 90, open was 97. During open I was fresh and used a lower bar for toes to bar(Khalipa style)
    4) Shoulders were a mess, rounds 1,2,4 had three muscle ups, 3 and 5 had 2 and two attempts. HS walks were attempted for each minute.

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  38. rough training day today
    stayed light as prescribed on snatches and c&j ... muscle ups were really difficult ... however I was happy to see that I can still walk on my hands pretty well :)
    I was not happy with my performance on the open WOD ... i got 108 or 110 I think in the open .... results...
    1. 105
    2. 135
    3. 175 across - probably could have went a little heavier
    4. only made it about 40feet each round/muscle ups were all broken up
    5. 99 :(
    trying to figure out what got me in this one today ... reflection- my upper body still feels the fatigue from being out ... so I'm not going to stress

    lo like to see progress ... hate when things go the opposite way... I know Crossfit is not linear... so shaking it out and getting ready for tomorrow

    1. Head up, moving forward. Can't hit a home run every day.

  39. 1.) 90 reps (99 reps for the open) I'm alright with this since I mixed it up today and strung together more c+js which didn't work as well the singles worked better for me. Now I know!

    2.) #165, 185, 205

    3.) #185, 205, 225(#30 PR HEYOOOOO)

    Congrats to Derek he's a great athlete, great guy, and has a great family. Very happy for him and the rest of CFNE.

  40. OPEN:

    1. 70 reps (68 reps in Open, 2 rep PR). Need to work on making the clean to jerk/press one smooth movement instead of two distinct and broken moves.

    2. 135 across. Working on form

    3. 135/165/185

    39yr old male

  41. OPEN:

    1. 70 reps (68 reps in Open, 2 rep PR). Need to work on making the clean to jerk/press one smooth movement instead of two distinct and broken moves.

    2. 135 across. Working on form

    3. 135/165/185

    39yr old male

  42. 1. 135 for speed. Fixed some bugs in my last pull.
    2. 225
    3.front squat 315 across
    4. Felt good on muscle ups, no misses, solid tech, and handstands walks were solid. Not great but improving.
    5. 95 reps. Precious PR 92. I still hate this WOD.

  43. Reg:
    1) 165 - Kept very light, and all were very crisp
    2) 235 - Same here, working on a quicker/shorter and more 'pop'ey dip and drive in the jerk, and it went great today.

    3) Did OHS @ 215# w/ pause in bottom of each rep (need to work on overhead stabilization more than FS right now)

    4) Skipped due to time - Will work this in this week though.

    5) 96 reps -- Got 108 in the Open, biggest difference today was I didn't break the T2B at all until 15, and had to go 8/4/1/1/1 on the set of 15. That and I was having kind of a 'blah' day for some reason.

  44. 1) 165 Shoulda done a bit lighter and worked on some other tech-ier stuff. I'm having some real mobility issues with my right ankle, working hard to get it straight. Hindsights always 20/20

    2) 205

    3) 225 - Working out some mobility issues.

    4) Good on the muscle ups, got a little sloppy towards the end, but no misses. Made a maaajjjooor breakthrough with my handstand walk, thanks to my training buddy, Brandon, who doesn't post beacuse he's a punk.

    5) 82 Reps, Did this one with a slack warm-up, home alone in the garage a few hours later. Really stoked on the turn out. I know with some people there and a good warm-up I have 90+ reps in me. Stoked.

    All in all it was a good training day. This right ankle is holding be back with some stuff, but it's all good, working hard to correct it.

  45. Clawing my way back from having a baby...

    1. 37 reps, rx
    2. 73, 83, 93
    3. 73, 83, 93

    Embarrassed to post this. 95 lbs is the most I've put up overhead for reps since having a baby 4 months ago and my TTB are heinous. BUT....happy to finally do something rx'd.

