Sunday, August 11, 2013

Monday 8.12.13

The worm.

1. Snatch

2.  Clean and Jerk 

3.  Back Squat

4.  Gymnastic Benchmark
Max unbroken Pistols - Once you start the other leg must stay off the floor.  Contact with the ground at any point ends the set.  You can rest as needed between sides.
Elite:  30 reps each side.
Advanced:  20 reps each side.
Intermediate: 10 reps each side.

5.  Metcon
20 Strict Presses, 135/95
30 Push Presses, 135/95
40 Push Jerks, 135/95
no racks.  everything is taken from the floor.

1.    Metcon
2K Row for time

2.  Squat Snatch
3x1 at 90%
3x2 at 70%

3.  Back Squat
5x5 across.


  1. Reg:
    Thought I would do the best I could after the Spartan Sprint yesterday...and the WOD is all shoulders anyway....

    1. 185, didn't try to set a PR

    2. 215, failed the jerk at 235

    3. 295, this is a 20lb PR! I still think 315 is within my strength, but somehow isn't in my head.

    4. skipped due to two guys I was working with can't do them...and legs are trashed from yesterday.

    5.....ummm...ouch..... 10:55 RX, it seemed that strategy and efficiency revealed itself to me during this torturous WOD. Each set got a smoother after the first five.

    It's great to have my training buddy back.

    I sense great improvements coming over the fall...anyone else with me?

  2. open.

    1. 6:59,8 PR by 10s

    2. sorry but couldn´t help myself so set a new PR 65kg (earlier PR 60kg)

    3. 90kg across

  3. Open:

    2,37.5kg, 32.5kg

  4. 1. 8:29.8
    2snatch 3x1 107#; 3x2= 85
    3. BS 5x5=160

  5. Open
    1)6:58.8 This is a PR, but definitely, think I got more
    2)Turned into squat snatch practice, just didn't have it this morning. Probably need to hire a Coach, could definitely use another set of trained eyes here.
    3) 275

    1. Mike I'd love to help. feel free to email me your videos. dave (at)

      Im no Burgner, but feel I could offer a bit of advice.


    2. Awesome row buddy! Just snatch with Tony and I

  6. going to start by saying i feel like crap today!
    1. snatch 130- 15# under pr
    2. 155- 40 pounds under pr
    3. 245# matched pr
    4. pistols - could have went on forever ...stopped at 75 each leg
    5. that was a heavy shoulder press...took me 11:04 but the shoulder presses were the longest...prob around 6 min just for that lol push press was 15/10/5+10 push jerks then 10/10/10

    1. wow! 75 pistols unbroken on each leg?!?! Extremely impressed Cheryl!

    2. Fantastic on the Pistols!!!

    3. Amazing pistols Cheryl. I hope you get to feeling better soon.

  7. Open

    1. 8:35.3 (15 sec PR)
    2. 3x1: 2@80# 1@85#
    3x2: 70#
    3. 5x5: 160#

  8. OPEN
    1. 7:03.7 (5 second PR)
    2. 3x1 @ 155# (Power Snatch)
    3x2 @ 125
    3. 5x5 @ 275#

    ... took a long time to recover from the row - hips were flooded - couldn't drop into the hole on the 3x1's ... resorted to a power snach with a deep catch ...

  9. Open
    1. Metcon - did normal wod in box.
    2. Squat snatch 3×1 @ 165#
    3×2 @ 135#
    3. Back squat - 5×5 275# across except for the last set @ 300#

  10. Open:

    1) 7:23

    2) 165#

    3) 275# across

  11. Open

    2k Row- 7:32.9

    snatch 3x1- 175
    snatch 3x2- 135

    Back Squat 5x5- 185

  12. Open

    2k row- 7:49.3
    Squat snatch 3x1 @ 165#
    Squat snatch 3x2 @ 135#
    Back squat 5x5, across- 290#

    On another note, i got my first muscle-up yesterday. It wasn't pretty but it still counts. I don't think it's any coincidence that i got it a month or so after starting comp wod.

    Here's the link, check it out:

    1. Nice work - easy day on the MU.

    2. Great job! Congrats on your first MU. More MU to come

    3. And with no false grip no less. You got plenty more in you!

    4. Thanks for all the support, it means a lot! I love the community around here, and keep up the great work everyone!

  13. Regio
    1. 85 kg
    2. 110 kg
    3. 150 kg
    4. 21 R / 19 L
    5. 7:58 @50 kg
    New to your prog, have to prep a local comp in a month.
    Actually, I have not the level required for "regional" part but the volume on the "open" part is really light relative to the prog I followed until now (Invictus comp blog)
    I think I'll mix the open/regio part. Today was a really tough day!

