Sunday, August 18, 2013

Monday 8.19.13


1. Snatch Complex
3 sets across of:  Snatch Dead + Hang Squat + Squat - Snatch dead should be slow and deliberate.  Focus on torso positioning and bar path.  Pull the knees back, transfer weight to the heels and pull the bar to your pockets.

2.  Clean and Jerk Complex
3 sets across of:  2 Power Cleans + 2 Jerks

3.  Box Squat
5x3 Box Squat - set up the box so hips are just below parallel.  Keep shins vertical throughout.  Don't drop or plop onto the box.  Use a safety bar if you have one.

4.  Gymnastic Benchmark
Max L-sit for time.  Hands on parallettes.  Heels above hips.  Legs straight.  

5.  Metcon
Muscle ups
Squat Snatch, 135/95

1.    Metcon
Muscle ups
Squat Snatch, 135/95

2.  Snatch Complex
3 sets across of:  Snatch Dead + Hang Squat + Squat

3.  Back Squat
3 RM


  1. Is it Snatch DL, Hang Squat Snatch, Squat Snatch OR Snatch DL, HSS, OHS?
    Thanks Ben!

  2. Open:

    1) 8:58 Jumping MU. Still can't get my MU back.

    2) Did 5 set of 135#. Need to practice speed.

    3) 305#

  3. 1. Snatch Complex- Done with 135

    2. Clean and Jerk Complex- Done with 185, can probably do 225+ but I used this weight to work on my mental block of lowering to shoulders for multiple jerk.

    3. Box Squat
    5x3 Box Squat - 135, 225, 315, 345, 365

    4. Gymnastic Benchmark
    Max L-sit for time- 23 seconds

    5. Metcon- This metcon was a pipedream about 6 months ago. Put a 15 minute timecap on myself. Finished in 14:06. I have been hammering gymnastics hard.

  4. Reg:

    1. 135

    2. 215

    3. 235

    4. Still no parallettes....bad excuse, I have a very hard time with these, so I skipped it.

    5. 7:07, happy with this even though I missed the first three attempts at snatches, then the very last rep.

    QUESTION: above says legs straight for L-sit, I often see a slight bend in knees in videos of the best athletes in this game.....Is a slight bend OK or not? It makes a HUGE difference in difficulty. Any input would be great, not just Coach.

    1. I think for the benchmark it is as strict as possible. Maybe just better to judge when you fail that way..
      With bent knees I can keep it about 1min, but then my heels end up 2inches from the ground the last few seconds... Today with straight legs and heels above hips was another story.
      Great job with Amanda!!!

    2. i was very strict. as soon as my feet dropped i called it quits. I know i can hold my legs over 2 45s for at least a minute...but legs straight and feet above hips were the requirement for today.

  5. 1)Snatch complex
    135 3sets

    2)Clean complex
    205 3sets

    3)Box squats
    First time doing this.
    Did 315 will go heavier next time.
    4)Quite different when legs have to stay
    above hips and straight! 18sec
    5)So I got my first bar MU last week.
    Dont know why I could do rings first.
    But worked the bar today...
    17:45 Can only get better.

    Thanx Ben!!

    1. Ring Muscle Ups are so much easier for me too! Good job on getting number 1!

  6. Open

    1. 17:52 (w/ MU Transition practice and 75#)
    2. 75#
    3. 190# (5#PR)

  7. OPEN
    1. Amanda - 8:46 Rx'd (2:59 PR)
    2. Complex - 150# Rx'd
    3. 3RM BS - 325# (10# PR)

  8. Regionals:

    1. 135 lbs.
    2. 198 lbs. rounds 1 & 2 205 lbs. round 3
    3. 275, 285, 295, 305, 315
    4. 0:24
    5. 13:04. First time doing this Rx.

  9. I am going to wait to do this workout until Saturday when I have rings and a bar w/95 lbs both available. Will do everything else today (plus add in a MetCon), but I really want to try my hand at "Amanda" - just have to wait a few days to do it!

