Thursday, August 15, 2013

Saturday 8.17.13

Coaching the Team between Iditarod events.

1.  Speed Work
"Sgt. Slaughter"
3 Rounds of:
1 minute to complete:  100 yard sprint (50 yards out and back)
2 minutes to complete:  200 yard sprint (100 yards out and back)
3 minutes to complete:  300 yard sprint (50 yards and back, 100 yards and back)
Do this on a football field if possible.
With a running clock:
On the call of "Go" sprint to the 50 and back.  
On the 1 minute mark sprint to the 100 and back.
On the 3 minute mark sprint to the 50 and back, 100 and back.  This concludes one full round.  
On the 6 minute mark start the cycle over again with the 50 and back.  
Complete three rounds, for 9 total sprints.
Both hand must touch the ground on the far side of every turn around line.
Record times for all nine intervals.

2. Barbell Benchmark
A.  3 sets of Max unbroken Power Snatches, 185/125 - Must be TnG.  Rest as needed between sets.
B.  3 sets of Max unbroken Squat Cleans, 225/155 - Must be TnG.  Rest as needed between sets.
C.  3 sets of Max unbroken Jerks, 225/155 - rest as needed between sets.

3.  Metcon
3 RFT:
1 Legless Rope Climb
2 Strict Parallette HSPU
3 Kipping Parallete HSPU
4 Rope Climbs

1.    Metcon
50 Pull ups
400m Run
21 Thrusters, 95/65
800m Run
21 Thrusters, 95/65
400m Run
50 Pull ups

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  1. Hi all
    Any suggestion about this problem:
    When i do wod from home that involve running i have to go down by elevator 5 floors(takes 20 sec per way).
    Of course fron the box no problem but what can i do from home?

    1. Been to a few boxes on the second and third floor before and they would use the stairs as part of the metcon...not ideal but gotta work with the hand ur dealt

  2. 1. Speed Work-Typhoon Season here in Manila

    2. Barbell Benchmark
    A. 3 sets of Max unbroken Power Snatches, 185/125 - 3,3,2
    B. 3 sets of Max unbroken Squat Cleans, 225/155 - 3,3,5
    C. 3 sets of Max unbroken Jerks, 225/155 - 1,1,1 (have a mental block about lowering it to shoulders with no jerk blocks, something to work on!)

    3. Metcon
    3 RFT- 10:55 Talk about taxing the upper body, what a great test.

    1. Thanx for the reply my bud and the encouragement... Compwod community truly humble and helpful.

    2. No problem at all, pulling for you.

    3. It wasn't specified whether we should go to a deficit so I went to about a 2-3 inch deficit on HSPU. Funny story, on my last legless ropeclimb I hit the 15 foot mark with my left hand which completely gave out and in my free fall I managed to grab the rope with my right hand and slide the rest of the way down. Respect to the games athletes.

  3. What a session!!!
    1) Round1: 16/33/55
    Round2: 16/33/60
    Round3: 16/35/60
    2) Power snatches:
    1st attemp @ 175 1rep
    2nd attempt @ 165 5reps
    3rd attempt @ 165 5reps

    Squat cleans
    1st @ 225 1rep
    2nd @ 225 3reps
    3rd @ 225 3reps

    1st @ 205 4reps
    2nd @ 205 3reps
    3rd @ 205 4reps

    3) I have no rope and cant do parallette hspu yet...
    So I did 3rounds of:

    10strict pull ups
    10kipping pull ups

    Have a great weekend guys!!!

  4. OPEN

    17:05 RX

    Thruster- 21
    Run 60%
    Thruster 11-10

    Running sucks. Need to get better. CF Endurance already signed up for in Dec!
    -First morning metcon in a very long time, need to do more.

    -Mario, CF Naples (Naples, FL)

  5. Open:

    1) 15:24 its raining here in Manila now so sub it with row instead.

  6. Open: 16:54 RX'd. Shoulders will be loving me this weekend!

  7. 1. speed work - feeling slow as shit this morning lol
    2. bb benchmarks ( not going to let this defeat me - I used to be able to get at least 5 power snatches @ 115 and @ least 5-7 cleans @ 155... I am going to look at this positive ... I have retained the strength to still do it !
    115# power snatches x 3 x3
    155# squat cleans @ 155# x3x3
    155# push jerks @ 155 3x5
    3. metcon - 10:36 yay I can still climb a rope with no feet !!

  8. Big time constraint today so picked 2 biggest weaknesses:

    1) Snatches : 3,6,4
    2) metcon: 12:26 ( 20 ft rope for all )

  9. OPEN:


    I really like this group, so I won't use colorful expletives to describe my pull ups. Thrusters in 11-10 sets, run was ok.

  10. Regional
    1. :16, :31, :52 / :16, :31, :54 / :16, :33, :53
    2. Sn. 4, 5, 4 - sq cln. 4, 5, 4 - jerk 5, 5, 5
    3. 10:44 (11" deficit hspu)

  11. Regionals:

    1. Skipped
    2A. 5,5,6 (135 lbs.)
    2B. 3,3,3 (225 lbs.)
    2C. Skipped for time
    3. Did team WOD at our gym

    Have a great weekend everyone.

  12. Open / Masters (43)

    19:58... Pleased... Run was ok (my goat)...Pull ups 20-10-5-5-5-5 no more than 5 breaths b/t each!

    Need some help or suggestions...We have a TEAM competition this Saturday (Garage Games). How would you approach this week?
    First thought:
    M-T follow programming ...Rest/Recover Wed...Programming Thursday...Then rest/recover Friday...Competition on Sat!
    M-T follow programming...WOD on Wednesday...Th-Fri rest/recover...Comp. on Sat...


