Monday, April 22, 2013

Tuesday 4.23.13

Rasheed, Master & Monster.

1.  Filthy 50
50 reps of:
Box Jumps, 24" - games standards not necessary
Jumping Pull ups - bar height at mid forearm
KBS, 35/25
Walking Lunges
KTE - hit elbows, not armpits
Push Press, 45/33
Back Ext
Wall Ball, 20/14
Double unders

2.  Hang Squat Snatch
5x1 across

3.  Goat Work
Spend 20 minutes training 1-2 weaknesses


  1. Don't have med balls yet... in the mail. .. good sub for the wall balls??

  2. Is everyone doing jumping pull ups and just trying to go as fast as possible, or should I do kipping pull ups?

    1. Do it as prescribed above...It sucks the way it is written! :) Don't mess with the plan, man! :)

    2. Ok thanks! Wasn't sure if jumping pull ups would be too easy but I'm prob underestimating this wod. Today will be my first shot at The Filthy!

  3. Great sub for wall balls!
    How about back extensions? Would barbell good mornings do? I don't have pullup bar, what's a good sub for the kte? And jumping pullups? Thanks in advanced

  4. Great sub for wall balls!
    How about back extensions? Would barbell good mornings do? I don't have pullup bar, what's a good sub for the kte? And jumping pullups? Thanks in advanced

  5. Back ext = good mornings. KTE = V ups.

  6. so lets talk... what's your least favorite part of filthy 50? :)

    1. The burpees.

      The exercise with the most severe cardio response is almost at the end after you are starting to already have trouble catching your breath.

    2. damn jumping pull ups for some reason. just something about going to those right after box jumps

    3. I'm with Cheryl the wallballs are brutal.

    4. Def the burpees for me. Brutal at the end!

  7. I guess there is a first time for everything, right! This will be my first rodeo with the Filthy 50.

  8. Did some training from my box today instead of the Filthy, back to compWOD tomorrow

    Also wanted to give a quick shout out to those who are wanting to get in a good competition post-Regionals. My box (Raleigh CrossFit) is hosting Carolina's Capital City Clash June 22-23rd. Go to the garage games site and look under the Southeast region. Follow the link below for more details, hope to see some compWOD athletes there!


    1. Thanks for the heads up. I'm down in fayetteville I will try and make it up there for sure.

  9. 20:51 PR

    185X2, 190X2, 195X1...Went for 200 but failed, next time.

    X10 mins: odd: 6 Squat Cleans 135#, even: 4 muscle ups unbroken
    x8 mins row

  10. 1) 23.31 sub'd a 25# wallball, gym doesn't have 20# balls. Almost 5min off my pr. My cardio is shot from being gone.

    2) 143#. Went lighter than I would have usually since this is only my second day back after a 6 week break. Form felt pretty good on the last two was happy with it overall.

    3) did 20min of foam rolling and mobility.

  11. 17:22
    195 across
    Rowing and weighted pistol work

  12. 16:33 (PB) sucked ass

    65kg/145lbs across.

    10 mins
    Odd: Bar MU
    Even: HS practice

    10 mins
    Odd: 4 pistols
    Even: 3 HSPU

    1. Just looked at other people's times. I thought I couldn't be that fast. I was right. When writing down the exercises on the board my fantastical brain forgot walking lunges and K2E. What a dick.

  13. 1- 19:59 I was stoked to get a sub 20 time. Even if just barely!
    2- 155
    3- tuck sits and forward rolls to pistol.

  14. 1. 17:04 35# kb, 45# bar, 24" box, 14# ball
    2. 145# ... Donnie Shankle moment at 150 -those of u who have been following the blog may remember that little article :)
    3. did done of my gymnastics programming ... gunna finish up tonight :)
    5 sets - 5 strict chest to bars ( overhand grip) + 7 chin ups
    4 sets- 8 strict ring dips (+20#) + 0:10 sec hold

  15. 1 - 24:36 knees to elbows ate me alive. Back extensions on a ghd are a new thing for high reps!
    2 - 5 singles at 80kg
    3 - 8 min AMRAP
    15 wall balls
    30 double unders
    6 rounds + 11

