Monday, April 15, 2013

Tuesday 4.16.13


1.  HSPU
1 max set - kipping allowed
If you are under 30 reps complete 2 more max sets.  Rest as needed between sets.

2.  Muscle ups
1 max set
If you are under 12 reps complete 2 more max sets.  Rest as needed between sets.

3.  Handstand walking
1 max set
If you are under 100 feet complete 2 more max sets.  Rest as needed between sets.

4.  15-12-9:
Unbroken Clean and Jerks for max load.
All reps must be touch and go.  Resting overhead is allowed.  Resting at the hang or rack is not allowed.  This is not "Gwen" - she allows resting anywhere but the ground.


  1. Great pic. Post caption to comments.... Hobart, you're up-

  2. Resting in either rack position? Meaning after the clean but before the jerk...or does that just mean after the jerk no resting...? I want to try to to go right from shoulders to overhead, but I figured I would ask since I am sure that I am not the only one who thought about this :)

    1. Basically the clean and jerk has to be in one fluid motion from the ground to overhead and you can only rest with the weight overhead

  3. Went a little out of order today; rings were not available when I needed them for part 2

    1)HSPU's 1st attempt 37 (fell off the wall kipping, not happy) took a second attempt and got 51. I definitely think I can get more with a more stable kip.

    2)HS Walk: 1st attempt apprx 165' measured in meters and converted

    3)MU's 20 in 1:16

    15(11 paused in rack, no repped myself)-
    12(6 lost grip)-
    9(completed all 9)

    1. Dude you are a gymnastics KING! Amazing.

    2. thanks, helps being an ex-collegiate gymnast. these things are definitely in my wheel house. Just got to get the barbell work to catch up with it. No worries Taylor and Cheryl will post in a bit and blow my scores out of the water hah. Got to get on their level!

    3. Hey Bud, you got those gymnastics on lock!! 51 hspu and 20 UB MUs is awesome bro!! I'd be stoked to get close to those scores!

  4. HSPU 22/10/10

    MU 7/8/8

    HSW progressions

    CJs 155/155/165. Could've pushed but jut enough work today.

  5. Hspu-30
    No mus
    Hs walk- 45', 35', 35'
    Gwen with db's- 15x60 should have gone heavier., 11x75-didn't lock out the jerk on 12, 75x9
    2.5ish mile jog -23ish mins

    1. Good call on the dumbbells man, worked like a charm.

  6. Crazy the day I start CFNE Comp. programming, is the same day my picture is up!!! Congrats to CFNE Comp team and all the regional athletes!!! Taylor.... You were truly an inspiration to follow!!! Good luck and kick some but!

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    2. Thanks Eric! Now, more importantly. How many curls do I have to do to get arms like that? JACKED!

    3. Hey Eric! Saw you compete at competitors comp, sick athlete!

  7. HSPU-32
    C+J 135 across

    Wanted to go heavier but wasn't sure how I'd feel. 135 was tough but unbroken and fluid on all reps.

  8. First day back in about 4 weeks, here's to hoping my beta blocker cocktail works
    1) 31. Did 2 more sets just because I was close to the limit. 21, 20
    2). 14. Did another set. 8
    3). Don't have it
    4). 115 all TnG and no pausing...not a huge weight but feels good to get back.

  9. HSPU, Mucle up, HS walk... I am just not there yet skill wise so I did EMOTM goat training instead (10 kipping HSPU & 10 TTB)
    "Gwen" #95 unbroken TnG

  10. 1. Did gymnastics training this morning 6 sets of 2 strict chin ups +3 kipping muscle ups from Rings

    HSPU= 38. ..i noticed that with the kip for high reps...i end up further and further away from the wall! lolby my last one i had to scoot my hands and head back in!
    HS Walk...didnt spend too much time on this...did 3 sets around 30 Ft
    4. 115- made it through 13 with no pause...but paused a little for last 2/ 12 and 9 were successful...
    Used my weight from Gwen...i remember having a hard time not resting in Gwen...guess i am getting stronger :)

    Gymnastcs Core:
    5 Min AMRAP of TGU with 16kg

    50 GHD Sit Ups
    50 Back Externsion
    80 Hollow Rocks

  11. My lats are absolutely ruined still off Angie I believe it to be. Literally can't do anything.

    1) 5/5/7
    2) Tried so many times but didnt have it. PB is 10 UB so should be ok at these. Annoying.
    3) Can barely get my head through a full lockout so did a wall facing handstand hold with some shoulder taps
    4) Went @40kg to try and move

    Got annoyed and some of the other guys were doing cement mixer so foam rolled my lats as much as I could then did that. Managed all rounds and my lats feel alot looser now thank god. Time for an ice bath.

