Thursday, August 22, 2013

Friday 8.23.13

Jon Pera.

1.  Pulls
5 x 5 Glute Ham Raises - add weight if possible.

2.  Odd Objects/Movements
OTM x 10
2 heavy clean and jerks with a Strongman Log.

3.  Metcon
For time, with one barbell:
30 Snatches, 135/95 - record your "Isabel" time.
20 Snatches, 165/110
10 Snatches, 185/130
5 Snatches, 205/145
Post times for "Isabel" and total time.

4.  Rowing

5.  Core work
Reverse Tabata L-sits
8 rounds of :10 on, :20 off

1.  Metcon
75 Power Snatches, 75/55

2.  Skills
Odd:  3-5 Squat Therapy
Even:  3-5 Muscle ups

Squat therapy - don't skimp on these!!
If you want to improve your Front Squat, your Snatch, 
your Overhead Squat, your Pistols, your Jerk, or your fear of public speaking
Squat therapy is the cure all.

Remember, practice isn't enough.  Make it your practice mindful and purposeful.  
This is not easy, don't fall into the trap of taking the easy way out.
1.  No movement of the feet - they tend to turn out for many of us.
2.  No bending the arms.
3.  Hands together.


  1. What is the movement for the evens on the OTM? Am I missing something?

  2. im competing in summer crush games tomorrow against some of the top athletes...planning on taking it easy tomorrow but still doing a workout. Kinda looking forward to the snatch WOD tomorrow but i have a snatch wod with rope climbs on saturday. Ah well! I will make it up sometime next week! :) Ill be back on the blog on monday guys! Have a good weekend!

    1. Top of the podium chick! Kill it!

    2. Hey Cheryl.
      Best of luck to you.
      Your an inspiration to all of us on this blog and your humility to always help with questions while you are probably the best athlete who posts on here will surely have all the Compwod guys behind you!! Pls post results as soon as you get the time!!

    3. Kill it Cheryl!

    4. Cheryl I competed yesterday at crush games. will be there today watching. go crush it. Those were some good wods. save ur shoulders as much as possible on the rope climbs. I didn't and it came back to bite me. good luck.

  3. anyone on here from the Miami area?? im out here for the Crush Games

  4. Well today could have went better. After working out later last night and then turning around and doing todays before school was a huge mistake lol.
    1. 25, 35,45,53,70lbs
    2. Don't have access to a log and honestly didn't have time for this
    3. Did Isabel. Lets just say it was an accomplishment that I finished
    4. Done
    5. Done

  5. Reg:

    1. Done with no weight and a long stretch after.

    2. Just did heavy snatch and C&J pulls, no logs and the stones aren't reallt heavy enough for this.

    3. Isabel - 3:32 (33sec off PR), then scaled at 145,155,165 - 17:37 165's felt as tough as they were in the OPEN, was able to squat catch the last three.

    4. 5K Row - 18:34

    5. ran out of time...

    I hope to someday be repping 205 snatches, but I'm just not there yet. My max is only 185, so I have a ways to go.....hoping to get some Oly sessions soon.

    Nice to see videos getting posted from our box, sorry I missed you Coach and Heather. Maybe next time.

  6. Open
    1) 4:20 Grip was the limiting factor. Didn't use hook grip for some reason, no es bueno.
    2) 5 on ST, tried like hell to not get my feet to move outward as I descended but keeps moving. Will try harder. 5 MUs, none unbroken. 4 on one round made it up later.
    RIP Randy

  7. Random question, for you guys zoning, are you guys uping the blocks? My strength gains have kinda flatlined which I have been thinking about lately. I feel like we do a ton more training than the average bear, plateau could be attributed to not eating enough?

    1. Yes I upped my blocks but test and rest test. only change one variable at a time. adjust your carbs by a couple blocks first. if not better go back to where u were for awhile let the body recalibarate then adjust fat blocks if that doesn't help up. both fat and carbs. something will work. I used 3 weeks for each test. when I changed something. good luck

  8. Open
    1.) randy - 4:34 reps 30-50 were slow!! just a small mental break down
    2. completed working on no false grip mu's

    david / 32/5'10'/175#

  9. Regionals:

    1. Done (no weight)
    2. No logs at our gym so I did some power cleans because they're fun.
    3. 18:34 Rx...yeah right. Scaled 100/120/135/150.
    4. 19:20
    5. Done

  10. Open:

    1) 4:09 (14 secs off PR)

    2) replaced MU with CtB. Did MU progression after.

