Friday, August 23, 2013

Saturday 8.24.14


1.  Speed Work
"The New England Patriots Conditioning Test"
10 x 50 yards - :30 rest between sprints  - goal is all under 7 seconds.
rest 3 minutes
10 x 50 yards - :30 rest between sprints - goal is all under 7 seconds.
rest 3 minutes
10 x 50 yards - :30 rest between sprints - goal is all under 7 seconds.

The Pats Conditioning Test varies by position.  
This distance (50 yards) and time (7 seconds) is the test for the QB, TE & LB's.  
A passing score is completing all 30 sprints under 7 seconds. 
Post the number or sprints that you completed under 7 seconds.    

2. Barbell Benchmark
Bear Complex:
A.  Work up to a max load Bear Complex (Power Clean + Front Squat + Push Jerk + Back Squat + Push Jerk)
B.  30 Bear Complex's for time -  use 80% of the load that you successfully got in "A".

3.  Metcon
Max reps of Strict Parrallette HSPU
Max reps of Muscle ups
Max reps of TTB
This is for time and max reps.  Don't stress too much about either number - focus on the stimulus, not the score.

1.    Metcon
15 Deads, 250/175
25 Box Jumps, 30/24
50 Pull ups
100 Wall Balls, 20/14
200 Double Unders
400m Run with Plate, 45/25


  1. Open Metcon "nutts"
    37 mins
    DL scaled to 225
    The wall balls killed me.
    It was a great WOD though.

  2. 1) Round1: All under 7sec
    Round2: Failed 8and10
    Round3: All under 7sec
    Seems like we Compwod guys will
    make the Patriots :)
    2) A:Max load Bear Complex: 195
    B:30 Bear Complex @ 155 25min

    Bar Mu:3

  3. Open

    1) 19:25 Rx - Felt good this morning.

  4. Reg:

    Great to see you at the box today Coach Ben! Too bad you aren't around more often, I'm pretty sure we push harder on your programming with you around.

    1. Done, kept most under :08, with several of the first few on each set under :07, got tough!

    2. A: 205, failed first attempt, then got it after JimmyC did it, then AlexB got it on third attempt.
    B: 17:21 @ 165....holy moly that got slow really quickly. The reps got a lot smoother after a few and was able to thruster both the front and back presses.

    3. Just couldn't muster the strength after all of the above, even with CoachB and Heather walking in right after we finished the 30 rep. Tried a few MU transitions, but it just didn't feel like a good idea on any of our shoulders.

    1. ....realizing now that we were doing 50 meters..... no wonder they were so hard!

  5. 1.) 17:45...damn wall balls ruin everything for my 5'7 chode of a body

  6. Open

    1) 21:56 Couldn't get into a rhythm on DU this morning. As a consequence to losing to Clayton I did 80 ft. handstand walk

    2) Did the 30 Bear Complexes for time with Wags this morning to help him keep a good pace. Went with light to medium weight and did 115# for the first 10 reps and 135# for the last 20 reps. Nice job this morning Josh!

  7. Regional
    1. sprints all at 6-7sec
    2. A. 225#, B. 180# 17:27
    3. 16:30 ( parallette 11" deficit) 2/7/16, 1/5/11, 3/4/10, 2/4/11

    1. I did not thruster reps from front squat or back squat. Max rep and all 30 reps at 180 were broken into each individual movement of pc, fs, pp, bs, pp

  8. Open:
    30:56. I had trouble with DU. I am new to this programming and I love it. I have been doing if for about 3 weeks. I want to thank everyone for posting. I know I am slower and weaker then everyone but it is a big help with motivation and I can already feel and see a difference in my lifts. I can't believe it all free programming. I was just fallowing the standard crossfit web sight and wanted more before finding this. Thanks a ton and I look forward to the many hard fun WODs in the future.

    1. Im new in this too great programming

    2. I am new to this program as well. Great programming.

    3. Same here. I've also been doing it for about 3 weeks. I also wanted something more than the mainsite and this programming is great. (I scale everything, though.)

  9. Open
    Had to go solo today and didn't feel good wall balls were rough.

  10. Open

    1. 19:30 Rxd

    -sets of pull-ups and wall all sets of 10
    -doubles went terrible. Goat for me right now
    -plate just tricky to run with

  11. 1. Open
    17:13 RX

    I coached and then did Amanda. This was first time ever doing this successfully. 15:21RX. I know it is slow, but I did it!! :)

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    1. Open
      1) 2408 Shouldn't rant like I did on my previous comkent and feel sorry for myself on a Hero Wod. Disregard my last comment. RIP

  13. Open
    16:55 rx
    Really pleased with this time. Really slow and stiff beforehand and wall balls are my goat. Sets of ten the whole way. Running with a plate should be used as punishment only...

