Saturday, April 6, 2013

Sunday 4.7.13

Last day of the Open...Get your popcorn ready.

Open 13.5
15 Thrusters, 100/65
15 C2B
*if you complete 90 reps continue for another 4 mins...

Recovery Day


  1. Coach Ben,

    Would y'day pregame be good movement prep for today as well?

  2. Thursday: 79

    Sunday: 80

    It is what it is. Had some good reps which were no repped, but I cannot change those variables. Acceptance is what's best.

    Thank you Coach Ben for the programming, and looking forward to the Regionals Prep.

  3. Thurs: 78
    Sun: 79

    First attempt my bumper broke, I finished first round in 1min exactly then after the next 9 thrusters the bumper cracked and fell apart. Second attempt 5min later I was obviously a little gassed so.. next year!

    Thank you VERY much BEN! I want you to know that I appreciate everything you've done for us so far, you're an awesome dude.

  4. For a little laugh...

  5. Wow is right, crappy luck. All you can do is laugh in that situation. Does that make it an extra 4 minutes of AMRAP?

  6. 1st attempt: 84
    2nd attempt: 131
    Took a :45 rest before begging the "bonus" round.

  7. Got 80 reps today, up from 72 on Thursday.
    Need to work my pull ups and take some harden up pills.

  8. Thursday: 88
    Today: 127

    Thanks Ben, the new rep scheme helped out, although I wasn't cut out for the 3rd set of 5-5-5 C2B's. Instead had to break them up into like 5 sets and I squeaked out my 15th rep at 3:59 LOL. Then a 40 sec. rest and sets of 3 on everything until 8 mins.
    It was an all out effort so I couldn't be happier and I couldn't be more relieved that the OPEN's over!!!

    1. awesome, knew you could do it.

    2. Thanks Dudes. I'm currently rewarding myself with a box of kraft dinner.

    3. I am crossig my fingers for you
      Good job!!

  9. feeling sore from a competition we had yesterday, so i didn't do it today. competition was called Utahs Strongest Athlete and i won my weight class. have to credit Ben for his programming. thanks again to you and to all my online training partners.

  10. I have been following this blog and community since October 2012! I'm a crossfitter without a box, so you have become 'my go-to community'! I really appreciate all you do for us, Ben!! I believe in your programming and what you are doing. I am far from a regional competitor, but am always looking to improve for myself and for the smaller comps.

    Here's to another year of the open and it being OVER for me!! Looking forward to making 'Ben's Leaderboard' one day in the future :)

    Good Luck to everyone out there! Kick some ASS!!

  11. Thursday: 58
    Today: 73

    Butterfly C2Bs are a goat. Ended up doing mostly singles today.

    Never have I agonized so much for 4 minutes of work. Glad the Open is finally over. It was fun but nerve-racking!

    Great job everyone and good luck to those going to regionals! Represent!

  12. Thursday : 86
    Sunday : fell short

    I am very pleased with my overall performance this year in the open and I have to thank Coach Ben for this programming and making it available to the community I have become better little by little everyday and sir I thank you and this community of Crossfitters for sharing your results and experiences good and bad I cant even begin to describe how important the Community of CrossFit is to me, after my family of course it is what I love and gives me purpose to help others reach their goals and become better 1% EVERYDAY! I will be turning 40 by next years Open and I am determined to make it into that top 20 with the help of this Blog and my family and friends wish me luck for next year everyone and thanks to all you guys and gals that have shared on this blog you all ROCK!

  13. I have been fighting fever (flu) the past couple of days. Got 73. Very disappointed but it is what it is. Hopefully will still make our affiliate team and be strong for regionals.

    Thanks Ben for the programming and tips! You have helped me immensely for the open. I have been extremely busy and stressed (with other things) but I didn't have to worry about programming.

  14. I did not improve today - Oh well! I am sure it is due to the softball tournament yesterday, but I don't care. :) Yesterday was an awesome day- and I wouldn't trade that for a few more reps on a redo! What a great Open this year. Eye opening and mentally challenging which allowed for me to do some self-reflection as to why and what I am doing with my fitness... Anyway, looking forward to a dedicated following of CompWod through the next year to see what improvements next year's Open brings. Good luck to all of you going to Regionals -- Hopefully I will be a judge at the Mid-Atlantic Regionals this year. If not, I will be there to cheer you all on!