Sunday, April 28, 2013

Monday 4.29.13

Ty Wisecup.
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Recovery Day.

Regional WODS will be announced a week from this Wednesday.  Any guesses?


  1. Some running. Well Atleast that's what I guess your guessing. Lol

  2. - squat snatch/rope climb couplet
    - some triple-unders somewhere in there

  3. running for sure
    heavy dumbbell something
    heavy overhead squats
    bar muscle ups
    and the usual mix of chipper style movements - ttb pull ups hspu box jumps burpees? lightish weight barbell stuff
    heavy deadlifts
    heavy cleans/c&j
    moderately heavy snatches

  4. Slam dunk competition
    5k run
    Water tread
    Max height box jump
    Backflips (back tucks)
    Ring handstand push-ups
    Floor routine (gymnastics or hip-hop)
    Pole vault over moat filled with gators
    40 yard dash

    5 rounds for time
    7 muscle ups
    400M run

  5. A bit behind from this weekend:
    1) deadlift, hang clean, press - 8:28
    2) row 200, 400, 600 - :45, 1:32, 2:20 need 2 do 2 more rds of this.

    More to make up later.

  6. 5k swim
    Bear wrestling
    Snatch ladder in a snake pit
    Nasty girls
    Ice sculpting

    1. I need to work on my ice sculpting... It's a definite goat of mine

    2. Me too, I've found that short quick chiseling is more efficient than the long drown out method o chiseling. Hope that helps.

  7. Did yesterday's WOD today:

    10 RFT - 10 DLs, 8 power cleans, 6 push press (95) - 8:27

    Second half this afternoon.

  8. As for Regionals I would guess a very similar format as last year, just like the Open. No running and real distance. Our venue is indoors and there is just no way I can see them logistically having a long run. My guesses:

    - girl WOD like they Diane last year. Something different though.
    - Same format for 2nd WOD with hang snatches instead of hang cleans. So 2000m row, 50 pistols, 30 hang snatches. Heavy weight.
    - deadlift ladder
    - a WOD with bar MUs.

  9. Did yesterday's part 2
    5:45rx. Felt good on those deficit handstands

    Also did a partner WOD
    12 snatches (135)
    600 m row
    24 pull ups.... Took us 20:23 to finish that. Wanted to push for sub 20. Will do part 1 in a few hrs. Good Monday everybody

  10. Yesterday's work

    1. Did this morning - 10RFT 10 DL, 8 HPC, 6 PP - 12:51

    Mornings are not kind to me. Lower back is extra tight and sore, so took it a bit slow. Not as much energy either.

    2. This evening...

    1. Cleans/HSPU - 14:05. I don't know how you cats are gettin under 10 min on this. Damn I suck!

  11. something tells me I'm going to feel worse tomorrow ... not too bad today

  12. I know these are just people's guesses on regional WODs... but they make my heart rate rise a little even just reading through them lol

    My husband and I did a local competition (guy/girl teams)
    WOD 1
    1 partner run 400m then burpee partner hop over there and back...then
    1 person working chip away at 75reps of thrusters (85/55), 50reps of partner wall balls over 10 foot pull up bars, 75reps of OHS (85/55), burpee hop overs then 2nd partner runs a 400m
    It was a 12min time cap, we finished in 9:30 beat the second place team by 1 min

    5 minutes to etablish a 1RMX power snatch for the male and 1RMX squat clean for the female (my hubby got #185, I got 165# PR for me)
    then rest 1 minute
    switch roles..2min AMRAP of squat clean/power snatch (you could choose your weights 75/95/115...75=1point, 95=5points, 115=10points...girls have to power snatch and guys have to squat clean)
    I got 5 power snatches at 115...another PR!!

    After WOD 1 & WOD 2, we were grouped into the elite division..
    WOD 3...
    Partners start on the opposites of the room
    girls did 20 pistols, 25 KB swings #35, 30 Hang power cleans #115
    guys did 20 HSPU, 25 pull ups, 30 Front squats #135
    when you get to half way you have to do 5 rope climbs
    then you switch and work your way back to the other side
    There was a 12min time cap...
    we didn't finish, it was much harder than it looked on paper
    We didn't end up making the cut for the final 4

    Next WOD was...."High Jump"... literally high jump like old school track and field high jump...we didn't stay around to watch but I heard it was really entertaining to watch

    Anyways, it was a fun day and I thought I would share these WODs with you guys

  13. Yesterday work

    1) 12:40
    2) 17:38
    HSPU are a massive GOAT of mine anyway so went RX'd and got it done. Happy that I finished it to be honest

  14. Yesteray's work with extra overhead work and bodyweight movements

    Predictions: Sott's Press ladder, Ring HSPUs, Running

  15. M/5'9 145# 14 yrs old:

    Did yesterday's first wod: 10:00 (75)

    Goat work: 10 minutes on the minute....3 HSPU

  16. Yesterday's Work:

    1. 8:33

    2. Instead, just worked some lighter power cleans, then did 30 deficit HSPU for time (4:40).

  17. Working on an Oly cycle right now not going to regionals so just trying to get strong and work technique but miss posting and sharing with you all so here's what I did today:
    1 power sn + 1 hang psn blkn + 1 squat sn + 1 ohs worked up to 175 stayed there to really pay attention to techhnique
    the "Isabel" 2:22 had fun today just getting back into the swing of things

  18. Yesterday's work due to traveling back from the B.O.X. seminar...
    1. 8:02 rxd
    2. 8:21 rxd

    Not the results I was looking for but I'm glad I worked through it.