Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Wednesday 11.21.12

Bode checking out his mom.

Rest Day

I'm willing to bet someone looks up to you.  Live your life centered around your core values; integrity, commitment, empathy, honesty and establish a work ethic that is inspiring and worthy of their admiration.  

I will be presenting the Box Seminar in NYC on December 8th.  
Check out BoxSeminar.com for more info.

What makes a World-Class CrossFit Affiliate?  In the words of Greg Glassman, it is the “The Constant and Relentless Pursuit of Excellence.”  This one-day seminar will explore the best practices that the world’s best affiliates use everyday, and how to use these practices to create Excellence in your Affiliate.
Learn the ins-and-outs of running a World-Class Affiliate:
  • Hiring, Training and Paying Coaches.
  • Programming for the Elite, Sport Specific and Masses.
  • Marketing your Affiliate and getting so many members you’ll have to turn them away.
  • Creating a Community of Trust, Support, Honesty and Excellence.
  • Organizing your Affiliate to Run Efficiently.
  • The Details of a Successful On-Ramp Program.


  1. Playing catchup since I know I''l be out Thanksgiving:

    Barbara: 27:19 Rx (off from my Pr by 20 seconds)

  2. A day behind because of my training day for work yesterday...ran 3 miles, which .5 mile was backwards. 22:23

    1. 130kg across
    2. 70kg, 75, 80, 85, 85...pussed out on last round.