Thursday, August 1, 2013

Friday 8.2.13

CFNE Masters of the Universe.
Jerry, Big Bri & Bubba.

1.  Power Snatch
Play around with some power snatches.  You choose weights and reps, but nothing over 75%

2.  Not for time
Slow AMRAP 15 of:
500m Row
20 Hip Extensions
10 Strict Pull ups
-take your time, this is about moving and getting a sweat, not trying to set any records.

1.  Speed Work
4 x 400m on the 3 minutes

2.  Pulls
A:  Rack Pulls
work up to a 3RM - Demo Vid.  Set bar up at knees.  No TnG.  Dead stop on every rep.
B:  Super Squats
4 x 8  - Complete one good morning + one low bar back squat, this is two reps.  Repeat this complex 4x for a total of eight reps. Use a safety squat bar if you have one.  if you don't have one - its a good purchase.  we will be using it in this program.

3.  Metcon
3 RFT:
200m Sandbag Run, 80/60
20 Sandbag Squats, 80/60

1.  Metcon
3 RFT:
200m Sandbag Run, 80/60
20 Sandbag Squats, 80/60

2.  Skills
Odd:  3-5 Muscle ups
Even:  3-5 Squat Therapy - demo video, keep your arms straight and extended overhead.  


  1. If you do not have sand bags available, what do you recommend as a proper substitute?


    1. I am going to take an old duffel bag and put smaller plates in it. Not optimal but it gets the job done.

  2. I will be using 3-4 20# Med Balls in a Large (football/hockey) Duffel Bag...Not exactly the same, but works

  3. Three total rockstars- love this pic of these great men.

  4. Is there a Reason why the Regional Athlets do theyr METCON at the End and the Openers at the Beginning?

    1. Read the programming philosophy. It will answer your question.

    2. Thanx Josue, had only read the FAQ´s. My mistake. It answers all my Questions :)

      Nice Weekend! #earnednotgiven

  5. 1. Speed Work
    4 x 400m on the 3 minutes- Kept each interval under 1:30, most were in the 1:20-1:24 range.

    2. Pulls
    A: Rack Pulls
    work up to a 3RM - Work gym only has 300 lbs, so I used a band from the rack. Worked up to 255 plus a doubled over black band from Rogue. Out of the rack it felt like 350-370ish, at the top it felt like 400-420ish

    B: Super Squats
    4 x 8 - Used 135 across, Hamstrings are on fire.

    3. Metcon
    3 RFT:
    200m Sandbag Run, 80/60
    20 Sandbag Squats, 80/60

    No sandbag, took a medium sized ruck and threw all the plates in there I could, only added up to 40 lbs which was a bummer. 4:51

    MU's are a goat so I will be at the gym later to do the OTM work and some handstand work.

  6. OPEN
    did ascending team chipper at an affiliate this morning. Brutal.

    Ill be on vacation starting today through next Friday. No gym so ill be making my own cardio based WODS. I hate ill miss out on the fun.

    Catch everyone in a week. Thanks again coach for all of your time.

  7. Reg:

    1. 1:14, 1:16, 1:18, 1:14, these all felt faster than they actually were.

    2. Pulls: worked up to 405, never done before, also never lifted that much weight in my life. Happy with first attempt, even though not great.

    3. Squat Complex: 135, 165, 185, 185 felt good with low bar.

    4. Used two 40lb sandbags, made for awkward carries. 6:41

    crossing my fingers that the "31 Heroes" WOD will be on here tomorrow so I won't be deviating from programming :)

    Anyone else doing 31 Heroes tomorrow?

  8. OPEN
    1. 6:35 (w/ 80# Rucksack)
    2. 4 MUs/4 Squats Rx'd

    ... thankful for the squat therapy the rucksack squats were ugly ...

  9. Regionals

    1. 1:11/1:14/1:20/1:27 (ouch)
    2. 440 lbs. 3RM
    3. 165 lbs. rounds 1-3 176 lbs. round 4
    4. 9:23 (90 lbs. bag)

  10. Open

    1. 7:10 with 2x 33# Plates

    2. No Rings, so i did Bar-MU´s: 1/4 - 1/4 - 1/4 - 3/4 - 2/4 - 3/4 ... MU´s is my Goat -.-

    1. As my own Penalty for the 7 missed MU-Attempts i did 7 Rounds of 3 Strict-Pullups + 3 Strict-Bardips

  11. What if we do the Open programming and we know our squat form is great (even for OHS), can we add a little weight? How do you scale this one UP?

    1. Try this, face the wall with your feet together (toes and heels touching) and your toes touching the wall. Extend your arms over head, thumbs touching and no bend in your elbows. Now squat ass to grass.

      If you can compete 3-5 reps - then your OHS form is great. Congrats. Send me a video and I'll post it. Till then, your OHS is not "great" keep working.

  12. Open

    1. Had to go buy cat food, so I bought a 50 lb bag and used it for the WOD. I definitely looked like a weirdo running up and down my neighborhood with that on my back. 7:06.

