Friday, April 12, 2013

Saturday 4.13.13

Seth and Jordan
"Fight Gone Bad"
3 Rounds of:
AMRAP 1 at each station:
Wall Balls, 20/14
SDHP, 75/55
BJ, 20 - no games standards.
Push Press, 75/55
Row for cals.
Rest 1 minute between rounds.

Team FGB - Follow the Leader Style
Teams of four (2 men, 2 women)
2 Rounds for time of:
30 Wall Balls, 20/14
30 SDHP, 75/55
30 BJ, 24/20 - no games standards.
30 Push Press, 75/55
15 cals on Rower
No Rest between rounds.

Each station will be set up with both men's and women's weights.  On the call of "Go!" Athlete 1 enters the wall ball station.  Once the 30 reps are completed he/she will move to the SDHP station and Athlete 2 may enter the wall ball station.  After finishing the Wall Balls, Athlete 2 must wait till Athlete 1 has finished the SDHP and moved to the BJ station before moving on.  This sequence continues till all athletes have gone through all the movements twice.  Time stops when the fourth athlete finishes their second row.  The order of athletes is up to the team to determine.  


  1. Will double sessions be posted as well? I'm free to do a double tomorrow, should I do a weakness/gymnastic session in the AM than FGB tomorrow night? I'm not familiar with how to program doubles, but i'd like to start. I tried in Febuary to add in extra sprinting sessions but ended up just getting painful inflammation in my knees from over doing it.

    1. That's awesome that you're hungry for additional work. But the truth is, that's not always best - as you already experienced that in February. This is a very balanced and incredibly well thought out program, so I suggest following just as it's written. Also, refer to the FAQ.

      Best of luck to you.

  2. crazy that this was one of my favorite workouts.. lol ... somehow the better I get ... the worse this wod feels!!

  3. 1. 3rđ time to do FGB.... previous: 266, today: 358.

  4. 121, 98, 101.
    Total = 320
    PB of 321!
    So far beyond sore right now

  5. Gym was closed due to a BWLA course being held.

    Did 3 beach wods with some of the other members instead.

    WoD 1
    10 KB thrusters 24kgx2
    2 sets of stairs
    8 KBT
    4 sets of stairs
    6 KBT
    6 sets of stairs
    4 KBT
    8 sets of stairs
    2 KBT
    Full flight of about 20.
    = 6:24

    WoD 2
    150m marker
    16 Lunges w/24kg KB
    Run back to start then back to KB
    16 more lunges w/24kg KB
    Keep going til you hit 150m, run to the start and back, bring KB back to start then 50 KB swings
    = 8:14

    WoD 3
    Played around with some sprints.

    I'd rather of done FGB. I'm wounded.

  6. 1. "Elizabeth" first time with squat cleans. Much tougher. 10:32.

    2 and 3.. Later..

    1. 2. 1x10 DL - worked up to 315, felt ok but didn't want to overwork the lower back. Still stiff and sore esp in the mornings. Anyone else have the same problem?

      3. Dumbbell complex - worked up to 70lb.

  7. Team fgb 17:08 4 person team/ 2 male 2 female
    I did games standard bj, cant figure out the other way lol

  8. omg... I should have prob rethoughtt my plan to do my gymnastics work in my pm session! after FGB ... Elizabeth yesterday .... still feeling sore from angie Wednesday.... or maybe I don't know what I am sore from ... lol .. the thought of doing n e thing else today sucks!! but I gotta get these skills in!! :)

    FGB - 416 PR
    previous best was 403... but when we did this last time I only got 397 ... so I'm happy with that.. died on last round of push press!

    1. I am still sore from Angie too! Amazing score on fgb

  9. I'm currently following the "Get Hyooge" program and I'm loving it.

    Today I combined Fri and Sats workout I felt so amazing. More energy than I've had in many months.

  10. 2nd session: team wod 2 females, 1 male, 1 athlete works at a time, chipper format.
    21 75' prowler push 230/140
    300 sec handstand hold
    60 stone ground to shoulder 115/65
    300 double unders
    Found out after front of sled was bent that's why it was so damn hard haha, only gonna make you stronger right!?

  11. FGB 364

    Haven't done this one in a long time, glad to get a new benchmark!

  12. FGB = 473 RXd (PR)

    Round 1:
    WB= 33 sdhp=30 bj= 58 pp= 50 row= 16

    Round 2:
    Wb= 31 sdhp= 23 bj= 55 pp= 30 row= 13

    Round 3:
    Wb= 31 sdhp= 21 bj= 47 pp= 30 row= 15

    1. Well thank you!! Lol tbh I thought I myself in the middle "am I doing that good right now?!?!? "...

  13. FGB: 452 PR

    RD 1: 32,34,51,40,17
    RD 2: 31,25,41,30,16
    RD 3: 25,22,43,29,16

    1. Thanks Fernando and yes T look at my profile pic...can't you tell

  14. Body was telling me to test today. So I listened.

  15. With two of our girls out for the weekend, we went with our 3 guys and 1 of the women from our team (CF Silicon Valley).

    Team FGB - 15:18

  16. okay okay post tomorrow's workout already! geesh! lol... I feel like this is causing more anxiety than the open! lol

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    1. FGB: 205
      Sub KB Swing (53#) for row.

  18. 326 RXd. First yime doing FGB so I'll take it for now!

  19. 269 FGB Rx - still sore / tired from everything.

  20. Sunday morning:
    FGB in my basement (subs)
    45lb plate thruster; 75lb sumo; 30" rope jump; 75lb pp; burpees

    287 - burpees really low 14,11,11

  21. Didn't do as well as I could have at the comp. Ended up placing 5th. Did "Annie" with pretty strict sit-up standards in 5:58, got to the Bear Complex Ladder - was excited for it because I thought I would be able to get 145 - and when I went up for my jerk from behind the neck on 135, I didn't lock it and it landed on me and toppled me over. I am sure it looked really, really scary. Then...I couldn't get a MU in the next workout (Ladder : 1 135 lb Front Squat, I Muscle Up, 2 Front Squats, 2 MU). Frustrating. Placed 2nd in the final WOD which was 5-4-3-2-1 Squat Snatch (95), starting with a rope climb and one freaking tall rope climb in between each snatch set.

    How's my neck? It is pretty stiff, but if I keep moving it, it is okay. It's bruised pretty bad, but it doesn't "hurt" -- it's just sore. Still going to try to do the workout today. If it starts hurting, I will stop.

  22. 247 reps (88,77,82) My first ever fight gone bad.
    I did airsquats since I don't have a wall ball yet.
    SDHP were KILLER