  11. 1) No Ghd. I do ghd sit ups on roman machine.. Cant do these on it.
    3) 2:35 Isabel 5off PR
    Ok so I dont train with bumper plates
    and having to controll the weight
    every rep kills te lower back...
    Gave myself the goal to do 1rep at
    185, and got it! Took me 19min to
    work through 135-165 and 1rep @ 185.
    Stopped there because there would be
    No rowing a 5k after 10reps @ 185
    and not allowed to drop the bar...
    I train in a normal fitness club
    where I work but busy saving to
    buy bumpers etc and equip my garage.
    Sure my scores will then get better
    Don't mean to have a lot of excuses
    but im sure it helps to drop the bar
    during wods like these...
    For now I use what I've got.

    4) 19:09 5k Row
    5) Done

    Looking forward to tomorrow!!!

    1. That's a great time. I can only imagine trying to hold onto that bar the whole time without dropping it!

    2. It sucks haha
      Thanx champ!

  12. Did a mashup today to work on things im weak at.
    1 muscle up otm x 10 minutes. one fail on tenth rep/ got the next one.
    isabelle: 3:20rx (PR) 8/4 then singles.
    5k row: 24:49.8 torture.
    reverse tabata (10 sec work/20 sec rest) L sits heels above parallettes

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  14. Open master:
    Otm12: mu & mu transitions/ squat therapy
    Randy: 6:14 rx. (1:13 off pr)

  15. Did the open wods today due to time (and strength) constraints. Plus I def needed to work on mus and squat therapy :)
    Randy: 3:54
    Otm work- done. Couldn't hit more than 2 muscle ups each time, need lots of work on this goat

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    1. Im new to this so my times will suck

      Randy- 6:41


      5'8 230lbs 40yo

  17. 1) 5x5 @ 53lbs

    2) No Log, played with sandbags and stones

    3) Metcon- Jammed thumb after turning to singles at rep 16, got through Isabelle in 3:17 and moved on to 165, got 3 reps in and could not hold on to the bar, frustrating but had to cut it

    4) 5k Row = 19:22

    5) Could not hold rings or parallettes so did palms down on boxes

  18. Open
    1. 6:14
    2. Did 1 muscle up every round and 5 squat therapy

  19. Switched up the skill work and did the "homework" for our box comp team instead.

    EMOTM 12-
    Evens - double unders (did 20 unbroken/round)
    Odds - butterfly pull-ups (did 5 @ minute mark and another 5 @ 0:30 each round)

    DU's felt great so I did a max unbroken set afterwards and got 80, PR by a few reps I think.

    "Randy" - ummm, nothing positive to report here. I was crunched for time, tried to game it and fell off that pace quickly, just mentally checked out after that. Sometimes it's so hard to do these met-cons with any intensity while at the globo gym.

    I'm gonna try to get some work done at home tonight...L-sits, GHR's, Squat therapy.

  20. 1. Randy 4:51RX
    2. otm mu attemps and squat therapy

  21. Open:
    1) Randy 6:56 RX, the last 25 reps killed me.
    2) Complete - 3 Unbroken Muscle-up's each round. Kept my feet in "cement blocks" about 3" from the wall. Think I'll bump up to 4 reps each next time this comes around.

  22. Open:
    4:59 as RX
    ST and MU - check

    1. Done
    2. Axle Bar (160)
    3. DNF 55 reps, gave myself a 20' CAP. Isabel score was 3:18
    4. 21:35.5
    5. Ran out of time, will do later

  24. 1) done with 1.5 pood
    2). Used logs
    3) did Randy because I would have to scale the Regional, so Randy in 3:24
    4). No row
    5). Done

  25. Forgot. I also did the snatch and CnJ skill work. EMOTM 1 rep at 75% for 12mins

  26. 1) Done
    2) Axle C&J (160#)
    3) DNF - Finished Isabel at almost double my PR from 3 months ago, attempted to scale but arms were extremely fatigued. Just plain didn't feel good - one of those days
    4) 21:13.8
    5) Done

  27. Open:
    Did bar muscle-ups instead. Palm still torn from "Amanda" monday-wanted to stay off the rings
    Squat therapy-done

  28. Open
    1) 5:27 - this needs to be under 5
    2) 1 MU + 5 ring dips / 5 ST

  29. 1.) 5:16...awful, not trusting my metcon the past few days and trying to plan is killing me. Will fix this.

    2.) Complete, I definitely need to do more of these squats!

    3.) Worked on my handstand walks and pistols, getting there but still big weaknesses.

