Friday, August 16, 2013

Sunday 8.18.13

Talayna Fortunato stopped by CFNE for some training and fun.
Rest Day.

Butterfly ring dips are very easy to learn (much easier than butterfly pull-ups),
 and will get you much bigger sets on the rings.  


  1. Much needed rest day today. Had a team comp yesterday and placed 7 out of 30. Not where we wanted to be, but had a great day. I had 2 big PR's yesterday...Snatch @ 175# which is 20# over my body weight, and hit 10 consecutive MU's. So I'm really writing this post to say thanks again Ben for this awesome programming. Excited to see where I'll be at during the Open this year.

  2. Ben, I have been following your programming for 3 weeks and love it. I am planning on doing it all year!

    Quick question: Should I be following another strength program in addition to this site (i.e. 5/3/1, I've been doing Smolov)? I'm not a regional's athlete, but I feel that I need the strength to move forward.


  3. Thnaks for the Skills tips - look forward to adding this to the toolbox.

  4. ......Are those concrete plates? They look like concrete poured into the forms for bumpers....great idea for a sled...maybe not so good for a bar :)

  5. Thats really silly...Im going to try it though ;)