Monday, April 8, 2013

Tuesday 4.9.13

Training for the Regionals.  Focus on one day at a time. 
Think like a Bumble Bee, Train like a Race Horse.

1.  "Nancy"
5 RFT:
400m Run
15 OHS, 95/65

2.  Snatch Complex
Hang Squat Snatch + OHS - work up to a heavy set.

3.  Front Squat
4x4, across

4.  Goat Training
Play around with a weakness for 20 minutes - focus on technique over intensity or volume
On the minute volume training work nicely for training goats.
example:  OTMx20:  Odd minutes: 3 deficit  HSPU, Even minutes: 8 Pistols

Monday:  Active Recovery (this is not a rest day, be pro-active with your recovery)
Tuesday:  Single Training Session with goat work
Wednesday:  Single Training Session
Thursday:  Active Recovery or Rest day
Friday:  Single Training Session
Saturday: Single or Double Training Sessions*
Sunday: Single or Double Training Sessions*

*As requested, I will be posting Team WODs (in addition to individual training) on Saturdays and Sundays. 


  1. Ben, I've never posted on here but just wanted you to know I started following your programming 2 months prior to the open and am now headed to regionals in my first year of CrossFit. Thanks Boss

    1. South central regions right?? Breaux bridge?

    2. Stuggled on double unders, otherwise did pretty well.

    3. Gotcha bro. See ya in San Antonio. I think we met at that team comp in Laffy me and my buddy one last year.

    4. I remember, and yep, I'll see you there bro

  2. That's badass on the custom leaderboard. In case you missed it there's an article about Conor and I on the Games site. Giving props to the Competitor's WOD Blog! Gotta give credit where it's due.

  3. Dude you live and train in St. Thomas?! Rough life huh :) That is awesome. I was just in St Thomas via Carnival Cruise. Wished the ship would've broken down there. Nice article too. Good to see another more "mature" athlete killin it out there. I'm 36 so I'm right there with ya. Best of luck in regionals!

    1. Yeah man us old farts gotta stick together. Right Derek!?

  4. 1. 19:06 45 sec of the last time
    2. 165
    3. 195-195-205-215
    4. no time

  5. so crazy ... I don't think I have done nancy at girls weight in almost 2 years... this is probably going to hurt!

  6. nancy: 14:20rx unbroken, my ass cheeks were burning
    squat snatch/ohs 110 forgot that it was from the hang woops
    goat work 3 kipping dips otmem x10 last 2 sets were 2/1
    deficit hspu 3 otmem x 10 (2rds 4.5inch, 8 rds 2inch)

    aw damn forgot the front squat, wow im on a roll.

  7. 1. Nancy 14:50 all OHS unbroken
    2. 135-145-155-165-175 took three attempts to get the 175. That was spicy after Nancy.
    3. 175 across
    4. 20 emom
    ODD - press, push press, push jerk @115 first half, 135 last half
    EVEN - 7 box jumps - 24" first half, 30" last half

  8. ((Nancy - Last weeks time 13:26/ 338M)
    1. Today instead of Nancy, did 4 rope climbs/20push ups/2 rope climbs/20push ups/1 rope climb/20 push ups
    2. 75-85-F@95-F@95.... wtf.
    3. forgot!!!! Gotta do this tomorrow. HUGE weakness.
    4. Even: 10 wall balls (14#- dont judge me)
    Odd: 3 strict ring dips... than 2 last 15 minutes)

    --->> Hey folks, for your rope climbs do you teach/train the russian wrap or the spanish?

  9. 1. Nancy= 10:52 RXd
    2. 135, 155, 175, 185, 195, 205
    3. 245 across
    4. OTM x 20
    odd: 2 strict weighted pull ups (80#)
    even: 2 strict shoulder press (135, 135, 140, 140, 145, 145, 150, 150, 155, 155)

  10. M/5'9 140-144# 14 yrs old:

    1: 12:27 (65)
    2: 95
    3: 115 focused on form
    4: no time

  11. 1. nancy today at 65# 11:13... really thought I was moving fast... my nancy time at 9(# is like 11:30... so I kinda thought I would move faster lol... ah well ... my new box does have a little longer of a run... no biggie ... happy with it
    2. started at the 20 min mark 85/115/125x2/135/140-failed to stand up grrr!! stuck at this 135 for months now on all versions of the snatch ... driving me carazy!!
    3. front squats 4x4 @ 180
    4. gymnastics programming instead-
    3 sets 4 strict hspu+ 12 kipping @ 2" deficit rest :60 sec between sets
    7x0:15 sec ring support holds rest :30 sec between sets
    4 x 7 strict pull ups + 10#

    going to play around with pistols tonight ... saw a great video on gymnastics wod on pistols... tired of tearin up my knees! lol

  12. 12:55 nancy
    Built up to 205
    225 across FS

  13. 1) no time. :-(

    2) 40-55-65-75-80kg fail

    3) 100kg across

    4) 20 min
    Odd 30 du - Even 10m handstand walk

  14. 1) 18:00 Rx (My shoulder is still pretty bad, but getting better)
    2) Turned the ego down, worked on form
    3) 4x4 at 285
    4) OTM x 20
    Odd: 10 WBs
    Even: 2 MUs

  15. 1. 11:26 rxd
    2. 135,155,170,185,200#
    3. Missed the across so I did 225,235,245,255
    4. No time

  16. 1.) Did the complex first...#175

    2.) My O.H.S was my goat so I just did Nancy, first time ever doing it RX....12:44

    Will be checking out for the week and doing the whadaya snatch template starting Monday... see you all when the program starts again keep killing it!