    1. Hi Jay-

      Welcome. I used to follow the Invictus Comp blog and switched to Ben's recently to follow programming that is specifically designed to prepare the athlete for the CF Open, as I am a Masters athlete. As CJ's is not designed with that intent.

      I think you will find that if you really put everything into each part of the prescribed training, the open programming is plenty.

      Good luck with your comp!

    2. I completely agree, John! It is easy to look at the Regional programming and WANT to do it. (Trust me, I really, really wanted to test my back squat today) - but I trust Ben completely. I have improved tremendously as an athlete in the past year - and I cannot wait to see what happens in the Open! Don't mix it up!!

    3. Well said, I couldn't agree more! It was tough for me to check my ego! Super happy I did and I'm thrilled with the results/PR's
      Thanks Again Ben

    4. Well said, I couldn't agree more! It was tough for me to check my ego! Super happy I did and I'm thrilled with the results/PR's
      Thanks Again Ben

  14. Worst day ever!

    1) Same...
    2) Same...
    3) 425
    4) Left: 21 Right: 26
    5) 15:35 :(

  15. Hey all,

    Was wondering if anyone could give me any advice/tips on my squat clean. I can catch and hold the squat all day long, but I have a problem getting out of the bottom. Any tips on how to work through this or how to train this aspect of the squat clean? Deeper front squats? The holds we did last week seem like a good place to start.


    1. When he calls for front squats-or back-drop the weight so you "go to bottom" every time. You will build up strength (though it hurts the ego on the front end.)

  16. Squat Snatch: 90#
    BS: 145#
    2K row: 8:44.6

  17. 1) Had to go hang squat snatch due new floors going into gym and limited space to lift

    2) Went hang clean and split jerk - 255#

    3) 335 - Very tough after olympic lifts

    4) 30 Right and 30 left

    5) 9:31

  18. Open

    1. 8:05.1 -- AHHHHHH! I so wanted 8 or under. Next time.

    2. Snatch - 125 (90%) - NO MISSES! This is a first.
    100 lbs (70%)

    3. Back Squat: Really working on making sure that I get BUTT TO GRASS always. Used 195 and did just that.

  19. Open
    1. 7:08 PR by 9min felt good
    2. 225
    I have been struggling with my snatch. But felt like I am getting it back a little bit got 225 for 3 times itt was a good day..
    3. 315 for the first 3 sets then 325 for the last 2

  20. Just spent a week at the beach eating and drinking like an escaped prisoner. I did sneak in one met-con, a few games of sand volleyball, and a round of golf.

    Open -

    1 - 7:42.4 (didn't expect to set any records on my first day back at it)

    2 - 3x1 @ 165, 3x2 @ 135

    3 - will do tonight or tomorrow

  21. Regional
    1) 120 :(
    2) 155
    3) 215 (pr)
    4) 22 left, 19 right
    5) 15:23 (strict presses dropped quickly from 95 to 90 to 85), pp & pj done at 95

  22. 1) 6:52.6
    2) 75kg, 62.5kg
    3) 120kg across

  23. Open

    1. 6:55.3 (2 second PR)
    2. Skipped - Did some snatch tech work just with the bar.
    3. 275#s x 5 across

    Tweaked my right shoulder during Friday's WOD (last few rounds of cleans) so I took off Saturday. Still a little sore and does not feel 100%. So I skipped the snatch work.

  24. Ben Question for you- Do you think that some people are just not able to get a metcon as good as others? I am on a team that finished 3rd in the open in our region. I am "the big guy" with huge strength numbers and a below average metcon (600-700 open finish). I can move the heavy weights great so regional workouts I do really well at especially when it gets heavy. I feel like everything I do, I can not improve my metcon. I follow my coaches programming which seems to work for everyone else on the team (that needs to get stronger), but I do not see the improvements in my metcon. I have been reading your blog for months now, and do your WODS here and there. Do you have any suggestion/opinions/advice for me?

    1. Stop doing "WODs here and there" and follow a program that you trust will deliver results.

    2. Jumping around did nothing for me and actually ended up getting injured.Sticking with this programming has kept me focused, on the right path and on the road to full recovery and beyond. Give this program a solid run and I certain you will be pleased!