    1. No worries! Keep grinding. Never be embarrassed when you give 100%

  46. 1) Snatch complex = 165

    2) Clean Complex = 185

    3) F. Squats = 255

    4) Bar Muscle ups 6 all rounds / last one 2 kickups all others UB

    5) 13.4 = 88 reps....6 off open score, ill take it after that

  47. open
    1-97 reps 3 off of open. frustrating day at the gym because of kids acting up during my 7 minute wod had to take 30 seconds to break up a silly fight LOL!!!!
    2-135 ACROSS
    3-worked up to 205

    1. so after cooling down and looking at my score from the open (98) I am pleased with my results from today especially non competition. Kids were just acting up and driving me nuts today. they can see me from the daycare area and no how to get my attention (fighting)

  48. OPEN

    1) 98 reps. (Got 99 in the Open, and today the bar slipped off my hands while doing a clean. So would've got 99. And felt MUCH better. PROGRESSING!!)

    2) 185 across

    3) 165 - 185 - 195 ( still had room.. No more hips, but could press the weight still)


  49. Open
    1- 40 reps (20 more to the open) :D im happy but im not satisfacted .

    2- done 105lbs
    3- done 117lbs, 128lbs, 139lbs

  50. Regionals

    1. 145, 150, 155, 160, 165
    2. 205, 210, 215
    3. 225
    4. Done - Ring MU form broke down towards the end.
    5. 13.4 - 91 Reps

  51. 1. 84 Rxd

    2. 125. Light

    3. 135-155-160

  52. Open

    82 reps - Was 67 in the open. I'm really happy with this considering this is day 3 for me and fresh I think I could hit 90. Usually I rest on Thursday's and follow a day behind but I have a team comp this Saturday with Bus, Erica, Clayton and a couple others. Thank you Ben for this incredible programming I have seen big improvements in all areas.

    1. Skipped parts 2 and 3 to rest up for the comp

    2. Nice improvement buddy! Good luck in the comp!

    3. Thanks you've been killing it! I gotta come visit you guys soon!

  53. OPEN / Masters (43)

    1) 12rnd+11TTB (86 Reps)...Got 90 in the OPEN...Disapointed, but I was much more focused during OPEN season, and was eating well + "gaming it" on second attempt on sundays...
    Here was my games attempt: http://games.crossfit.com/judge/13.440606
    Today I was done with the 15 C&J with 24 sec. left...didn't get up on bar until about 17sec

    2)135# - 145# - 155# (lighter side...very)

    3) 155# - 165# - 175#

    Two-a-Days practice is over for Football!!! Finally can get back to a reasonable schedule...this has been a long two weeks...
    Those kids think they have it rough during two-a-days...Try coaching them!

  54. 13.4 - 69. Scored a 94 during the Open. I'll get back there eventually.

  55. Open

    1) 68 reps - 8 reps better then during the open. Didn't do anything else that was programmed because of a team comp this weekend.

  56. Regionals

    1) 95-115*4

    2) 135 across...really focusing on my catch position

    3) 215 across...These felt awful today for some reason. Felt like I was fighting the bar each rep

    4) Bar MUs: 5-6-6-4-4 went unbroken on reps
    Squat Therapy

    5) 72 reps...I'm both disappointed and super stoked about this. Let me explain...During the Open I got 53 reps so I clearly improved but I know I have more in me. My grip was thrashed after the MUs and that was where I had my biggest issue. I couldn't hold onto the bar during the 12 TTBs. No Excuse, I know I can do better. Also...my TTBs significantly improved. I was unbroken until I lost the handle during the set of 12.

    Thanks Coach!


  57. Open
    1) 87 off PR by 8 Reps
    2) 135 Across
    3) 175, 195, 205 x4

  58. Open Program
    1) 87 (91 in Open on 2nd try). Looks like most everyone was a little down from the Open so I won't sweat this too much.
    2) 135, 145, 155 - stayed really light
    3) 135, 145, 155 - went too light but was running low on time.

  59. Open:

    1.) 68

    2.) 135 - 160 -185

    3.) 135 - 155 - 175x4

  60. Open
    1- 79 shy of open score -86
    2- 135
    3- 155,175

  61. 93 reps in 13.4.... This is 6 reps better than in the Open. And I still felt like I had more. I need to get better and stringing together c&js when I'm tired

  62. 1) 62 reps. 6 more than when performed before during open.

    2) 105 hang complex.

    3) 95-100-105 push press. Felt good.

  63. 1) 62 reps. 6 more than when performed before during open.

    2) 105 hang complex.