    2. I did 1 MU every 2 minutes (5 total). I did squat therapy, too -- but I just didn't do it on the "otm x 12." I did 6 rounds of 5 per round with toes up against a wall. Still working on pulling higher and waiting to transition in the MU to make it better - they aren't very pretty - and I would rather work on making my technique better at this point.

    I have a major competition on October 5/6, and I NEED to get these together by then. Working on them every single day, multiple times per day. Cheryl has been AWESOME in giving me tips/tricks - but if anyone else has anything they think I can do, let me know. I have been doing progressions for bar muscle-ups, too (haven't been able to get one of those yet).

    1. Agreed, awesome sub!

    2. I would really work on strengthening ring rows and dips...once those are easy it's all about the kip and felt real good for me really focused on looking up during pull and allowing my body to get parallel with ground until transition point...

      My two cents ;)

  13. Open/Masters (43)

    1) 7:02 (4x20# Med balls in a Football Equip. bag)

    2) MU & Sqt Th ~ 5/5 - 5/5 - 5/5 - 5/5 - 5/5 - 4/5

    That last round of MU got me a couple weeks ago as well...
    Great programming...Thanks for the time and effort that you put into this coach! It is appreciated!

  14. Regionals

    1. All between 1:42 and 1:48. Area that I run is closer to 500m and has a decent hill to climb.

    2a. 3rm @ 405. Definitely a unique movement. Was surprised how it felt for the hamstrings and lumbar to engage with the bar already that high.
    2b. 1 set at 95 then 3 sets at 135

    3. 9:56. Duffel bag filled with 3 20lb slam balls and 1 10lb slam ball plus 2 5lb metal plates. Lower back was screaming this entire metcon.

  15. Open:

    1) 7:47
    2) MU prog. Its been a while since my last MU. Need to get it back and hammer it.

  16. 1. 1:14, 1:11, 1:19, 1:21
    2a. 425
    b. Skipped, forgot
    3. 6:02 Rx

  17. Open:
    1) 6:44 (As RX)
    2) MU 5 on all
    ST 3

  18. Open
    1)7:29 duffel bag with 35s And 10# bumper plates, awkward but love that odd carry stuff
    2) 4 MUs, 5 ST

  19. 1. 8:01 with 85 (on a barbell, no a sand bag)

    2. 4 Banded (red) muscle-ups
    5 squat ‘therapy’

  20. Regionals

    2.A. 4:35 B. 135,145,155,165

    3.Made an 80lb Sandbag, 4-20lb bags in a duffle 8:20 (dropped in the beginning because sandbags were falling out of duffle bag. Stuffed them back in and held onto the 3rds unbroken)

  21. OPEN

    1. 8:21 RX
    2. Belly to bar PU and 5 Squat Therapy

    *OTM 4 T2B x 10 min

  22. Open
    1. 6:38- (4 - 20# vest in a duffle bag)
    2. 5 mu unbroken / 6 sqts

  23. open

    1. 10:14 No sand bag so had to run with 2 KB´s and i´m not sure but my guess is that this is heavier than sand bag. Anyone please give be sub for sand bag until next time (tomorrow).

    2. Didn´t do exact OTM cause I had to focus on getting the MU´s correct. 2 weeks ago i managed to do 6 MU´s and today none :(

  24. 8:49. I wore 40-50ish pounds of weightvests and carried the heaviest sandbag I have. Probably a little heavy, but that's cool.

  25. Did 4x500m rows due to rain and a child that wouldn't allow me 5 min alone today:) all around 2 min

    Pulls 3 rm- 245

    Squats- 75

    Met con- 7:45

  26. regoinals
    1. 1:13,1:13,1:12,1:12
    2. 455, this was awkward haha
    3. 135 focusing on a flat back
    4. 6:00(only thing i had was a 90# heavy bag so that had to do)


  27. 1. Speed Work
    4 x 400m on the 3 minutes
    Legs feel heavy

    2. Pulls
    A: Rack Pulls
    280 Not sure if I had more in me or set up was a little sketchy. LOL

    B: Super Squats
    4 x 8 - 95# Across

    3. Metcon
    3 RFT:
    200m Sandbag Run, 80/60
    20 Sandbag Squats, 80/60
    My set up was redonkulously hard to run with....Had a weight belt with kbs and plates on each end. Got the "awkward part done" but def slowed down my pace. 9:24

  28. 1) 1:54,1:49, 1:45, 1:46
    2) 495 top of knee cap, rack height and my knees aren't exact
    3) 135
    4) 3 RDS plus 200 meters to carry the bag back and check the clock, unbroken 6:55.

    1. Just realized I short changed the met-con by 200 meters. Add a about two min...whoops.

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  30. 1.) Complex: 1 snatch + 1 snatch balance...hit #165

    2.) Metcon = 7:26...used a backpack with a #70 KB in it and had a #20 vest so #90 total. Pretty awkward!