    3. i've been on Ben's programming since october 2012, its changed my game in all aspects. Stick to the plan man. proof's in the puddin.

  25. OPEN

    1.) 7:48min (PR! - 27s) ... my 1st time with a Pace under 2:00/500m

    2.) 3x1x110#

    3.) 5x5x209#

  26. Open / Masters (43)

    1) 7:31 (PR...b/c it is the first time I have rowed 2K!)
    2) 165# / 135#
    3) 265#

  27. Regionals
    1) 205- same
    2) 275 felt lighter than last time, with a 285 clean, no jerk- same
    3) 385 bailed out on 405
    4) 15/15
    5) 10:57 met con
    I am happy my numbers have stayed the same because I have dropped 15 pounds since starting compwod 7.5 weeks ago. Marinate on the positives!

  28. Been away for a week at the beach. Brought my KB's, rings, and rope. Worked in some decent wods to keep moving. But mainly used as a recover week.


    1. 200. PR. Was bummed 2 weeks ago when 195 went but 200 didn't. This felt good, and has been a goal of mine for some time. Now to 225!

    2. 245. Failed 250

    3. 405

    4. 21r. 11lL. Need to work some flex issues with left hip.

    5. 15:16. RX. This was disappointing.

    All and all happy with today.

  29. 1) 180. Tied PR
    2) 215. 10 lbs under PR
    3) 285. Tied PR
    4) Right - 30. Left - 17
    5) 15:02

  30. Regionals / SoCal
    CrossFit SGV

    1)185# 15 lbs. under PR
    2)245# 10 lbs. under PR
    3)DNF - bad pain in both knees, Not sure what's going on.
    4)Right:14 Left:20 Felt good with my hip, Not with my knees.
    5)11:41 RX

    Still working on my mental game more than anything, majority of the time its a mental thing that holds me back.

    This question is for Coach Ben, I have always been curious as to how come we are not prescribed percentages for our squats but we are for other things such as snatches. In no way mean for that to sound like I am questioning if it's right or wrong, just want to know the idea behind it. Thanks in advance!

    1. prescribing different % allows me to focus more on technique or intensity. The O-lifts have a huge technique component. Squats are more about strength than they are about balance, coordination, accuracy and agility.

  31. 1.) 2k = 7:34...wasn't happy

    2.) Hate deviating from the programming but I had to go for it today....snatch PR #195:)

    3.) #305 across

    4.) 10 min handstand walk practice

    5.) Re did the 2k row...7:27 PR. Need to stop neglecting rowing I'm atrocious at it.

    1. Nice snatch PR buddy, you fixed that weakness quickly!

    2. And two 2K Rows in one session, really? ! Your insane

  32. 1) 205
    2) 255
    3) 330 20# under pr
    4). I did this until I would be "No Repped" and that got me to 64 alternating legs
    5). 11:34. So, at 1:24 I was done with the presses, at 5:00 I was done with the push presses. The last 15 jerks took me almost 4 minutes...ouch

  33. Open
    1.2k- 7:15, gamed it too much....should of went out harder- knowing is half the battle!
    2. 215#-no misses
    3. 185#-no misses(little higher than 70%, didnt feel like messing w plates)
    4. 275 -1st set- 295# for rest

  34. * 15 min max for each movement*
    1) 220
    2) 275
    3) 355
    4) R 26/ L 28
    5) 12:42

  35. Terrible day for me, but learn and on to the next one.

    1.) 7:27 crashed in second 1k, not normal but probably a good assessment of where I am now.
    2.) Snatches felt good.
    3.) 205 was plenty today,

    David / 32/ 5'10" / 175lbs

  36. M/25/5'6"/177/Southeast
    2)290, missed 300 jerk
    4)L-36/ R-45
    5)8:44 Rx
    No PRs but happy with the numbers despite being in unfamiliar setting

  37. 7:13.5 2k.

    Snatched 205, 225, then missed 225 a couple times. Whatevs. Then 2x2 at 185.

    Rested a few hours, then squatted up to 305x5 for 2 sets. Did a bunch of sets before that, but I didn't keep track.

    Then did a med ball clean/deficit hspu couplet partner workout with a friend of mine. Ended up with 21 med ball cleans (150), about 800' of carrying the damn thing, and 15 or 16 deficit hspu.

