Sunday, November 11, 2012

Monday 11.12.12

Becca Voigt spent the last 5 days training at CFNE.  
Good times and big improvements.  

1.  Snatch Balance
work up to a heavy single

2.  "Clovis"
For time:
Run 10 miles
150 Burpee Pull ups

You can break these up as needed.  Suggestion is 10 RFT of: 1mile Run and 15 Burpee Pull ups.

Veteran's Day is important to so many in the CrossFit Community.  
Do what you can to support the Fallen Hero's Project.  


  1. Replies
    1. 10 miles...... 150 burpee pull ups...... Does height really matter?!?!?!! Lol

    2. This has ruined all plans I had tomorrow. Lol

    3. lol im all about the details... and quite frankly... yes it does matter lol ... i am trying to find a creative fun place to do this torture... and it will feel very different. if i am junping one foot or simply reaching to grab the bar. just saying.

    4. I hear ya! Either way should be fun :)

    5. Use what you have. Ideally it's between 6 and 12" above max reach.

  2. I see nos. 1 and 4.

    Does 2 and 3 exist? Or omitted?

  3. So I'm glad I drank those beers and ate that pint of ice cream...I'll need it for this workout. Btw Thank you Ben for making this programming available and FREE! It kicks ass.

  4. It b/c I'm coming back from Paris,
    And the one universal vegetable over there is bread.
    Great big shout out to the guys and gals at
    Crossfit louvre! Thanks David and Patrick

  5. 1 hour 58 minutes

    Longest distance I have ever run.

  6. 1:49:44rx
    Pr'd my furthest run by almost 7miles (5k). Sad but true.

    Thank you to all the veterans. I was thinking of your sacrifices the whole way.

    Congrats to anyone who gets out of their comfort zone today, whatever that means for you!

  7. 10 RFT:
    1 mile run
    15 BPUs

  8. Snatch balance stayed at 175 worked on form
    Did 150 burpee pull ups no time for the run banged em out quick 6x 25 all unbroken

  9. 1. 245
    2. 2:02.45 Rx
    Not much running room on the island. I ran a 800M loop with 2 terrible hills.
    The 2 plates and 12 screws in my left ankle are really stoked, but not as happy as the screws in my right ankle.
    Happy Veterans Day everyone.


  10. holy hell! everything hurts after that! knees/ shins/ headache... started to feel very lightheaded in the middle of that one... decided to go with 12" out of reach on pull up bar and accidentally ran an extra 800, god bless americs and all those who suffer, so we can live freely.
    1. 155
    2. 1:51.34

  11. I've never ran more than 1 mile at a time and I was determined to finish this workout in 2 hours. I did it in 1:56 rx. Could not be happier with myself. I weigh 220# and distance has always been my least favorite. Felt good to dominate a weakness today.

  12. Had to break up because of time and still didn't finish. 60:00 min completed 5 miles and 100 burpee pull ups. Hr later had 20min finished 2 more miles and rest of bpups. Never felt so beat up. Most I ever run by 4.5 miles. Hope I can walk tomorrow but if not it was for a great cause!

  13. 1:36.00 Rxd. - Tried to chase down Taylor. Seems like that has been a common theme lately. Keep it up Taylor! ....and Cheryl! :) Both of you are huge pushers for me. Thank you!