  17. 1. 13:40. Runs felt slow, but it was awesome to do it outside on a track. 80 degree day here in Maryland!
    2. Worked up to 115. Will post video link in a minute. Failed at 120, but that is because of my pull. Need to work on keeping it tight. My 1RM snatch is 125, so this felt good today.
    3. 135-145-155-165
    4. OMEM ×20
    Even: Max Unbroken Butterfly PU (best was 10!!)
    Odd: 3 Strict HSPU


    2. Just curious - why are people going to different programming right now? I know I didn't make Regionals, but I am going to train like a Regionals competitor! Plus, the programming is pretty laid out for a year, right? Just curious as to why people are choosing to deviate from the programming...I think Ben has it figured out WAY more than I do, so I am going to stick with whatever you have for me here, Regionals or not :)

    3. hell yeah deb! plus.. everyone can "do" the regionals workouts when they come out! :)

  18. 1 - 13:13 (PB of 12:55)
    2 - 90kg, missed 95kg in front
    3 - 110kg No time for goats (tomorrow instead)

  19. Nancy - 12:19...all OHS unbroken

    Snatch complex - 195

    Did 5x5 FS yesterday

  20. Nancy - 15:40 - Massive headache at the end of rd 3 slowed me down and caused me to split the last 2 rds into 10-5 OHSQT.

    2) Skipped because of headache
    3) 185-195-205-210

  21. Hey Ben, I have been following your program since right before opens started. I'm sorry for not posting until now. Thank you for the awesome programming! I ended up qualifying for regionals for the first time.

    Nancy 12:55rx

    Snatch complex- 125

    FS 155

    Goats Odd-WBs, Even- pistols

  22. 1) 12:06 RX
    2) 225
    3) 335
    4) OTM Strict press and L-sits

  23. 1.) 16:30
    2.) hit 175# technical issue with 185# but its coming real soon
    3.) 205#
    4.) handstand walk/hold

  24. 1. Did row Nancy due to weather. 14:29, I was happy with this because I'm coming off of the flu and expected to do worse.

    2. 165
    3. 225
    4. Handstand walk practice

  25. 1) 15:47 RX'd... Windy as shit here in Vegas today, so the 400s were interesting at best. Went unbroken on all OHS though!

    2) Worked up to 195#

    3) 235# Across

    4) Ran out of time.. no bueno

  26. 1) 16:44
    2) 72.5kg
    3) 110kg across
    4) Even Min: Bar MU x1
    Odd Min: Pistols x 8

  27. 1. 16:20 Running is my biggest weakness!

    2. Felt so weak after doing Nancy, only got 115, no where near my max snatch.

    3. 185 first set then lowered to 165

    4. Sick baby at home so no time for this, but I did muscle ups after Nancy and after snatching. Tried to get 2 consecutive while being tired, did it twice.

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  29. 1. 12:05

    2. 175 (not good :()

    3. 245, 255, 265, 265

    4. 20 Minutes, odd min were 3 MU's and even min were 3 8" deficit hspu

  30. 1) 13:03 (PR by 4:58)
    2) 195 (PR for both squat snatch and OHS). Got 205 but snatch was not below parallel. OHS was good.
    3) 275,295,275,275
    4) 40 DUs and 4 deficit HSPU (2 plates). 10 min only

    1. A 4:58 PR! Thats awesome bud!

    2. Thanks Ty! Both my running (due to training) and OHS (due to mobility work and incorporating light OHS sets in my every day warmup) have come a long way. The latter is also making a big difference in getting under the bar in my snatch. I just follow what Coach says and great things happen!

  31. @ Chris irwin- just saw Ur post from yesterday. Haha!

  32. 1) Rowing Nancy 20:25RX
    Splits were:
    2:11,2:11,2:08,2:06,2:04 while keeping strokes at 25-26

    2)110# (amazed myself since OHS is 115 and this isn't too far off from my squat snatch pr as well)

    3) ran out of time, front squats tomorrow!

    4) 50 DUs, pistol squats

  33. 1) no time. :-(

    2) 40-55-65-75-80kg fail

    3) 100kg across

    4) 20 min
    Odd 5 Butter fly pull ups - Even 5 HSPU