  10. I got upgraded to the Regionals WOD by working with others in the morning (instead of alone at 9:30pm)

    snatch complex: 135, 155, 155 (held back to conserve form)
    3 x 2 pwr cleans, 2 push jerks: 185, 225, 245

    L-sit hold = 32 seconds

    box squats: 245x3, 315x3, 355x3, 365x3, 315x6

    Amanda Miller, modified = bar muscle ups, time = 13:26
    (first time doing this WOD, felt the box squats and the bar muscle ups screwed up my snatch reception AND stability in the bottom position. I have to modify to bar MU because of shoulder.)

  11. Open master:
    Amanda: 43:20 rx. Obviously could/ should of have? scaled. But I wanted to see if I could do it. 100# is my 1rm ss that I've only ever hit 3 times, so this was a fun challenge for me. Skipped the rest of the comp stuff today.

    1. sometimes you have to pick and choose what you want to fight for! proud of you michelle! maybe you missed the "stimulus" but you gained confidence in yourself and your abilities! good job!!

    2. Thanks, Cheryl! It is great to see you back at it and killing it!

  12. Opens
    Metcon 13:33 with mu transitions, 95#

    Snatch complex 95#
    Back squat 175#... Pr 10#

  13. 1. 135-135-145#
    2. 165-165-185
    3. 185-195-205-215-225
    4. 41s
    5. Scaled snatches at 115. Time: 10.30s
    Legs were very tired this morning !

    1. 95 across
    2. 135 across
    3. 185 across
    4. 27 s
    5. here it is, the wod I always avoid...
    I gave myself a 10 min time cap and got through the round of 9s plus 4 muscle ups in the 7s (i finished out the set of 7 snatches after as well). gotta start somewhere

  15. OPEN

    Lunch time at the globo gym, had to do things out of order and only got the strength/tech work in.

    3RM High Bar Squat - 335

    Snatch Complex - 3 x 145

  16. Open
    1) 8:00 modified (Jumping M/U & 95lb snatches)
    2) 145 LBS
    3) 285 LBS

  17. Regional
    1. 175# felt great
    2. 225# also felt good
    3. 305/325/335/345/355
    4. 16sec. Def a goat. I stink at all ab stuff.
    5. 4:28 big pr from 11' regionals where I was 5 something. Still room to improve with muscle ups.

    Go getem everyone!

    1. That's a great time be proud of that. My goal was sub 5min. I got 4:54. Metal clip tore my arm open but no excuses. I can get 4:30 I know it. Next time.

  18. 1. 215 on complex

    2. 305 on 3 sets.

    3. 410

    4. 70 seconds. Core hurts

    5. 6:29rx on "Amanda" pr 14:35 previous Amanda
    *good day today. Lets hit it hard tomorrow.

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  20. open
    1) 8:50 first time doing this Rx'd
    2) misread and did snatch grip deadlift, power snatch, squat snatch 165 across.
    3) skipped- had team competition yesterday with a prowler push/pull relay and my legs are f'd. Ill make it up later in the week.

  21. 1. Snatch Complex
    3 sets across of: Snatch Dead + Hang Squat + Squat - Snatch dead should be slow and deliberate. Focus on torso positioning and bar path. Pull the knees back, transfer weight to the heels and pull the bar to your pockets.

    115 across

    2. Clean and Jerk Complex
    3 sets across of: 2 Power Cleans + 2 Jerks

    135 across

    *stayed a little lighter on lifts to try and fix some positional issues today

    3. Box Squat
    5x3 Box Squat - set up the box so hips are just below parallel. Keep shins vertical throughout. Don't drop or plop onto the box. Use a safety bar if you have one.