  31. 1) 1:20, 1:26, 1:24, 1:21. Big lumbering bear right here.

    2) We didn't have a rack to work with and honestly didn't feel safe trying to do this from the pins on our squat racks, so I did a 3RM DL, stopping at the floor, no TnG. #385.

    3) 135 across, had a lot of room to run on this, but kept it safe with the GM.

    4) 8:39. My legs were fine, but daggon my shoulders and neck were on fire.

  32. Open

    1) 5:06
    (Had a 30# vest and a 45# sandbag)

    2) Odd: 5 MUs on all except the last, 4. All unbroken. Even: 5 pistols with pvc pipe overhead.
    Spiced things up a bit...

  33. open:

    1. rx - 7:45

    2. odd - 5 mu's on all except last round. tore my hand and ended on 3

  34. Brand new to the site this week.
    Ive been playing around with Crossfit/Gym Jones for the past year by myself but have decided to give the sport of Crossfit a legit go and this place seemed like the best way to do it. Currently work out in my garage but plan on joining a box around here soon and when I can afford it. Im in the Oakland County Michigan area if anyone knows of a good place to check out

    1)8:02 Rx
    2)Got my first MU today. Only one, it wasnt pretty and I couldnt repeat it. I spent time on MU progressions and pull ups/dips and then did the squat therapy on its own.

  35. Been following on and off for the last couple months but decided last week to follow Coach Ben's programming and stick with it.


    1) 1:11/1:09/1:10/1:13

    2) Rack Pulls - worked up to 405# felt good to lift that weight
    Squat Complex - 135/155/155/155

    3) 6:56 RX with two 42# sandbags... Really tough doing it with two bags

  36. Open
    1) 10:18 45# vest 25# kettlebell 20# Wall ball
    2) 5 Unbroken muscle ups and 5 squats

  37. Replies
    1. Yeah we have a 90lb sandbag at the gym. just a big military canvas bag with sand in it.

  38. Open:

    1.) No sandbag...will be making one soon.

    Used 80# straight bar usually used for curls ect...


    2.) 5 and 5 all the way through.

    Muscle ups felt really good this time around...false grip and technique really showed up today
    Did 3 then 2 each min for muscle ups.
    Squat therapy still difficult to keep arms straight but I did my best...def didn't touch my toes and heels together haha

    1. Good work ethan. hard work is definitely starting to pay off. 30 mu would definitely have been a challenge just 6 months ago. Keep it up!!!

    2. Thanks brother progress is what keeps me going!

  39. Regionals

    1) 1:15-1:17-1:22-1:24

    2) A) 415lbs...took me a while to get to the 3RM. Never done those before and didn't know what to expect

    B) 95lbs across.

    3) Didn't have anything close to a 80lb Sandbag at Below Average Joes so I wore my 40lb weight vest. It's the best I could do...



    1. 1:11, 1:17, 1:24, 1:27
    2. 3RM - 585 (I think I had the bar set up to high)
    3. 135, 135, 135, 135
    4. 5:48

  41. Regionals

    1. 1:13, 1:32, 1:36, 1:33
    2. 3RM - 500#
    3. 135,155,155,155
    4. 9:01 (Walked and stopped alot, no excuses.)

  42. Open: 1 6:30 rx

    2: 1-4, 2-3, 3-2, 4-1 5-0 6-1 MU
    Squat therapy done

    Necesito trabajr mas la flexibilidad para poder poner los pies maa cerca de la pared

  43. Open Program
    1) 6:08 Rx - pretty fun, don't use sandbags often
    2) Done - used 3 bar muscle-ups, 5 squat therapy

  44. Open:
    1. 6:23 with 40#
    2. Did 7 deficit ring rows and squat therapy OTM..shoulder still needs to rest.

  45. Open

    1) 6:33
    2) Did 3 MU and 5 Squat Therapy... Muscle Ups were more of a struggle today

  46. Open

    1) 6:32 Rx
    2) 4 MU / 5 Sqt therapy - last time we did this I was only able to do 3's. I did break rounds 4 & 5 into 3 & 1 MU.

  47. I'm a little behind here, but here goes:

    1) 1:15, 1:15, 1:17, 1:24
    2) 500 lbs (3rm)
    3) 185 across (safety bar)
    4) 6:10 with a 70 lb D-ball (we didn't have sandbags at the office)

  48. May or may not have broken my big toe, so no running today.

    Rackpulls at 455 (cheated with wrist straps)
    SSquats with 135/155/165/165

    No SBags and No Running...
    "Karen" 6:37rx
    First time doing this BM.

  49. Open

    am session

    5rm tng clean @ 100kg
    5rm tng jerk @ 90kg

    max du's in 2 mins x 3 = 136, 115, 105

    pm session

    1. 9:15 sandbag run
    2. Mu/squat therapy 6 x 5/5

    good day, thanks coach :)