Thursday, April 25, 2013

Friday 4.26.13

1.  Tiger Blood
3 RFT:
10 Clean and Jerks, 135/95
400m Run

2.  Hang Squat Cleans
3 set for max Reps, 225/155
rest as needed between sets.

3.  Power Snatch
3 set for max Reps, 185/135
rest as needed between sets.

4.  Handstand Push ups
3 sets of strict HSPU for max reps,
rest as needed between sets.


  1. 1) 9:50. Transition from basement to run added at least 1:30. All C & J unbroken

    4) 7 - 9 - 6

    2,3 tonight due to time.

  2. this is one hell of a session!

  3. 1. 8:15

    2. Messy couldn't hold on to my hook grip. It became 3x1 gig 225#

    3. 165#, x2, x3, x4.... starfishy at best.

    4. 7/8/8

  4. 6:47
    3-3-3 @ 225
    1-2-2 @ 185
    19-12-11 regional standard strict.

  5. is it better to try for one rep at 135? or modify?

    1. Modify. pick a weight that you can get for 4-6 reps on the first set.

  6. Did some goat work this AM b/w classes. OTM for 10 mins - odd 4 MUs, even 40 DUs. Will hit some of this later today.

  7. 1. 8:04rx (pr) last time 10:48 "Tiger Blood" was delicious.
    2. 12-10-10 felt so good on these.
    3. 8-8-6. Earlier this year I couldn't string 2 together.
    4. 15-15-18. Yeah buddy!!

    Had time for goat work. Worked muscle ups, doubles, and rowed.

    1. holy mackerel dude. You crushed 2 and 3!!

    2. Too bad I can't the same on 1 and 4.

    3. You crushed those too man are you kidding?!

    4. Yeah dude. Thats some awesome numbers today! Good shit.

  8. 1) 9:13
    2) 2,2,3 @90kg (100kg is my max)
    3) 2,1,1 @60kg wrists blew up and couldn't snatch shit
    4) 4,4,4 happy as this is a massive goat

    Did an extra wod for a competition
    AMRAP 12
    3 front squat
    3 stoh
    3 T2B
    3 Pull-ups
    12,12,12,12 etc

    Got 12's + 14 T2B

  9. TB: 17:49
    Hang Cleans: 3, 2, 2 @ 155lbs
    Power Snatch: 2, 3, 2 @ 95lbs
    HSPU: 5,4,5

    Shoulders are fried. Hoping to build up my oly stuff. Seem to be on the right track here :)


  10. I'm in Boston to attend Bens B.O.X. seminar this weekend and had the privilege of hitting the WOD there.

    1. 7:11 rxd
    2. 4,5,5 rxd
    3. 3,3,4 rxd
    4. 25,15,15. Misread and did strict and added kipping. I might have had a few more strict in me, but I'm happy.

  11. so I have been following this programming for a pretty long time now... before Comp wod... I was a .com/ CFNE hybrid... and I'm overly proud and happy to be a part of this community... CFNE is a very tight knot group! ( 4 those of you who have not had the pleasure of spending some time up there, I highly recommend it! had I not had the opportunity to start my own affiliate... I would be living
    there!) I am a pretty regular poster here especially because I do tend to train solo very often ( until recently when I decided to sorta program some of this for my box... boom training partners! lol)

    so ... here it is ... I know there are several ladies following this blog! yet only a few actually post! :) i know I know... we should not be worried about others... but lets face it... sometimes ... we kinda want to know how were doing amongst other athletes! Especially as we get ready for regionals! so I'm hoping to maybe spark some of u to actually start posting some damn scores!! :) I mean I love u GUYS... but sometimes workouts are a little different for ladies!

    today's training ... for the record... snatches feel like shot today!! no hip contact /drivibg through my toes / shoulders not feelin to stable... but arms actually felt fast lol

    1. 7:12
    2. 7/5/6
    4. 11/10/10

    6x6 strict ring dips + 35#
    4x1:45s nose & toes hs hold

    supposed to do a metcon with kbs and ttb as well ... working on grip strength ... going to wait til later :)

    1. To be honest if no one else in the world did crossfit I probably wouldn't do it. I LOVE competition and the nerves of competing. Agaisnt myself of course but against others as well. I feel you Cheryl!!

    2. Ive been all over the place with my training, competed last weekend then tweaked my shoulder Monday but continued to do workouts that didn't bother it, it's better now so hopefully ill get back on track. Honestly though I'd be embarrassed to post right now, so not ready for regionals mentally or physically :((

    3. Right on Cheryl! I always look forward to reading your comments. I wasn't always doing the workouts the same days as everyone, but now I am so I'll post :)
      Thanks for the push girl!
      1. 7:34
      2. 4-4-5
      That was it for me tonight. Shoulders and neck are a little out of whack. Feeling beat down this week. All of this running is killing me :)

    4. agreed Tanya! & to think .... I used to love running!! lol

  12. Tb- 7:13 w 60# DBs
    Snatches just did these as singles and doubles at 185 to test shoulder. Haven't snatched in a month
    No cleans. Did front squats instead 235x10,10,15
    Strict Hspu-13,9,11 yuck

    1. Derek can I ask what I did to your shoulder?

    2. Torn labrum in left, then tweaked the right a few weekend ago- rotator cuff strain

      The evidence is mounting to make the case that I may in fact not be 22 years old....

    3. that sucks ! I actually wa recently informed that an old MRI from oct showed tendinosis along with a subscapulsris, long head biceps, and labrum tear... all partial of moderate... but sucks cuz u had nooooo idea... so now... I've been doing lots of prehab / exercises / stretches to keep it functional ... has its good days and bad days 4 sure ... I've been taking that lurong stuff to hopefully help encourage some growth/repair in it :) we shall see!

