Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Thrusday 11.29.12

1.  Snatch
2 x 1 heavy

2.  Amanda
Muscle ups
Squat Snatch, 135/95

3.  Back Squat
2 x 2 heavy

Chris Spealler - 3:20


  1. conversation between me and a "bro" :
    "bro"- hey Cheryl, you want to do Amanda tomorrow? we can do it at 155/105?
    "Cheryl"- I'll see how I feel, wed is typically a rest day.
    ... guess it's a rest day :) love this blog!

    1. forgot to mention... this conversation took place yesterday lol

  2. Hey Ben-
    About a month ago I came to CFNE with Morgan for the 6:30 class. I go to boston college and usually I go to Crossfit Wachusett in fitchburg in the am to workout before class.. Friday morning I have a class at 8am and I was wondering if I could possibily take you up on jumping in on one of the early classes? Let me know if this would be a possibility.. Thank you, Christie

  3. 1. 195#

    2. 7:42 (PR).... 2nd dance with Amanda. Did this 6 months ago and it took me 25 mins. So happy is an understatement.

    3. 365#

  4. 1. 205 - just couldn't get 225. rough morning.
    2. 5:21 pr - never done this one before.
    3. 415 deadlift - my knees are about to explode so I did deadlift

    1. I had the same explosive knee syndrome feeling today. On my right knee just below my knee cap. Any suggestions?

    2. My knees have been sore too. Ice, Advil, Rogue Voodoo Band work, and rest worked for me.

    3. I started wearing Rehband knee support from They are awesome. But my knees are still sore.

    4. If its below your knee cap its probably a minor sign of patellar tendonitis...THUS, stretch your quads before and after workouts.
      When you Oly lift and squat daily, your quads will get REAL tight pulling on the patellar tendon (below knee cap) causing some inflammation.
      Don't take NSAID's, just stretch your quads, and maybe go a touch easy on the squats for the next few days, like 80-85% of max to give your tendons a break.

      Don't worry, this is very common in the Oly lifting world. Gotta stretch!! hope it helps

    5. Awesome advice. I'll keep you guys updated. The quad soreness sounds about right. Much appreciated.

    6. Yeah man def sounds like patellar tendinitis. Also, get a lacrosse ball lay on your stomach and put the ball right above your knee then pull your knee to your butt back and forth. And roll out your calves. Both of those exercises will feed slack to your knee and relieve some pressure. Def no meds and get some voodoo floss bands!!

    7. What is flossing? (Nub question)

    8. for any question you have dude. Good stuff

  5. Replies
    1. Nice work bro!

    2. Haha I finished the first round in 1:00... And it was all downhill from there

    3. that's good work right there. i would be lucky to get sub 10. did this once last year and got like 15 min. but i power snatched it. i don't know how i would do with a squat snatch

    4. that's good work right there. i would be lucky to get sub 10. did this once last year and got like 15 min. but i power snatched it. i don't know how i would do with a squat snatch

  6. 1. 90kg
    2. 7:58...first time doing Amanda, should be able to figure out a better rep scheme for myself next time...
    3. 315,365

  7. 1. 155#
    2. 7:42 first time!
    3. BS later

  8. 1. 185. I'm going to bump 10 next round of these, 185 is moving fast now
    2. 5:53. I did Amanda at Rogue 3 months ago and I did it at the same pace at 115. Got stronger without slowing. Nice
    3. 305

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  10. 1) 205- from blocks
    2) 6:52- MU terrible
    3) 315- pussed out

  11. 195
    Didn't time. Nowhere to do muscle ups so I did 3 pull ups and 3 dips for every 1 muscle up
    375, 395

  12. Worked muscle up transitions for a solid 20-25 minutes, following Paoli's vids from the crossfit journal.
    1. 88
    2. i dont wanna talk about it :P subbed strict ring dips
    3. 144/150

    I've seen better days in the gym, good thing it's goat month, i've got quite a list to work on.

  13. 1. we learn the most from some of our worst training days guys. remember that... I'm fighting the urge to be negative myself... last time I dis Amanda.... it took me 9:10... today I did it 8:22... almost a whole min better... the thing is... I had really wanted ^sub 6... because my mups had been going so well...I don't really know what happened ... other than fatigue... but I didn't have it today... I fought the urge to do another workout and chose to do my backsquats & move on ... tomorrow is a new day!

  14. 1. 195, 205
    2. 4:37 RXd
    3. 315 (stayed kinda light, legs super trashed!)

  15. 1. 205x1 225x1 (PR AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!)
    2. 5:14 with bar muscle ups.
    3. 355-- lower back tweaks when I pushed my hips back. Don't really know what's goin on.

  16. Snatch 185
    Amanda 12:35 (WAY slower than previous time)

  17. 1. 105
    2. 20:36 (strung first 4 bar mu together before I lost steam and had to sub c2b and ring dips) - hardest workout I've ever done besides Eva.
    3. 165 - realized I could have gone heavier after the fact.

  18. 1. 205, 215
    2. 5:58, stupid slow need to clean up muscle up form
    3. 365 2x2

  19. 175 high box snatch pr
    185, 190 (f)
    Amanda 9:14 pr rxed (took 3:31 off last pr)

  20. 1-225. Failed first couple times. Stretched my shoulders out and then tried again.
    2-7:49rx. 30 sec pr. Muscle ups felt weak, but squat snatches felt good.
    3-did not complete no time left.

  21. 1. 155--will move this up a little next time.
    2. 7:23 @ 115. Last time I tried was a miserable failure. I still need technical improvements on the snatch, but I only dropped one.
    3. 305&325. ..I went up instead of across.

  22. 1. 225 new PR

    2. 11:37rx muscle ups straight bitched me today

    3. 315 legs were just too tired

  23. 1. 155 (tied Pr)
    2. 11:26 rx PR - failed last MU (otherwise straight) and failed all over in the rnd of 5 SQSN - need to work on squat depth - lat time i did this it was ~23 minutes
    3. Skipped - legs trashed from Tuesday still

  24. 1. 200
    2. 5:50. Disappointed. First attempt, but not what I was looking for

  25. 1.195 fell to a knee and stood up on both! It's a CFrte1 thing. not pretty
    2.7:20 muscle ups and bar where in two different rooms. Maybe could of taken 20 sec of time.
    3. passed! legs equal trashed