    175# across

    4. Gymnastic Benchmark
    Max L-sit for time. Hands on parallettes. Heels above hips. Legs straight.

    0:35 secs with feet above hips

    5. Metcon
    Muscle ups
    Squat Snatch, 135/95

    9:25 (pr is 7:48) muscle ups still coming back but happy with this

  22. Open
    1. 6:24- huge PR, just not.sure by how much
    2. 155#- felt wooble in the bottom
    3. 325# big PR! My 1RM was 350# in June

  23. First time doing Amanda. 14:58 RX'd. 7 or 8 misses on MU's and 2 misses on snatches. So much room for improvement. Overall pleased with performance considering 6 months ago I couldn't do a single MU or snatch 135 at all.

  24. Open.
    11:03 on Amanda. MU & snatches are my goats since blowing out my shoulder. Strength slowly coming back.
    165 on the snatches
    345 on the 3 rep off my 3 rep pr by 20lbs. (probably should not have done heavy squats and practiced butterfly ring dips yesterday)

  25. Open
    1) 14:27 This sounds bad, LOTS of misses, however making progress.
    2) 135 Again a couple failed, but got three full. Really starting to feel the form getting better. When I nail its effortless, when I don't, well you know how that goes
    3) 315 again, my weight is creeping back up!

  26. OPEN

    A. "Amanda"-7:30 RXD
    -1for1 for Snatch, steady pace
    -Muscle up sets 5/4, 4/3, 3/1/1

    B. Complex 135/155/175

    C. 325 for 3RM, PR! Was rushed.

    -Mario, CF Naples (Naples, FL)

  27. Open
    1.) 11:55 muscle-ups were slowing me down big time, snatches felt great and moved them well.
    2.) 155# no big issue, was able to keep form and technique
    3.) 245# legs felt drained but didn't have time to rest because of training schedule today.

    Overall happy, snatches havent felt that good in a long time (if ever)

    david / 32 / 5'10" / 175

  28. Open
    1) 7:46 @ 115# snatch
    2) @ 135#
    3) @ 245# (10# under PR...attempted 265# and had nothing left in my legs)

  29. Open

    1) 7:47 115# and did 7-5-3 on MU
    2) 135#
    3) 300# PR this was my one rep before

  30. M/25/5'6"/178/Southeast
    4)41 seconds
    5)5:02 Rx

  31. Regionals:
    1) 135/145/155 (I know, I know, across)
    2) 185/205/225 (see above)
    3) Topped out at 335
    5) Amanda 9:32 first time
    4) L-sits- embarrassing, 7 seconds (goat anyone)

  32. 1) 150
    2) 185
    3) 205-225 x 2 - 235 x 2
    4) 22 seconds - pretty crappy
    5) Amanda - 5:58. MU Unbroken, snatches all singles, one missed snatch.

  33. Open
    1. Scaled to 3-2-1 Mu's, 9-7-5 sqt snatch w/ 75# 7:36
    2. 80# across
    3. 205#

  34. Hey, guys! I need some input.

    After several weeks of 5-6 days a week of work, it feels like my mental focus and motivation bottoms out and I am reduced to miserable time and loads. I become dissatisfied with programming and cherry pick then end up with several days off simply because I don't want to workout. I always "get smart" and go back to my dedicated and committed ways, but I feel like this cycle causes me to move backwards and lose the gains I've made. Do any of you ever have this problem? If so, how do you cope? If not, what's your secret?

    1. I think you just have to give in and trust the system. Until this summer, I had just been dabbling here and there with some great programs, but never followed any one strictly. What I have learned is that cherry-picking just leads to deficiencies. So, I've been following the comp-WOD as best as I am able (given summer trips and kids' schedules) and plan to continue to do so. I've made gains just over the past couple of months, but also continue to be humbled when I post for WODs that I would've opted out of in the past.

      I recommend reading Ben's article( and get out there and train like a race horse!