  16. 20:52
    Odd:1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-7 bench press
    Even: 3-6-9-12-15-18-12 butter fly

  17. Had the opportunity to go wod with another guy going to south central regionals so I did this:

    7 x 2 high hang snatch
    5 x 3 back squat (5 sec in rock bottom)
    5 x 3 snatch first pulls

    For time:
    40 burp
    50 DUs
    30 burp
    50 DUs
    20 burp
    50 DUs
    1k row

    Time: 10:04

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  19. 1) 18:40 pr
    2) 65 across
    3) otm
    Bench press 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-5
    Strict pullups 2-4-6-8-10-12

  20. 1. 20:28

    2 secs slower than a PR. Wanted sub 20. Knees to Elbows were the kicker. Pull up bar is only 2 ft off the wall and at 6'3 that makes a kip tough, so they went strict.

    2. Worked up to 185#. Pretty pleased with that.

    Goat work in a bit.

  21. Morning WOD 6 rounds for time: 6 deads (225) 200 m run. Recovered for about 10 minutes then did a partner WOD. 3 rounds for time: 20 muscle ups 20 cal row 20 burpees

    1. 19:58rx. Damn! I messed up on the order.

    2. 220 hang power across. Don't want to risk injuring my knee some more.

    3. Bar muscle ups and rowing.

  22. 1) 19:36 subbed thrusters for wall ball
    Did muscle ups and OHS for goat training

  23. Ate a bag of peanuts and sunflower seeds at the baseball excuse I chose to but it got me during the 50. Got refocused for the snatch and got a big PR.

    1. Filthy 50: 19:50 rxd
    2. HSS: 195*2,205,210,215

    215# HSS -

    I'll take any critique...

    1. Awesome Alex. Ton's of speed on the pull and transition to the bottom position!

  24. Gave blood today - decided I had enough time to rest, so I worked out.
    Got dizzy during the burpees, so I rested for about 5 minutes. Total time: 26:10. Without the dizziness, I probably would have finished around 21 minutes (used 24 inch box, 35 lb KB, 45 lb bar)

    Skipped the heavy lifting after the dizzy spell. :) Probably smart.

    1. Forgot to say 16# wall ball.

    2. Wow. Thanks for the inspiration Deb! You are one tough cookie.

    3. Don't patronize me, Jason!!!

  25. 1)18:49 subbed 45# thrusters for wallballs
    2)215 across (struggled with bottom position)
    3)OHS,Double Unders/ Rowing, KB swings

  26. Very little time today. Squeezed in a 30 min swim at lunch and jumped into class tonight for a Helen-ish like WOD:

    4 RFT
    200m run
    10 pull ups
    15 KBS 70#

    7:09 Rx

  27. Filthy Fifty - Basement subs = 1.5pood swings, 45lb Good Mornings and Thrusters - 24:20 Need major improvement here!

    1000m row

  28. First filthy fifty for me. I liked it!

    1) 21:20 had to sub 45# thrusters for the wall balls

    2) 1x175 and 4x185. Didn't miss one, so I was pretty happy with that.

    3) 20m EMOM with 20# vest
    -Odd- 5 Ring Dips
    5 Toes to Bar
    -Even- 6 Alternating Pistols

    Great session today.

  29. 1) 22:09 Rx... first time doing this one... fun. first day back from 13.3 shoulder... good one to hit first getting back with light overhead/shoulder movements.

    - then -

    sorta 2) 2+2(5) classic SN + OHSq at 95#... easssy weight. off to a good start. was worried about all that time off. felt damn good to get back under the bar again.

  30. Filthy 50- 19:14 (first 2 exercises subbed out and replaced with a 600m Row)

    Goat Work:
    - For 20 min.
    Odd: 2 Band-Assisted Ring HSPU's
    Even: 4 Turkish Get-Ups (1.5 pood)

  31. 1) 21:30 2 min pr, gotta get faster with k2e and burpees

    2) 155 across, pretty winded after the above

    3) worked on no false grip MU

  32. 1. 20:32 Rx
    2. 205 across
    3. Deadlift work

  33. filthy 50 - 27:36 (2 min pr)

    no where near most of the times posted here..really impressive. this time domain is a big goat of mine.