Thursday, October 11, 2012

Friday 10.12.12

1.  Back Squat

2.  Bench

3.  100m Sprints
10 x 100m, OTM - Record fastest and slowest times.


  1. 1: 365 not my best by far
    2: 315 - 10 lbs off of my PR
    3 : 12.1; 13.4

  2. Hey guys..just came across the site, and I can honestly say I can't wait to start doing the workouts and posting! My only question is, how has everyone's overall strength gains been since they started following the programming? My biggest weakness is my strength by far, so should I be adding reps/sets to whatever the daily strength work is? Or will following it strict be enough? I'm looking forward to posting my times in the following days. Thanks again for the input.

  3. Jason, you should take a look at the beginning of this years programming, which started in August. The last two months focused on power lifting and building a strength base.

    Either start with the August blog (the program starts on the July 30th posting) or just start following the program from here on out. Ben is the coach, "adding reps/sets" should be left up to him.

  4. Just realized I did this workout a day early! Well guess I will do active recov tomorrow

  5. Follow the program to the letter and you'll be fine!

  6. Jason - follow the program. Not sure what you're used to, but there's some heavy volume in Ben's programming. My lifts across the board have gone up. I've hit some new PR's and at least tied the rest. It's been a well rounded increase.

    That being said:
    1. 445
    2. 275 - had to stop because I strained my sternocleidomastoid the other day and it hurts!(

    I just wanted to say sternocleidomastoid.

  7. 1. 450 (35#pr)- hitting a 35# pr after 4 years of cf is a little unusual. Maybe this Bergeron guy knows a thing or two...hmmm....
    2. 315# (recent pr)
    3. 14-17

    1. Your numbers are least huge! How much do you weigh? If you say 180.....can I move in with you to get strong! Lol

    2. 205. Lol. Sure- the kids wake up at 5...

    3. That's no prob as I have a 1 & 4 yr old too! The weather would kill me being from Florida!! Keep killing it and I'm sure we will meet soon!

  8. Replies
    1. . We all do low bar typically. My guess is that Ben would specify if he wanted one vs the other

    2. Nice work on that rope wod the other day, btw. Now don't be a cherry picker and skip today's runs. We're watching you shady rt 1 characters

    3. Oh I did the running! I was having a PR day then I got outside! Running went from a strength to weakness real quick! The rope day was a good day!

  9. 1. Skipped per Dr's orders
    2. 285 (PR)
    3. 13-18

  10. 1. 355. Failed twice at 385.
    2. 225. Failed at 235.
    3. Skipped.

  11. 1.405
    2.265...weak sauce
    3. Fastest around :12, slowest around :14
    Finished with mixed plyo and box jumps

  12. 1. 165 PR
    2. 115
    3. Distance was a bit shy of 100Ms, so didnt record times.

    First day back after 3 days off from strained neck, (not my sternocleidomastoid though, nice word Joe). Super stoked for the new programming, thanks for all your hard work Ben, much appreciation from Canada.

  13. 1. 340#, PR

    2. 340#, 25# PR since starting crossfit. All time best is 345# back in college, but I haven't gone over 315 in probably 2 years. First time in probably 2 years I did not feel any pain doing heavy bench press.

    3. Ran out of time.

    Pretty terrible my BS and BP maxed are the same. Goes to show you my priorities before crossfit.

  14. 1. 190 Back Squat (PR)
    2. 105 Bench Press (PR)

    Not enough time for sprints.. will make up later!


  15. 1. 355 (15# PR)
    2. No bench (shoulder - luckily it's the only thing that bothers it and after 20 years of essentially bodybuilding my bench stays pretty constant around 300 which I'm fine with). It's not a goat.
    3. b/w 13-16. slight uphill out and slight downhill back so you can figure out which ones were slow and which were fast...

    Sorry for the long absence. Lots going on these days...

  16. 1. high bar 345# PR (previous pr 315)

    2. 305# PR (life time pr, even going back to my two bench days a week)

    3.10x100 ran as if i was pulling sled first on 17 fastest 13 average 14

    Derek, "Maybe this Bergeron guy knows a thing or two...hmmm.... " Although some days i am cursing him out this is the strongest i have ever been! I followed outlaw last year and I think I was to old for the work load.

    Derek thanks for the compliment on the rope WOD. The first time I saw you compete back at the sectionals in Milford i think 3 years ago I said to myself, self i want to be as good as that guy! Shortly after I realized how much of a beast you were and that i will never catch you! Keep crushing dreams! Hope to train with you guys again soon!

    1. Thanks brother. Come visit soon and bring the doc with ya!

  17. 1. 285# (tied PR, haven't made much progress in this movement)
    2. 195# (10# PR, 20# PR since beginning of cycle)

  18. Yeah we are shady dudes at Rt1, but cherry pickers we 'aint! (Read: Almost all of my embarrassing loads and times in the past 2 mos)
    1. BS High bar 375# PR
    2. Bench 255# and I think Jared even had to help me
    3. 12-15 seconds

  19. 1. BS 353 PR
    2. Bench 331

    Sprints tomorrow didnt have the time!

  20. 1)405 pr match
    2) 310pr shoulda went heavier.
    3) 15:40 19:50

  21. No cherry picking on the sprints here either! We did them but the route was slightly greater than 100m and was on a slight hill. Avg downhill time was 17s. Avg uphill was 19.5s.

  22. 1.245 10# pr
    2. 165 10# pr
    3. runs were slow today...didnt feel like i could go n e faster :17-:18

    My core is really sore today for some reason. WTF? lol I had a hard time rowing in my warm up, felt like my insides were outside lol Stones maybe?

  23. 1. 340 was 315 in August!
    2. 260 Still nothing to brag about but 10lbs over August also.
    3. Every round was 15 or 16

  24. 340 back squat - did it last week so just worked some front squats today. Really need to improve this #!
    275 Bench - PR - happy since I hadn't benched in months.
    10x100Yard Sprints

  25. 370 BS
    280 BP just missed 290 by a hair
    17-21 sec. I know

  26. 185 BS (let's just say I'm in a squat slump)
    155 bench

  27. This Rt 1 character had a good day down south! nice work on this everyone.

    1.) BS 335 (started @315 at the beginning of get hauge)
    2.) Bench: 295 (Failed 300, but i hope once my shoulder is healed i can hit that 300 mark!)
    3.) fastest 14, slowest 19...Not fun in 95 degrees with 90percent humidity lol miami is tough to wod in.

  28. 335 squat
    225 bench missed 235
    15 fastest
    19 slowest

  29. 1. 345#
    2. 275#
    3. Fast- 12sec: Slow- 15sec

  30. Sucky day - had big hopes but not to be

    BS 305 325(F) 315(F) (did 3x315 week before last)
    BP 225 250(2xF) (did 3x225) last week

    very discouraged

    10x100: 15-18 happy about these hamstring help up and held below 16 for 7 rnds.

  31. 395 squat
    325 bench (fail) about a 12 second rep so I stuck with that.

    Sprints the same at Chris Irwin. A couple faster at the beginning and a couple slower at the end.