    2. I'm not speaking from experience but maybe just giving some advice ... do u always train at the same time ? same environment? same people? same warm up? how do u approach wods that u would like to cherry pick? do u think negatively? mentality is a huge piece of success in any program ... how's your recovery ? are u doing other things outside of the programming ? I know that sounds like a lot of questions but there r so many factors that could play into how u feel. I would also suggest the same article that Liz pointed ya too. ;) don't be discouraged ... do the work and progress wil come ... remember, Crossfit is not linear. we will have peaks, plateaus, valleys (setbacks) , but we will continue to get better from all those experiences !

  35. 1.) 8:56 RX....did this in May with #115 in 8:08 so I'll chalk it up as a victory.

    2.) #165

    3.) #365 PR

  36. 1. 225# - solid. I was excited about this.
    2. 300#. Last jerk wasn't sexy at all. Power cleans were caught high and aggressive.
    3. 335.
    4. 32 seconds pr
    5. 5:05 Amanda-- 2 minute pr

  37. Major goat for me (squat snatches/over head squats) These last few weeks of working on them with lighter weights, along with yoga, has helped me make huge progess.

    1. 13:33 with 95lbs (a few weeks ago i couldn't even oh squat this)
    2. 95lbs
    3. following 5/3/1. today was the week of 5s. Hit 315 for 7. Felt great.

  38. 1-amanda 6:35rx pr by over a minute
    2-snatch complex at 135
    3-3rm back squat at 315
    felt good muscle ups keep getting better and better. no fails.

  39. Regional

    1) 165
    2) 225
    3) 275, 285, 305x3
    4) :29 seconds
    5) "Amanda" - 5:48 ( over 2min PR )

  40. Open
    1. 5:15 felt really good, happy with that time

    2. 135

    3. Didn't have the time

  41. OPEN

    1) 6:33 RX
    Went for work capacity, not for time. Round of 9s unbroken. Snatches almost unbroken: 9/4-3/5.
    Still happy, working on MUs

    2) 185# across
    Focused on getting hip extension out of that hi-hang.

    3) 345#
    Decided that was enough for today.

  42. Open
    1) 15:30 - had to sub ring rows and ring dips because of ceiling height. Squat snatches were what killed me.

    Out of time.

  43. OPEN
    1) 5:46 PR by 2:00 Min last time i did it was 4 months ago
    2) 195
    3) 335 for 2 which is my 1 RM hit 325 for 3 last time we did our 3 RM

  44. Open:

    1.) 15:23

    Lack of focus yielded many failed reps.
    Mental game needs work...need to remember to have fun


    3.) 245#

    Felt really good was hesitant with no spot...controlled movement down and prevented going unnecessarily low. Made for a good set

  45. open
    1- scale 5-3-1 MU, 9-7-5 snatch 84lbs @75
    2- done 84lbs
    3- 205lbs, my pr for 1RM since i stared the Ben's program 30days ago was 194lbs.

    im very happy whit the results stay working!

  46. OPEN:

    1) 6:55 Rx. Squat snatch is by far my biggest goat, so I'll take it. Had to no-rep myself 3 times. All MUs unbroken.

    2) 155# all 3 sets. Failed first 2 attempts before getting the 3.

    3) Stopped at 335#. Well below 3RM (385).

  47. Open
    1. Amanda - done with "strict" muscle ups with smallest band due to ceiling height. 9:35.
    Last time I did this, prob a year ago, was in the 20's but with lipping muscle ups. Big improvement. Also big news.. Ingot my first unassisted strict muscle up today! Did it twice just to make sure it wasn't a fluke :)

    2. Snatch complex - 155 across
    3. 3RM back squat - 365. Not sure if its a PR.. Felt good, will do more next time.

  48. Regionals

    1) 145

    2) 210

    3) 295x3-315x2

    4) Did not complete

    5) 8:47...did Power Cleans and Bar MUs.