  14. Open
    20:10- 5:20 PR. I'll take it.

  15. Regionals:
    1) Did VO2 max
    2) 225/ 180 @ 24:26.
    3. No Parallettes today, shoulders were smoked, did 1 Mup per round and the TTB were between 5-10 each round. 6:09

  16. Open
    19:54 with 10# wallball and 155# deadlift

  17. 1. Done
    2. Bear complex with 300#
    2. 225# 30 reps in 22:43
    3. Done. Kept it slow and deliberate. PR'd phspu, felt solid on muscle ups and toes to bar

  18. Regional
    1.sprints - all under 8, most under 7

    2.A. 125#, I think I could have pushed for 135
    B. 100# slow! shoulders did not do so hot on this, but I finally got P-HSPU (not strict)..i hit between 1-3 hspu, 1-2 mu (mostly 1), and 15-20 ttb

  19. OPEN:

    20:02 Rx-ish...ran with my 47 pound son to keep from leaving him unattended in the gym. Had to stop twice due to laughter after he said, "You're scrambling my guts, dad." Aborted the over-the-shoulder technique in favor of cradle carry in an effort keep his spleen intact.

  20. Pm skill session:

    4 sets max TTB 18-15-15-15
    4 set man HSPU 20-15-15-15

    20 sets of THE NE ENGLAND

  21. Open
    "Nutts" - 30:52 Rx
    Wall balls, double-unders, joints, and mental game killed me.


  22. Regionals
    1. Done. Most all of them were under 7 sec.
    2. Worked up to 170lbs. Probably could have done more but I really don't like dropping all that weight to the back rack position.
    Used 135lbs for the for time: 13:43
    3. Tried to muster up the energy for this but I just couldn't. Shoulders were smoked from putting the bar overhead so many times.

  23. 1) speed work.all under 7 sec

    2)30 Bear complex's for time 70kg 21:34

    3)strict hspu 10-5-4-5
    muscle ups 4-2-4-2
    ttb 7-10-10-7
    great workout shoulders smoked after the complex

  24. Open:
    6 minute PR from a year ago

  25. Open:
    21:52 with "stinky bugs" instead of HSPUs.

  26. Open WOD. 24:30 rxd Turning 48 next week.

  27. 1) I did the NE conditioning and kept it at 7 at least, not always under 7 though
    2). Did Open WOD "Nutts": 16:49 Rx'd

  28. DId this on Sunday as I had a wedding yesterday.

    1) Pretty close to 7 seconds, It kinda got hard to time, one guy was keeping track of the 30 seconds and I had the stop watch, so syncing them was kinda tough to be accurate. I'd say 75% of them were under 7 Second. It sucks to admit, but yes, Tom Brady is in fact better conditioned than myself :).

    2) Hip Cramped up, so I got up to 225. Got 245 overhead really easily, but was not interested in bring it down onto my back. Did the WOD at 180.

    3) Not sure on the time here, we treated it like a big superset. Shoulders and grip got smoked.

    PSHPU which are a huge goat went 3/3/1/2, We also took a plate away, so they're getting better.

    Muscle Ups- 7/4/1/4

    TTB 10/9/10/12.

    Okay with the gymnastics WOD. PSPU still suck, but they're infinitely better than they have been. Muscle Ups, too.

  29. First post, thought I should follow this to prep for sep 14-15!

    1. All under 7, this was tough
    2. Worked up to 205, did 30 reps @ 160 in 11:22
    3. Used db's for hspu and got 4,2,2,2, did bar muscle ups 3,4,3,3, tab 12,7,8,10

  30. 1. kept all the sprints pretty consistent. for some, heard 7 as i was about to cross the line, others 8.
    2. 135#
    3. 105#, something like 16:30ish.
    4. HSPU - least 0, most 5 (done with parallette grip, but stacked plates and an abmat to the top.
    MU - least 0 (last round only), most 5 (2nd round - PR!!!)
    TTB - least 7(?), most 11
    we moved right from one movement to the next, for time. good grip practice. : )

  31. catching up.


    1. 27:37 Rx. Dehydrated. Roasted alive during the wall balls outside, felt like I was overheating. Good WOD though.