  38. OPEN:

    1. 2k row 6:58 (1st sub 7)
    2. 3x1@155 / 3x2@125 (1RM@175)
    3. 185/225/245/275/275

  39. Reg (though I don't compete)
    210-missed clean on 230
    18&14 need technique work, I was hopping.
    Jammed wrist on my 230 clean- so I passed on the metcon for the day-which I would have sales to 120.

  40. 7:07.2 2000 m Row which was a PR for me

  41. Came back from a long weekend so did Open today:

    Row - 6:43.6 (4s Un-PR)
    Snatches - Ugly, did TnG for 3x3
    BS - 1, 2, 3, 4reps @ 400lbs (with class)

  42. Open Program
    1) 7:18 - 13-second PR. Very consistent just under 1:50 pace. Still should be better considering I'm 6-3.
    2) 165, 170 for singles, 135 for doubles
    3) 265 across

  43. 1-6:49.4 pr by 10 sec
    2-185 squat snatch 3x1
    165 3x2 tng
    3-back squat
    5x5 at 295

  44. OPEN
    Working on shortened time frame next two weeks as I finish up grad papers and school starts up.
    Row only to tonight
    1) 7:59:5 week off definitely slowed the time but I also need to work on my overall pacing. Seems like when I start slower to keep a steadier pace I don't see better stamina in the later parts of the row.

  45. Regionals

    1) 200!!! 10# PR from the last 1RM

    2) 250...matched last PR Cleaned 255 but missed jerk

    3) 315...15# PR

    4) 20/20...had more but I let my heel hit the ground

    5) Shoulder to overhead is a HUGE GOAT for me. Did the strict Press at 135 then dropped to 95.



  46. FINALLY hit 300# on the back squat - feel like I had more in the tank, but had no time left with the bar.

    7:47 on the row - I was smoked from a weekend long competition.

  47. Regionals

    1. 225
    2. 285 - Missed Jerk @295
    3. 415
    4. Left - 32 Right - 35
    5. 7:58 RX

  48. Back to it after a 5th place finish at a team competition.
    1) 7:18-22 sec PR
    2) 3x1 at 195 3x2 165
    3) skipped letting legs recover a bit

    1. Congrats! what region are you in?
      I have a 6person team comp this saturday in PA

  49. Open:

    1.) 7:11 wanted to quit at 800m ha

    2.) 3x1@90% = 160#
    3x2@70% = 115#

    3.) 225# but failed last two reps of 5th set :(

  50. 1. 235# (pr is 255) just didnt have it today.
    2. 325#(pr is 340#) again, i suck.
    3. 405#-- absolute garbage.
    4. left leg- 37 right leg- 34(silver lining to the day)
    5. 8:40-- went sets of 10 on everything

    1. its pretty uncommon that i get as frustrated as i did today. But hey, you cant hit a homerun every at bat. Gotta bounce back.

  51. Open
    1. 7:20
    2. 3x1 @ 165 3x2 @ 130
    3. 235

  52. Open:
    1. 8:25
    2. 105#, 85#
    3. 175#

  53. Regionals.

    1) 176. Barely missed 180 which would have been a pr.

    2) 220. Again barely missed 231 which would have been a 6#pr.

    3) 374. Once more almost had 385 for a third pr.

    4) 20/22

    5) 13.21. Overhead is a big goat for me.

    Overall happy with today. No big prs. But I've had an interesting year and missed about 4months of training due to work and other stuff.

  54. Open

    1-7:33 2k run
    2- 3x1 95lbs
    3x2 72lbs
    3- 135lbs across felt ligth

  55. Open
    8:44 - 2k row

    Snatch squat felt good

    140# back squat 5x5 ... Did not feel heavy but was not sure how heavy to go

  56. Row: 7:13
    Snatch: 160/135
    Squat: 245- have gone heavier

  57. Open:
    1. 8:02
    2. 90#,80#
    3. 170#

  58. Open.

    1. 7:19...sooo boring. I hate rowing
    2. Done @ 155 and 135
    3. Done at 275. Probably jump up 10-20 pounds next time
    4. Added the unbroken pistols for fun. Did 60 and stopped because I was hungry. I love pistols.

  59. Open
    1- 9:33 on my homemade rower. Not sure its calibrated right but it works

    2- 175, 135

    3- 225

  60. shoulder warmup: 2 muscle ups every 2 minutes, 5 rounds... then max set. hit 3 unbroken and SO close to the fourth! PR after just getting them last week. YESSSS!