  13. 1) 7.02
    2) 7, 6, 7
    3) 4, 4, 4
    4) 10, 8, 7

    My thumbs and quads have a lot of wear and tear on them currently.

    1) Rowing Helen - 8.32
    2) FS - 320# across
    3) Bench - 260# across
    4) DB C&J @ 55lbs all TnG trying to stay in good position, some better than others, coming back down to the ground is weird for a tall dude.

  14. 1) 8:22

    2) 5-4-3 @ 90kg

    3) 5-3-5 @ 70kg

    4) 12-12-8

  15. Replies
    1. 2. 4, 5, 5
      3. 2, 2, 4
      4. 22, 18, 14 (all strict regional standards)

  16. 1) 9:04 - gotta improve my 400m run time in WODs... (looks like that has been answered for tomorrow ;) )
    2) Used 145! Yeah! - 4-4-4 Will post a video soon of my third set.
    3) Used 100 - 5-4-4 -- Really need to work on my snatch technique. I do not hit my pockets after the first P.Snatch. Going to a Basic Olympic Lifting Certification Sunday to learn more! Amped! 8 hours Olympic Lifting. Wooo! :)
    4) 3-2-2 -- I was happy to get any, to be honest. My kipping HSPU are good, but strict is another story.

    Cheryl - I want to say THANK YOU for posting. I will be honest and say that I mainly look at Britt, Brittany, and your times/weights. It lets me know how I am doing - and how much I need to work :) So, thank you - and I will continue to post :)

  17. I meant to type "Belinda" not "Brittany" -- sorry! :)
    And I am sure that there are others who are posting more frequently now, but they are the ones I have seen the most often. No offense meant, I promise! :)

    1. Thanks for the shout out Deb!
      I post when I can but I don't go to an affiliate anymore and I can only squeeze in workouts during lunch break so often it is hard to do all the WODs as prescribed. I usually have to modify them to what is available.
      And truth be told, sometime I feel overwhelmed when I see some of the numbers on here...and I feel too embarrassed to post my scores

      My husband and I doing a competition this weekend so I took parts of today's program and worked on them ...

      Hang squat clean #145 - 2-2-2

      10 power snatches #95 in 1:30
      10 clearn/jerk #95 in :40
      Max kipping HSPU: 18, 15, 17

  18. TB: 7:54 Rx
    Cleans: 7, 8, 8 Rx
    Snatch: 5, 5, 6 Rx
    HSPUs: I still can't do them strict so I did them to 2 small puzzle piece mats (about 1 1/4 inch) 7, 7, 9

  19. 1. 8:16

    - 2/3/4 molded together, still staying away from heavy ass weight (due to hip muscle)

    Hang Squat Clean (95#)
    Power Snatch (75#)
    Strict HSPU


  20. 1. 7:40rx - Take off about 2-3 seconds each round for about a 15M gap between the 400 and my clean and jerks. Plus take off about 30 seconds since it was really hot outside. Maybe 1-2 seconds because my socks were really think. And 10 seconds because my bar is thicker than regular Oly bars. So realistically it was a 5:57Rx.

    2. 6,5,4

    3. 4,2,2

    4. 16,13,10

    1. Lol I thought you were serious til about half way that

  21. 1. 7:29 rx

    2. 6/4/3 rx

    3. 2-3-3 (105)

    4. 15-20-20 (feet on box to failure, then drop to knees to failure)

  22. Did some extra work today:

    1st Session:
    18 Rounds + 6
    30 min AMRAP
    5 Deads @ 275
    13 Pushups
    9 BJ @ 24

    3 Sets UB not for time
    15 t2b
    15 Band pull aparts
    15 HSPU Strict
    15 Ring Dips
    5 Bar Muscle ups

    then did work from today in the afternoon
    1. 8:44
    2. 3/3/3 @225
    3. 3/3/3 @165
    4. Skipped due to the gymnastics work done earlier in the day

  23. 1.) 9:32

    2.) at 185#. 4-4-3

    3.) worked technique at 135#
    An occasional goat for me if that makes sense

    4.) 6-4-3

  24. 1) 13:39 RX
    2 through 4 will be done before tomorrow's WOD, I ran out of time BUT I did get some good cardio in this morning, kettlebell work and some sprints.

  25. 1. 6:28 w/ 95#
    2. Full squat cleans 5 reps 135#, 155#, 175#
    3. Didnt Do
    4. Didnt Do

    I had been following Ben's comp site for months up until the Open. Then was having horrible pain in my chest only to find out I had a broken left first rib the week prior to the Open. No Games for me this year except as a spectator hopefully for my wife:)I am also rooting for many of you whom I have been watching for months. Good luck to everyone. I am starting to work my way back. Scaled weights but able to wod. 6 weeks has seemed like and eternity.

  26. 1- 9:08
    2- 205# 5-2-1
    3- 165# 2-2-2
    4- 12-11-9

  27. 1) 9:21 RXd with 20# vest

    2) 3/3/4 RXd

    3) 2/2/3+1 squat snatch RXd

    4) 20# vest 13/7/7

    1. That's beast mode with the vest dude! What this shit ain't hard enough for you?

    2. Haha thanks bud. Nah man, just need to attack my goats harder! This volume is definitely hard enough lol

  28. 1)6:41 Rx

  29. 1) 10:02

    2) 5-4-3 @ 90kg

    3) 7@60kg- 4@65kg -4@70kg

    4) 4-5-5