  12. HSPU 16-15-16
    MU 10-6-6
    HSWalk 20'-17'-22'

    4. Tried 145 buy dropped bar at 10 reps.

    Went to 135 and finished all three sets unbroken.

    My forearms are toast!

  13. 1) 18-16-16

    2) 7-5-5

    3) hsw is a goat im working on

    4) 50-60-65 kg all reps unbroken

  14. 1. 10/8/8 using 15's dumbbells and abmat, super happy my wrists can handle this.
    2. Tonight skill sess (hopefully)
    3. No HS walking.
    4. 95#, Didnt know what weight to choose, did Gwen @80# in October. 15's unbroken, dropped it twice during the 12's, 9s ok. Happy I followed Belinda with this weight choice.

    1. Happy to hear that the dbs worked. Careful if using a big kip, they can roll.

  15. Hspu 18 pb, 13, 11
    Mu 6, 4, 5
    Hs walk shit max of about 18 feet

    Clean and jerk
    15 @ 65kg, 12 @ 70kg, 8 @ 90kg

  16. 1. HSPU= 60 reps UB
    2. Max MU= 16...(20 coming soon)
    3. 85ft, 35ft, 25ft
    4. 165= 12
    155= 10
    145= 9

    Everything went well besides the c&j. Lost every meaning of the word grip. Literally couldn't hold the bar. Oh well, good day overall!

  17. M/5'9 140-144# 14 yrs old:

    1: 5-12-9 need to get better at kipping so I don't fall off the wall

    2: tried to get 1st muscle up....

    3: just worked on them.

    4: 95-95-100 Stoked bout my performence in the c&j

  18. Need to get back in shape!!!
    3 mile run
    HSPU 16/17/17
    Muscle-up 8/9/9
    135 for all 15-12-9

  19. 20lb pr from last time i did this
    15 - 125
    12 - 135
    9 - 155

    probably could have started heavier but when i did this back in november i remember struggling. feel good so far this week. hopefully i can increase the volume.

  20. Today was my first WOD from this programming. I really needed something to follow to help prepare for Mid-Atlantic Regionals & I think this will be so helpful!

    HSPU - 20/11
    MUs - worked on technique & 3/3/3
    Handstands - MAJOR weakness so I did handstand holds off the wall and sets of 12 feet walks
    15- 95#
    12- 105#
    9 - 120#

  21. 16-10-6 fell down
    Worked on them
    50*15, 60*12, 60*9 all kg

  22. 1.) 11-12-12 need to perfect kip and balance on wall

    2.) 4-5-5 need to maintain false type grip better

    3.) worked on skill got a few steps in there

    4.) shot for 135# but only hit 10-7-6
    Went for max load but obviously a lil over zealous

  23. 1. HSPU: 21-20-17
    2. Worked on dips today: 10 - 7 - 7
    3. 50 feet - 50 feet - 50 feet. The space I had was 50 feet across; I kept trying to turn around, but I didn't get it this time. I will get it! :)

    4. Used 95#. Only paused so, so, so briefly at 13 reps in the 15s. Kind of upset about it...Everything else without pausing/"resting" with it locked out overhead (which I honestly didn't do too much because grip felt worse than anything).

  24. 1. 41
    2. 9
    3. 50ft, 50ft, 50ft need to work on my turn around
    4. Pefrofmed after a plane ride
    145, 155, 155

  25. 1) skipped because I did ten yesterday and will do tomorrow for goat
    2) 5 3 4
    3) just work. Can't do this at all yet
    4) 135 -145 - 155. Could have done 5 to 10 more on each. Felt really good even though my form got shotty on the bottom of the clean.

  26. Asked to make an effort to workout with community so today was a little different and out of order...Did Grace with my box instead of the 15-12-9

    1) "Grace" - 2:08
    2) HSPU - 25/17/15
    3) HSW - 80ft / 110ft / 90ft (only got the turn around once)
    4) MU - 5 / 6/ 0 - Reopened two rips from yesterday....Game Over

  27. 1. HSPU:39
    2. MU: 13
    3. 110'
    4. 15-155#

    Today started pretty rough but I got it together and managed to finish strong.

  28. 1) 30, 30
    2) 13, 13
    3) 45, 43, 24
    4) 15-165, 12-185, 7-205(grip went south)

  29. 1. 12-10-10 HSPU

    2. 0 MU (8 attempts) then did 3 Max effort Ring Rows / Dips

    3. 24-22-10 HSW

    4. 105-110-115

  30. Gymnastics did me dirty today... As rough as it was, it's always a great day being at the gym.

    1. 15/14/7
    2. 5/5/3
    3. 12/16/11 - did several more for extra practice
    4. 135/155/165