  49. Open
    1- 5:21 PR by 4 or 5 minutes. Was able to go unbroken on all MU. Did singles on the snatch

    2- 95#

    3- 265# might've, could've got a little more but no spotter. So quit while I was ahead.

  50. OPEN / Masters (43)

    1) 9:38
    2) 155#
    3) 320# ~3RM (HBBS / w/ belt)

    Was a good day...Thought I would be quicker than I was on muscle ups...but overall was ok.

  51. Open
    1) 14:39 did 135 and 18-14-10 pullups and ring dips with 8 misses "today was not my day" Did this back in July RX and got 10:45
    Wrist is still tender as I had planned to do bar MU but that was not going to happen today
    2) did not due confidence was shot
    3) 300 stopped there because it was a positive end to a rough training day

  52. Sustained an odd back injury after last week's 20 Strict, 30 push, 40 jerk met-con. Felt my spine compress and couldn't rotate it. Just about back.. did everything here.

    1) 155 (a failed opening rep on the final set on the hi-hang.. so just redid the set)

    2) 225 - final set, legs shot wide on the clean.. failed my first push jerk, but brought it down into the front rack and still completed both push jerks

    3) 265/285/ 305/ 315/ 320 (failed final rep)

    4) 1:00 exactly.. don't know if heals were above hips, but went until feet hit the ground. used Rogue para-bars

    5) Amanda- Rx- 5:51 .. Muscle-ups UB on all 3 rounds.. failed 2 squat snatches and broke it into small sets or singles throughout.

  53. Open/Masters

    1. 15 min time cap. I got through 10 MU. I scaled the SS to 75# high hang SS. Not sure I can call this Amanda, but given that I could only do 1 MU a few months ago, I'm happy with the progress.
    2. 75# across. I did this first to warm up for Amanda.
    3. Out of time

    I've been following this programming for a couple weeks now. It's pretty heavy and high volume compared to what I was doing. Thanks for putting this out here.

  54. 1) 6:50 (20-30 second PB)
    2) 62.5kg across
    3) 145kg (tied PB)

  55. Open.
    "Amanda" - 11:59, 95# snatches.
    Snatch complex - 105#
    3RM back squat - 205#

  56. Snatch complex- 95 across
    Clean and jerk complex- 145 across
    Box squat- 155 across
    Amanda: I just got muscle ups 6 weeks ago and have not done them in a wod, only otm. Goal today was to get them during a wod with other movements. Completed 3 first round, failed 4th moved onto snatches at 3:00. Did 3 more each round. Snatches scaled to 55lbs. Finished at 13:08.
    After wod
    Max L sit heels above hips and parallettes- 22.6s

  57. 1. Snatch Complex
    65kg across

    2.Clean and Jerk Complex
    90kg across

    3.Box Squat
    142,5kg across

    4.Gymnastic Benchmark
    Max L-sit 20 sec


  58. 1. Rough Day, felt awful, strapped on time. Would have started with Amanda if I had known I wasn't going to get to it in time.

    1. 165, 185, 205

    2. 202, 225, 245

    3. 235 Across, having some knee pain. Kinda bummed about my squats, just not getting stronger here. I think I need to up the food intake a few blocks.

    4. 36 seconds

    5. Ran out of time. Air Dyned a bit in my garage later on that night when I got home from my shoot.

  59. Open Program
    1) 8:27 - :44 PR - muscle-ups were decent but need to pick up speed on the snatches. I'd say the time was 50/50 on each movement.
    2) Done at 155 (didn't do TnG between hang squat snatch and squat snatch)
    3) no time today

    Late posting this but did it Wednesday, a day after doing The Seven. Had to go out of order due to work.

  60. Open/Masters
    1)7:59 a :16 PR
    2)135 Across
    3)275 Across..Legs are gone from doing wrong programming Regional/Games. Coach told me to go to Open and much better. My 17 year old son did "Amanda" in 4:51 thanks to CFNE programming. I can send his video if you want. Thanks CFNE for such great programming.....