    1. Handstand walks, need to work with you on those

    2. Don't tempt me with a good time

  30. Regionals
    1. 2 rds with no weight, 1 rd with 10#, 2rds with 15#
    2. Do not have a strong man log so used 115lb stone completing 2 clean and jerks OTM for 10min
    3. 14:19 rx (2:25 isabelle, 1:53PR)
    4. skipped due to time
    5. done

  31. Open
    Randy 3:58
    Hit 4s onthe muscle ups

  32. 1. Pulls

    2. Odd Objects/Movements
    Done @ 160lbs with a log.

    3. Metcon
    Did Randy, comp on sunday.
    3 :37
    4. Rowing

    5. Core work

  33. Open
    "Randy" - 7:22 - happy I made it through the way my back has been.

    Skill work done

  34. 1. Done. Held a 10# weight.
    2. Used a 100# heavy bag with straps. Super awkward.
    3. Isabelle- 3:18(1 min off pr) total: 14:28
    3. 5k: 18:56
    4. Done. Best L sits I've ever done

    1. No misses on snatches. Had to squat snatch 205

  35. 1) Used a 70# KB. These got spicy.

    2) Nothing of the sorts, worked the handstand walk, 5x max attempt. PRed at about 15'. Getting better, real stoked on that.

    3) Going with advise of the doc, I shyed away from the full snatches. I know I could have done this one RX sub 20, and have it on the board for next next month one day hopefully. Did Randy at 4:45, about a 30 second PR. Forarems were on fire.

    4) Instead of rowing a 5K, I hoped in with our box today and did 5RFT Bike 1 mile, 5 muscle ups, 10 pistols, 15 GHDSU, 33:09.

    5) Done. Pretty good, could have been better, did them on the rings as I rode my bike to the gym and left the paralettes at home (we don't have any at our box, I bring mine from my home gym)

  36. 1) Done with 15 # plate
    2) Did with log @ 135, couldve gone a little heavier
    3) Isabel - 3:40 (2 secs slower than PR). Went 150-160-170x1-165x4 - 30:38
    4) 5k row - 20:11.2
    5) L-sit - couldn't do

  37. Open

    1) 6:03 Hands ripped during "The Sevens" and they ripped open again on this
    2) Odd: 1 MU + 5 strict ring dips
    Even: 5 Squat Therapy

  38. Open
    1) "Randy" 7:32 (that was rough)
    2) ST & MU's OTMx12 done (ST-5 all sets) (MU's- 5-3-3-3-3-4)

  39. Regionals:
    1) Done, no weight.
    2) Log clean and jerk, 155
    3) Squat Complex 12:44. Isabel was 3:17. I paced them from the start. Didn't go all out, just wanted to make sure I could get through.
    4) 20:36
    5) No time at gym. Did some ab work at home.

  40. Open Program
    1) 5:39 - pr by 30-40 seconds - not a workout that's up my alley but I can tell I'm improving in this area. Just gotta pick the bar back up quicker.
    2) Done - 3 m-u (no false grip), 5 sq therapy

    I've been trying to work on no-false grip muscleups, even though I'm much stronger with a false grip. I see most top athletes going no false grip, so I feel like I should learn, but not sure if it's worth it. Anyone else in this boat?

  41. Open
    1. 4:08

    2. Done felt like a real easy day

  42. Open

    1. "Randy" - 4:03
    2. Only did squat therapy since I am going to do "Amanda" tomorrow (will finally be at a gym with both high rings and a barbell!)

  43. Was real short on time so only did the Regional Snatch workout...

    Isabel 3:11 (39s PR!!)
    Completed 165x20. I power snatched each rep but I lost my mental. I did not have the "get back on the bar" mentality.


  44. chose to do regional wod today bc i love to snatch heavy!!!!!
    snatch ladder
    "isabel" done in 3:30, :45 off of PR but chose to do 5 sets of 6 preparing for heavier weights.
    only one fail the entire time, my last rep at 205. Walked back to the bar mentally phsyched myself up and smoked it!!!!
    29:30 RX

    Finished with squat therapy 30 reps progressively getting closer to the wall.

  45. Travel day, local competition in the morning

  46. Open.

    1. 7:34...still recovering

    2. Feet about an inch off the wall. 5 squats, 3 mu

  47. Open.
    1. 5:26
    2. 5 squats, MUs: 4,4,3,4,4,4

  48. 1. Pulls
    5 x 5 Glute Ham Raises
    done no weight

    OTM x 10 2 power cleans 85kg

    Randy 5:01

    5K 20:34

    5. Core work
    Reverse Tabata L-sits done

  49. Open:

    1.) 7:19 prob about 75% effort...will get after it next time

    2.). 5 each round except two mu rounds...made up for it after 12 mins

  50. 1 - GHR mixed it up. Some to parallel and back up without weight. Some full range with 5kg plate
    3 - snatchathon
    15 min cap
    55 reps RX
    Felt weak and had to squat under 75kg snatches like a weakling
    4 - 5k row
    18:58 PB