    3) 95-100-105 push press. Felt good.

  64. M/25/5'7"/178/Southeast
    3)335 across
    4) 6 MUs on odds, around 40-45 feet on even minutes. HS walks are still a work in progress.
    5)102 reps, 3 shy of PR during open

  65. Open
    1. 75.. 1 rep shy of open score. Strung c&js and t2bs together a lot more but had to rest longer between sets. Feel ok with this, definitely stronger than I was.
    2. 155, 185, 205
    3. 185, 205, 225 failed on 4th rep

  66. 1. Metcon: "peanut butter -n- chocolate" AMRAP in 20 minutes, of
    20 kettlebell swings, russian, 70 lbs
    40 double unders
    60 seconds rest, got 8 + 20 = exactly 500 reps
    2. skill, 3 clean complexes, high-hang-squat, hang squat, low hang squat, split jerk, all at 135 lbs (light)
    3. push press 5-5-5, 135x5, 185x5, 225x3,f ...I'll surpass that very soon

    I avoided high-rep lightweight clean & jerks, and toes-to-bar, today.
    I probably screwed up by doing a 20-minute metcon instead of a short-brutal-intense 13.4. I previously got 96 on 13.4. Both my shoulders and my hip flexors have been beat up lately.
    The 8 + 20 on PB & Chocolate is a PR, I'm pretty sure.

  67. 1.)
    My 1st OPEN-WOD after 2 Month of beginning with CrossFit and 2 weeks I follow this awesome Programm: 3 rounds (36reps)

    It sounds weak (and if tomorrow there will be the OPEN, yes it would be), but for me, for my 1st OpenWOD, it was okay but not satisfying for sure ... my Problem are my Shoulders, they are too weak yet for so many 135# CJ´s (the Cleans were good, but the Jerks -.-) ... in addition with a too much swinging Body at the T2B´s it was a totally Shoulder Destruction!

    BUT: it was a Beginning, a Point to start. Now I must kick that ass step by step. And I WILL BE!

    2.) 3sets x 110#

    3.) 99#, 110#, 121#

  68. 1.)
    My 1st OPEN-WOD after 2 Month of beginning with CrossFit and 2 weeks I follow this awesome Programm: 3 rounds (36reps)

    It sounds weak (and if tomorrow there will be the OPEN, yes it would be), but for me, for my 1st OpenWOD, it was okay but not satisfying for sure ... my Problem are my Shoulders, they are too weak yet for so many 135# CJ´s (the Cleans were good, but the Jerks -.-) ... in addition with a too much swinging Body at the T2B´s it was a totally Shoulder Destruction!

    BUT: it was a Beginning, a Point to start. Now I must kick that ass step by step. And I WILL BE!

    2.) 3sets x 110#

    3.) 99#, 110#, 121#

  69. 1. 81 - 10 reps shy of open numbers, but conditioning was much better then.
    2. 155-165-185 felt good, movement was solid
    3. 165-185-190(4 almost had the 5th)


  70. Open

    1. 48 (Still struggle overhead, mobility issues)
    2. 155 across. Heavy, but was able to do all.
    3. Did floor presses. #155,175,195

  71. 1. Snatch Complex


    2. Clean and Jerk Complex

    3 sets of: High Hang Squat + Hang Squat + Low Hang Squat + Split Jerk - stay on the lighter side.


    3. Squats
    6x4 Front Squats, across

    275 Across

    4. Gymnastic Skills

    OTM x 10
    Odd: 3 Muscle ups - rings
    Even: 20 yard Handstand walk


    5. Metcon
    "Open 13.4"
    AMRAP 7:
    Clean and Jerk, 135/95

    76. Paced it big time. Team Comp at the Sweat RX 911 Challenge Sunday so I went heavier on the strength and easier on the Metcon. Felt super strong. 90ish would be do able.

  72. Part 1:
    67 felt much much better than during the open. I had quite a bit left in the tank. T2B were done in sets of 3-6. I had to make myself do them in sets of 3.

    2. 85#
    I had a severe wrist injury just prior to the open on a squat clean, so these numbers are still low for me.

    3. 85#, 90#, 100#.
    100 felt better than 90, there's more in there.