Sunday, November 25, 2012

Monday 11.26.12

Great to have Harry is back in town for the weekend.

1.  Snatch PP + 2 OHS
work up to a heavy set

2.  Snatch
3x1 Heavy

3.  "Helen"
3 RFT:
400m Run
21 KBS (53, 35)
12 Pull ups


  1. 1. 205# (215F)

    2. 175x1, 185x2 (195F)

    3. 9:49... PR... Our 400 m is plus/minus 10 m.

    Not the best of training days, but getting after it.

  2. First off, I love this site, working through the "Get Hauuugee" phase right now and I had a #40 PR on my back squat and front squat both last week, dead lift 3RM was is now my 5RM, and I hit #190 on snatch last week which is a #25lb PR. So, not questioning the programing here, I love it.

    I've noticed there are a lot of 2x2's and 3x1's in the programming. Just from my very low-level experience, I'm curious as to the point of doing something in such low reps? How does 3 singles in a snatch help your snatch?

    (Please note that there wasn't an underlying disparaging tone in that question, just legitimately curious about it)

    By the way, can't wait to hit this one tomorrow.

  3. 1. 275 (hit the jerk on 300, but no squats)
    2. 225
    3. 8:15

    Done traveling for a bit. Pumped to be back at it! Still nursing the collar bone so front rack movements will be limited. Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.

  4. 1. 185, 205, 225, 255
    2. 185x1 195x1 205x1 (post shoulder surgery PR IM PUMMMMMPED!!!!)
    3. 8:10 Rx

    1. And by no means an I sceptical, but I have the same question as Danny. What's the method behind low-heavy sets? Playing college football we always did 3x8 or 5x5 and so on. At a certain percentage. My gains from low rep heavy weight programming are blowin my mind. When someone tries to discredit that, how do I technically explain it without sayin "it just works bro"?

    2. Hey Dex and Danny -

      Congrats on your improvements and I am happy to answer your questions. The more you know the better - knowledge is power.

      During the "Get-hauge" program we did a lot more work in the 3-5-10 rep ranges. There is a lot of hypertrophy (think bigger muscles) that happen at these rep ranges because there is more volume at a relatively high load.

      In this Oly Phase we are working more with the lower rep ranges (singles and doubles). This allows you to work closer to your true max, essential we are now doing a bunch of work at or above 90%. Physiologically this is were real strength gains happen - under 90% will never elicit the same STRENGTH gains as above 90%. That is why the West Side guys Max out every week - they want to get stronger. But they also do hypertrophy training, because in their sport (like your college football days Dex) bigger bodies means more potential for strength gains.

      The lower rep ranges we are using now for the squats and O-lifts is also where "threshold" training takes place. If you lift more reps, your load MUST go down and you won't be getting the stimulus (in regards to your 1RM) that you get at loads above 90%. This is what the Bulgarian Method of weight lifting is centered around. Lots of sets (much more than we do) at or above 90% 1RM.

      Now we are not Bulgarians, we aren't as technically sound as they are, and we compete in CrossFit, not Weightlifting - so, we also do some technique work (Snatch and Jerk Balance, Snatch Pulls, etc...) and we also do some lifting at "moderate" loads to allow us to dial in our technique a little more.

      Hope this helps. Keep killing it!

    3. Yeah, perfect. I love that, thanks brotha!

  5. 1) 245
    2) 185- all power
    3) 7:52 felt slow on the runs

  6. 205 ohs= goat
    split snatch - 195, 205, 215
    Did not time because I subbed running with 2 min jump rope

  7. 1. 155 solid... last week couldn't push press 150 to save my life!
    2. 125/135- f/125/130- workin out in a garage and had no flooring .. felt like I kept losing it in the bottom - weird for me
    3. 7:53 not a PR but I had a really shitty pull up bar to work on - no excuses but couldn't really kip
    played with some friends at a local box thisafternoon... did men's rx " nutts " in 21:49

    played with some friends St a local box & did men's weight

  8. 225 took it easy with my back
    175, 185, 185(f)
    9:20 pr

  9. 1. 210

    2. 215

    3. 8:47rx. did Helen last when i first started CrossFit and took me 17 minutes. both my pinkies are straigth ripped due to all these snatches we've been doing. love it!!

  10. 1.235
    2.185 (lame)
    3. 8:43 runs,(1:30,1:45,2:00)

  11. 1. 260#
    2. 200# x 1, 205# x 2
    3. 7:23 RXd

  12. Day 1 of self-imposed 30 day strict paleo challenge. And also day 1 of my rest and recovery program. 30 min open ocean swim. Felt good...

    1. 1 is the loneliest number.... :(

    2. It's just one week bro! I'm 37 and you're 23 and sometimes it just creeps up on me...

  13. 1. 250#
    2. 200#....snatch has been bad lately!
    3. 8:01


  14. 1. 111#
    2. 95#
    3. 10:26 RX


  15. 1. 185, my shoulders would have nothing more. (205 was easy last week)
    2. 165 (oh-this has been my PR for mos). And I didn't mid a single snatch at 155 or 165- yep I was yelling. Then I took the opp to PR at 170.
    3. 9:26 w 45 lb kb. (PR). I have a 53 and 70 on the Xmas list.

    Keep this up Ben and I'll need a new treadmill. It maxes at a 6 min mile.


  16. 1. 245
    2. 195
    3. 8:56, I feel fat....

  17. 1-245 push press and 1 squat failed on 2nd. Completed 225 as required
    3-8:26rx 20 second pr

  18. 1)205 , 225x1 (f) rep 2
    2) 245, 255, 265 (f)
    3) 9:36 RX runs were really slow
    Weight felt really heavy overhead today

  19. 1. 265
    2. 195 felt a lil weak today
    3 8 minutes+

  20. 1. 100kg
    2. 85kg, 90, 90
    3. 8:59

  21. little behind...
    1. 165
    2. 175 (SqSnatch PR), 185 (A 2nd SqSnatch PR!!), 185 Power Snatch... Not a PR :(
    3. 10:32... had to keep jumping in and out off the loading dock took some time.