    1. If it was me ... I would hit Monday and Tuesday as usual .. active rest wed... maybe walk through some of the movements in your competition ... Thursday rest .. Friday I would do a light metcon & spend the extra time getting your mind and body ready for competition :)

  13. Open Program
    1) 16:00 - Everything felt good except runs. Probably should have pushed harder on those. Happy to go unbroken on first set of thrusters and 14-7 on second set.

  14. Open
    Did a hero wod lastnight and felt like taking off but I did it anyway. Happy that I did it and did well.

  15. 1. :14 :24 :47
    :15 :26 :51
    :15 :26 :57
    Shit!!...... Ass was on fire after that.

    2. A. 10 - 8 - 8 @ 185
    B. 7 - 8 - 8 @ 225
    C. Did 1 set & got 12 @ 225

    3. 7:57rx. Never thought I'd say this but my biceps hurt. Haha. Good day.

  16. 1. Done
    2. 6,5,6 @185#
    3. 7,5,7@225#
    4. 2,6,7@225# all split jerks
    5. 11:57 it's like you know everything that would cripple me and made it a 3 rounds hell session haha progress was made today.

  17. Open
    Daniel - 17:36. Felt like the old asthma was flaring up today. Had to walk numerous times on the runs. Thrusters felt horrible. Definitely a goat.

  18. Open
    First wod on this site. It only gets better from here!

  19. Open
    Scaled pull-ups to 30. These are a weakness

  20. Open

    "Daniel" = 11:47 RX....both sets of pull-ups went 30/20 and all thrusters unbroken

  21. Couldn't do speed work.

    Snatches - 3,4,5 @ 135
    Cleans - 3,3,4 @ 185
    Jerks - 3,3,3 @ 185. Had more but wrist was iffy

    Could not do metcon either.

  22. Open 18:50 RX termine muy cansado casi vomito

  23. Regionals.

    1) done. 18/34/55
    2) snatch at 155: 1/1 wasn't there today mentally. So called it quits on snatches for the day
    Cleans at 225: 4/5/6
    Jerks at 200: 3/2/4.

    3) ran out of time. Really want to make this me up though.

  24. Regionals

    1) 16s/31s/53s-15s/32s/51s-16s/33s/53s

    2) A. 6-4-6 (135#)
    B. 2-2-1 (225#)
    C. 2-1-2 (225#)

    3) Could not complete, had to get the wifey.


  25. Open -- 17:55
    Worked on MU again (starting on the top of the rings and working on transitioning into a "2nd"

    Question: Does anyone elses wrists rip open doing MU? Besides tape, is there anything you do? I can hold the false grip forever...and I prefer it - so any advice would be great! :)

    1. Obviously signed in under a different e-mail lol

    2. I used to have the same problem - started wearing wrist wraps.

    1) done. i remember hearing :16 as the best 100, :32 as the best 200, and 1:02 as the best 300. definitely slowed down considerably by round 3. got the work done, and definitely felt it.
    2) snatch at 95# 7/9? (some of these may be off... trying to remember.)
    clean at 135# 0/10/8 (got nervous and failed one out of the gate. hah.)
    jerks at 115#/125# 10/7 (missed one turn)
    3) 25# plate deficit HSPU - stopped looking at the clock somewhere after 24 minutes. : ) long one for me, but got the work done and learned some new things about climbing rope.

  27. open
    1- "Daniel"
    14:47 RX
    1st set pull ups 25-10-10-5
    thrusters unbroken both sets
    2nd set pull ups 20-10-8-8-3-3
    kept running as fast as possible without pushing to where I wouldnt be able to do thrusters unbroken

  28. Since I want to be diligent in posting I should post and say my body was asking for a rest day on Saturday, so I did some stretching and rolling and feel a lot better. As a side note, I would not have been able to do the Met-Con as RX yesterday as legless rope climbs and I do not get along. Not the reason that I didn't do it though because I would have loved the barbell work. My body was just saying NO! I look forward to Monday.

  29. 1.Speed Work 50m-100m-300m
    round 1 18-35-1:09
    round 2 18-37-1:11
    round 3 18-39-1:12

    2. Barbell Benchmark

    a) 70kg 2-3-3
    b) 90kg 1-2-3
    c) skipped

    3) metcon 8:03rx

  30. OPEN:

    "Daniel" Rx in 13:04. Broke first pullups at 35. Both sets of thrusters unbroken. 15-10-10-10-5 on last pullups. Workout partners pushed me harder than I would have by myself I'm ashamed to say.

  31. OPEN:

    22:12 - Had to take a shot pause to move my barbell indoors when it started to rain. Pull-ups at the end very slow. Thrusters - 11-10, 13-8

  32. Enjoyed doing this workout at a temp of 68 degrees in Texas. It was awesome.

    Everything felt good
    14:22 rx'd
    2nd 400 was pretty slow, trying to keep heart rate down to nail last 50 pull-ups. Great way to start the weekend.

    David / 32 / 5'10" / 175

  33. Open 19:47 rx
    could not butterfly pull ups due to sore wrist from Friday
    8-7-6 on all thruster sets
    runs were slow

  34. OPEN
    14:40 Rx'd (3:48 PR)

    ... going on holidays for a few weeks - wanted to get one last one WOD in before R&R ... stoked about this weeks results - must be the new nanos that arrived in the mail on Sunday.

  35. OPEN


    Spent 6+9=15mins on pull-ups! (14mins on rowing and thrusters as I can't run at present due to hip/knee issues) PR for volume of pull-ups in a WOD.

    Just started following CompWOD 3 days ago...I have a long way to go in the next 6 months if I want to be part of a team at Regionals.