Sunday, April 21, 2013

Monday 4.22.13

Recovery Day


  1. So out of curiousity (I'm mapping out when I'm coming back to compWod) what exactly does the following mean

    June-July: Beast Mode (you’re a freak!)

    At the latest, I'll be coming back in August for the strength training (my biggest weakness throughout the open) and I'm currently doing a pure strength program which is much MUCH needed. But I'd love to come back to compwod as soon as possible.

  2. y not just keep following it? maybe add/take away what may be too much volume ... & add in more work u might need until season is over? if u can't do the weekend.. maybe just change up the schedule ... maybe do fri-sun on mon-wed?

  3. Had to take a rest day yesterday so I did yesterday's wod today....that was painful. 35:30 Rx

  4. 20 min light swim. Gunna ice bath, roll out, and do mobility later. Feeling awesome after a nice swim in some chilly water! Refreshing!

  5. Because of my schedule I'm going to stick to Thu and Sun as my rest days and WOD it up on the others. So doing Sat's stuff today.

    This AM - snatch complex. Started lighter to get in more rounds
    95, 105, 115, 125, 135, 145, 155, 165, 175. Failed at 185 a bunch of times.

    Will do marathon WOD this afternoon.

    1. Chris,

      I'm on the same schedule as you. I'll be doing Saturday's work here shortly and will post later...

    2. Right on man. Did the Marathon Monday WOD this afternoon - 20:50 Rx.

  6. I've been behind lately on these WODs due to a knee injury. I did manage to do Grace and got 1:53 rx on it. And also did "marathon Monday" and got 14:30

  7. Marathon Monday
    22:55 (18:15 out the door onto the run!)

    Partner interval work based on yesterday work rest 1:1
    Run 200m
    Prowler 100m 2 x 20kg
    Farmer's walk 2 x 32kg KBs
    20 burpees

    Round time

  8. I know its a rest day, but I went into my local box and did a regional prep WOD with one of my buddies..

    5 RFT
    -5 Squat Cleans @ 205#
    -15 Toes-to-Bar
    -Rest 1 min

    RXd 11:45

  9. Marathon Monday: 29:30 Really dogged the last round and a half... Good WOD!

  10. Heather is such an awesome athlete! Ben could you make a muscle up technique video with her?? I noticed on a video on youtube, Heather has her arms already bent as her legs are going up into the kip. Timing her kip/transition perfectly. I cant get this. My kip/sit up transition is all off. Help? :)

  11. Did yesterday's run/prowler deal.


    Was a good time. First round with 90# on the prowler, second and third with 45#. Done on gravel/dirt.

    1. You never mentioned the awesome weather, and the ole' guy breathin' down yer' neck....and the know the corner...the corner where things have happened.

  12. M/5'9 140-144# 14 yrs old:

    Did yesterday's stuff just 100 meter push and carry.
    32:54 (45...65)

  13. No gym yesterday, did a five mile run. Did yesterday's programming today.

  14. Yesterday's work - 50:02

    Don't have a prowler or sled so improvised with some barbell plates, cargo straps, and an old tshirt. Pulled 125lbs down and back on dirt and grass. Was tough and time consuming. Loved it though! Used dumbells instead of KBs for the farmers carry. First time doing sled pulls or farmers walk in a WOD, liked the change.