Friday, October 12, 2012

Saturday 10.13.12

The "WhadayaSnatch" program begins on Monday.

Start with an empty barbell and a running clock...

1.  Snatch 
10 minutes to work up to a 1RM

2.  Clean and Jerk
10 minutes to work up to a 1RM

3.  Front Squat
10 minutes to work up to a 1RM

This is NOT about establishing new 1-Rep Maxes.  It is about being able to hit big numbers in the allotted time.  You must start with an empty bar and no warm up sets before.  If you time out, you must move onto the next movement and you are DONE in 30 minutes.  We will hit true PR's soon enough - respect the process - today is not that day.


  1. Snatch - 80kg
    C&J - 110kg
    Had to scoot. CF Endurance Swim Seminar today!

    Loved the 10 min time cap. Different focus done that way. Ready for Monday!

  2. Snatch 190
    C&J 245
    Front squat 300

  3. Snatch 170
    Clean 265
    Clean and Jerk 245 (dammit)
    Front squat 296

  4. 1. Snatch: 195#
    2. C&J: 245#
    3. FS: 290#

  5. 1. Snatch - 135 (matched PR)
    2. Clean & Jerk - 205 (PR=235)
    3. Front Squat - 275, (PR=295)

  6. 1-
    245(has become a weakness for me or is 275)

  7. I'm also going to post for my 14 year old cousin Dwight Logan:
    1. Snatch: 95#
    2. C&j: 135#
    3. FS; 165#

    Also me, Alex Romero, Dwight Logan, and his sister Hannah Logan (16yrs old) finished with a team wod in two's. Me and Alex, and Dwight and Hannah:

    800m trail Run
    100 hspu (partion as needed: scaled push ups)
    100 slam balls (30#/20#)
    100 DUs (each)
    800m road run

  8. 1.130
    3. 205.
    ... Such a crazy moment on my 210 attempt.... I was dizzy before I even started the squat.... I almost passed out at the bottom....kinda forced to take what I had because it was pretty insane feeling... Kinda felt like a max effort deadlift if that makes sense..

    Happy with my numbers today...on a personal note , thsnk u ben, before all this max effort work, I put up a wall and shied away from hitting maxes mostly because of the discouragement I would feel if I didn't hit a previous number or if I didn't "PR". I would safely play with 3s and 5s because I never felt that feeling... Over the past few months, I have been doing max effort work every week and it has strengthened me not only physically, but more importantly mentally. As a coach, I am great at telling my athletes " it's ok, we can't PR everyday" & " Crossfit is not linear" but as an athlete, I have never bestowed the same kindness on myself. I now feel very indifferent when I approach max effort work. It is what it is, whether it be less or more than I expected. If I am putting in full effort , then I have done my best at that moment on that day. I can not stress about how far I am from others, and how badly I want to be stronger. I can only be proud of what I can accomplish today.
    Thanks ben

  9. 195#
    CNS is tired. Looking forward to rest tomorrow.

  10. 1. Snatch 205#
    2. C&J 255# (failed 275# twice fuck!)
    3. ft squat 305#

  11. 10min to establish 1RM snatch

    205# (felt great) (failed at 220#)

    10 min to establish 1RM Clean ad Jerk

    250# (felt good)

    10 min to establish 1RM Front Squat

    265# (failed at 280#)

  12. Snatch- 175
    CJ- 205, I had 225 but it was sort of pressed out. I need to work on my jerk
    FS- 275 just OK. 15 off PR. Just ran out of time. I had 280-85 in me today.

  13. 1) full snatch 185, split snatch 210
    2) c&j 285
    3) fs 305

  14. Neck is still sore today, gonna do this tomorrow.

  15. Woke up real sore sat morning and had to play in an alumni soccer game. Needless to say after the game I decided to take a rest day.

    I completed yesterdays work this am.
    1.3x95/2x145/1x165/1x185/1x195/1x205 tied pr, all with no misses first ever!

    2.145/195/245/cleaned 265 failed jerk

    3. 275/290/300pr

  16. Snatch-185 fail last second 205
    Clean and jerk 255 cleaned 275 missed the jerk
    Front squat 305 (pr)