    1. snatch - 115# (5# PR) a lot of trouble getting under it today.
    2. c&j - 155# (clean PR of 165#)
    3. no time.
    4. pistols (seriously screwed this one up. about 77 alternating reps in, max reminded me that they were one leg at a time. waited a few minutes then retested.) R - 53, L - 33. guess it's time to do some left side work.
    5. no time.

  61. Open:

    A) 7:09 (20 seconds PR)

    B) Tech work @ 205# (about 85%)

    C) Skipped this one

    D) 275 across

    Had a competition saturday, nervous system and endurance still damaged. Pretty happy with the rower though.

  62. 08/13
    1. Snatch- 105
    2. Clean and Jerk- 145 (*15 lbs less than 1rm
    3. Squat- n/a
    4. Pistols- 10 each leg
    5. 17 minutes- press was hard, scaled to 85lbs

  63. Open
    7:27 row 10 second pr

    Did jerk and clean work with. Barbell class at my box
    2x12 good mornings@95
    2x7 rig rows

  64. 1) snatch 82,5kg (2,5kg pr)
    2) clean and jerk 107,5 (2,5kg pr)
    3) back squat 155kg (15kg pr)
    4) pistols 25 stopped there, knee pain
    5) metcon 7:44 50kg

  65. Meh, rowing becomes a weakness if you NEVER do it.

    2000 meter row in 7:05.2. Then my legs were too unreliable to complete my back squat workout. I did 315x5, then 365x5, then I failed and DNF'd.
    Same on the squat snatches, I knew I was hurting so I went up gently, 135,95,115,135,155, then quit, DNFd.
    Very bad night.
    Very good that I rowed that 2000 meter and got schooled by it.

  66. 1) 225, I had 240 stood up but lost it before I stabilized. I've got some serious mobility issues with my right hip/Ankle. Gotta get that worked out, so much more in the tank.

    2) 255, 30# off my PR. Was just wrecked

    3)295, 30 # off PR. Was just wrecked + the right foot is totally duck footed.

    4) 20 on my left foot with more in my legs but I started getting a foot cramp, 3 on my right. Gotta work the kinks out of this ankle.

    5) skipped due to shoulder pain.

  67. Open

    1) 7:18.5
    2) 3x1 @ 150#, 3x2 @ 125#
    3) 205#

  68. Open

    1) 7:01.9
    2) 165/135 Felt really good on snatches today
    3) 230#

  69. 1) 195- 10lbs off PR. Couldn't lock the bar in OH, although was having no problem getting it up there. Missed a million and 1 times before hitting 185, and barely got 195. Was a frustrating day.

    2) 245- 15lbs off PR. Clean felt extremely heavy @245 & 255 (presumably from the 100 snatch attempts). Failed my first clean attempt @255. Then, got it up, but failed the jerk. Was happy to put this behind me.

    3) 355- 10lbs off PR. Low-bar. Went and tried for 370, but couldn't get it up. Just wasn't feeling it.

    4) 25 pistols on R/ 24 on L.. Lots of ankle mobility issues, so I'm on my toe a lot. A lot of knee compression after this one. Not pretty- a lot of bouncing around on one leg to stabilize and balance.

    5) Rx 13:45- went something like.. Strict- 5, 3, 3, 2, 2, 2, 2, 1 (about 3:30), Push- 7, 5, 5, 5, 4, 4 (about 8min in), Jerks- 8, 7, 6, 5, 5, 5, 4 ...A lot of rest, not due to HR, but shoulders just GONE. Felt something "compress" in my spine, and now it feels like my back is tight and like my middle back/ribs are squeezing my lungs. Hope it'll dissipate so I can train tomorrow!

  70. 1. Snatch
    1RM: 165 PR!

    2. Clean and Jerk
    1RM: 209

    3. Back Squat
    1RM: 308 PR!

    4. Gymnastic Benchmark
    31 right 28 left

    5. Metcon
    20 Strict Presses, 135/95
    30 Push Presses, 135/95
    40 Push Jerks, 135/95


  71. Regional ( back after another 5 day off vacation) done vacations for the summer. Time to stay consistent.

    1. 215 (240#is max)
    2. 275 power clean and jerk(285# is max)
    3.375 (385#is max)
    4. 31r , 26 L def need work on ankle flexibility
    5. 8:37 (135#) jerks easiest strict press tough down to singles on last 4