Friday, November 30, 2012

Saturday 12.1.12

Tag-Team Championship Fight Gone Bad - Heavyweight Division
5 rounds for max reps in 1 minute of:
Wall Ball, 30/20
SDHP, 135/95
BJ, 30/24"
PP, 135/95
Row for cals - each athlete must row at least one calorie per round.
1 minute rest between rounds.

if you don't have any friends to throwdown with you - complete 5 rounds of max reps in 40 seconds at each station, with a 20 second break between every station and a 1 minute rest after each round.



    Just in case you missed it.

  2. When is the template for the goat killing phase coming out?

  3. w/ Conor Murphy - 625. Subbed 30# WB w/ 53# KB thrusters.

  4. 543 with my partner Jarwd Y. Used crappy uneven 20mb to a 12' target.

  5. 379 individual Rx.
    Heavy sumo's are REAL DEAL lol
    Got a chance to workout at my home box today so actually had me balls for wall balls.

  6. 584 with my training partner
    Sumos hurt today!

  7. 285
    20lb wall ball and sub sdhp for row.
    That was a struggle.

  8. 651 reps wit my boi Taylor great WOD Ben enjoy it everyday!!!!!!!!

  9. 522. With fellow coach Matt.

    It doesn't get any easier, does it? Lol. Love FGB and it's variations.

  10. Done as team with husband. Scaled it down to #16/75/24"/75 and he did #20/110/26"/110 total reps : 757

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