Sunday, October 21, 2012

Monday 10.22.12

Huge Success!  Congrats to all.
1.  Snatch Balance

2.  Snatch
A.  Work up to a 1RM
B.  1 single at 90% of 1RM
C.  2 singles at 85% of 1RM

3.  Up Ladder 5
Thruster, 185/135
Bar Muscle up
Complete 1 rep of each, then 2 reps of each.  Climb as high as possible in 5 minutes.

Mat and Jenna are getting married this weekend.  Congrats!


  1. Masters Comp was soooo fun, Thanks CFNE!

  2. 1. Snatch Balance 205#

    2. Snatch
    A. 205# PR
    B. 185
    C. 175

    3. Metcon: 20 reps (1/1, 2/2,3/3, 4/4)

  3. Staying light. Not going overhead over 75-80% for a month. Getting shoulder healthy and focusing on technique
    A. Snatch balance up to 205
    B. HSnatch, ssnatch OTM- 135,155,175, 5x185
    C. 5+3@185#. Funny how slow the clock goes for the first few rounds, then it speeds up dramatically towards the end. Hmmmm.....

  4. Wasn't feeling snatch today.
    1. 135#
    2. 155#
    3. 3+1 Rx

  5. Taking a rest day today b/c I competed in a local competition over the weekend. I just wanted to say how much this programming has helped with strength gains. I had never really done heavy thrusters before. (135 the most I've ever tried to do)

    The first event was a Squat Clean Thruster Ladder. Weight started at 165 and went up 10# each station. You could complete Jerks if you failed on the thruster. Not only did I make it past 235#, but I had a 10# PR on my clean and jerk at 245#. That was good enough for 12th. A few guys made it to 285&295.

  6. A 4 letter word was spoken to me by the Physical Therapist (who happens to be my fiance) and that is REST! I have a sprained SternoClavicular (SC) joint and need to not do anything upped body for a week or so. Looks like I'll be doing a lot of running and air squats.

  7. 1. no snatch balance today
    2. a. 95# not pr
    b. 90#
    c. 85#
    3. 3 + 16, (95#, 3ctb/3dips) Finally figured out bar mu after class- got 3, fired up

    Big thank you to Ben and the amazing CFNE team for hosting a first class event this weekend. We all had a blast competing!

  8. 1-
    185 (205 is pr)
    A-155 (185 is pr)

  9. Snatch balance 198#
    Snatch 176# (old PR) Was going for 198 but failed ;(

    Wod: 24 reps (4rounds + 4) as RX´d

  10. Going to tweak this programming some for my own needs. I think it's currently just a bit too much volume for me and I need to focus on some goats sooner rather than later. So my weeks will now look like this:

    Mon - Comp WOD (snatch and fs)
    Tue - goat work and goat metcon
    Wed - rest/recovery swim
    Thu - Tue's Comp WOD (c&j and bs)
    Fri - goat work and goat metcon
    Sat - Comp WOD (big metcon)
    Sun - rest

    Four days each week of heavy squats is just too much (for me). My body isn't holding up. This falls into the category of "know yourself" and adjust as necessary. I know there are (usually younger) guys out there like Ben Smith who can do crazy-high volume and get away with it. Conversely there are those like Matt Chan and Speal (usually older) who do one WOD a day (I believe) and they are more in my age bracket. Trying my best to emulate and get to their capacity. I think this programming falls somewhere in the middle of those two ends but can't be sure. Overall I think the point (and potential advice) I would offer is to remember that this programming is Ben's best attempt at making a competitor program for everyone. And he does an amazing job with it. But a true competitor still needs focus and individual attention. And the only way to do that is for all of us to constantly asses and reassess ourselves. Don't be afraid to tweak and adjust as required to get the best results. Ben can't program the exact right WOD for you each day - because everyone's needs are slightly different. So step back occasionally and take a hard look at what your doing, and if there is a way to get even more bang for your buck without losing the overall intent behind this blog.

    Love the programming and it has helped me ID weaknesses and my own training needs immensely. Huge thanks as always to Ben and our other friends at CFNE. You remain the place I turn to for advice.

  11. 1. #105
    2. A #100 - tied PR B/C somehow I missed this? oops.
    3. 10 reps with green band.

  12. 1. #135- got slow getting under the bar, so Ben had me go back to #115 to drill in technique :)

    2. #125,#115,#105

    3. WOD- 4 rounds RX

  13. 1)snatch balance 205 failed at 225
    2) a-225 snatch pr
    B-195x2 accidentally instead if just one
    3)29 reps Rx.

  14. stayed light on snatch movements for form work. 135 power snatch balance

    WOD - 4+5 Rx
    First bar MUs today! Very excited and can't wait to do this WOD again and crush it!

  15. 1. 135#
    2. 135#
    3. 4+2 (135#, subbed 3 pullups/3 pushups for each bar MU)
    3. Practiced Bar MUs. No go. Yet.

  16. 1) 225
    2) 195. Caught 205 just couldn't hang on today.
    3) 4 rounds 5 thrusters as Rxd. Used rings for MUs. bar not accessible today.

  17. Right shoulder tweaked, from not warming up properly last week.
    No snatch balance. Overhead is fine, front and back rack position kill me.
    215# snatch

    Subbed thruster with 225 squat clean.
    Completed 5 rounds

  18. Couldn't snatch balance hip problem so I can't go below parallel
    Power snatch 1rm- 195#
    B. Power snatch 175#
    C. Power snatch 165#
    Wod- 5 rounds + 1 thruster

  19. Couldn't snatch balance hip problem so I can't go below parallel
    Power snatch 1rm- 195#
    B. Power snatch 175#
    C. Power snatch 165#
    Wod- 5 rounds + 1 thruster

  20. 1. 215 (10# PR). Failed at 225 twice.
    2. 185 (tied PR). Kind of stuck there. Tried a whole bunch of heavier ones and just never stuck it.
    3. 4 + 9 Rx. First bar MU today.

    Big thanks to my boys Conor and Jared for the cues on both the snatches and the bar MUs.

  21. Snatch balance 225
    Snatch 195
    WOD 3 rounds + 6 reps

  22. 1. 265#
    2. 205#
    3. 5 full rds= 30 reps RXd

  23. 240# Snatch balance today

    225 Snatch (10#PR)
    1 rep @ 205#
    1/1 @ 190#

    5 full rounds in wod (30 reps)


  24. 1. No time
    2. 205/185/175
    3. 30 reps

  25. 1. 265
    2. 215(PR tie, had 225 over my head...need to work on the catch), 195, 185
    3. 5rds +5 thrusters = 35 reps rxd

  26. First time doing Snatch Balance... so i went light
    1. 135
    2. 190
    3. I hope im not the only person who was basically doing a front squat and a push jerk in this metcon! Also used a box for the MUs. Should get them anyway now.
    3 or 4 rnds debt remember.

  27. 1. #65

    2. #95,#90,#85

    3. WOD- 4 rounds + 3 thruster - 100# and blue band for bmu

    Have been really bad at posting lately. Will try to get back on track. I like the above post about knowing yourself. It helps to put things in perspective. I feel like I am making improvements, as I learn better technique and focus on particular movements, but it is important for me to work at a pace that is best for me. I am doing this, while following this amazing programming. I really appreciate Ben doing this and having this blog as a support system.

  28. Ben, question about snatch balance, is it a drop under bar or heaving snatch balance?

    1. 115# (shoulder is still not ok)
    2. 205#
    3. 185#
    4. 175#
    5. 4+3
    Did WOD over at 5pm with oly's and different bar

    1. Jared- again just chiming on- we almost always do them heaving, today included

    2. Thanks bud. I witnessed your son mid comp on Saturday just chillin at a tent reading. I was so impressed. So I then went over to him and completely dated myself by asking him if he ever heard of Bo Jackson. Of course he replied no. Moral of story I told him to read the book “Bo Knows”. One of my favorites!

  29. 1. 225
    2. Last successful attempt was 185 tried and missed 225
    Did the up ladder at 135 for 4 rounds.
    Took last week off. Easing back in.

  30. 225
    Wod 20 reps 185# thrusters, 1/4 inch band assist on m/u

  31. Hello all I needed some coaching on the SB but was able to get 165.

    1. 165
    2. 145
    3. 5 rnds MU attempts only, cant seem to get this skill at 110 kilos in WT.


  32. 1. 245#
    2. 205,185, 175
    3. MU ladder/thruster 4+ 5 thruster and 2 bar MU

  33. this is the first time i have done heavy snatches because of a hip flexor mongness.
    1. 154#
    2.a) 132#
    b) 119# x1
    c) 112# x2
    3. 3 + 1 thruster