Monday, November 26, 2012

Tuesday 11.27.12

1.  Back Squat

2.  Jerk Balance
work up to a heavy single

3.  Clean and Jerk
work up to a 3RM, TnG

4.  For Time:
30 Burpees
50 Thrusters (65, 45)
500m Row

5.  2K Row
Moderate pace - this should be about 1 minute slower than your PR

Ben - 

Just a quick note, my numbers have gone up tremendously. I thought it would be hard for me to get a sub 3min Fran, never mind busting out a 2:27 with ease. Pulled out a 2:06 Diane and wasn't even tired. Simply amazing. and to think - we haven't even started the metcon yet! haha! 
A big thank you for your hard work. It is greatly appreciated!!! How can I get a CFNE tshirt over here in Norway? Maybe even one of those Built by Bergeron ones as well?



  1. I want a shirt too!!! And a man cave shirt Taylor! Haha

    1. I want a built by beregeron shirt!! Whats your mailing address??

  2. Damn right Quinn, good job for making the page!

  3. Hey Ben what size shirt do you wear.. Taylor and I can trade shirts with you....we call ourselves the ManCave and would be stoked if you had a shirt.

    1. I'd wear it with pride.

      15 Tech Circle
      Natick, MA 01760

  4. I'll send you a USBP shirt for a BBBen shirt!

  5. I WANT IT ALLLL!!! Lol

    1. No man I have a shirt for you!! Lol what's your mailing address? Not email. Hahaa I'll put it in the mail for you buddy!

    2. Oh ok haha 64a Morrison chapel road, Cleveland, Ms 38732 Preciate it bud!

    3. I'm open to trading for shirts, catch is I reside in Asia. :s

    4. No wonder your always posting early! lol

    5. Excitement over the shirt blinded my grammar goggles. Loo

  6. Also, I need a legit Row substitute. That and a climbing rope is all I'm lacking.

    1. I've used Sumo DL High Pulls as a sub if I couldn't use running as a sub. Not sure what rep scheme to use for the usb though. I had subbed when it was a row for calories, not distance.

    2. 45# SDHP is a good sub. 1 rep for every 10m, so 50 reps for 500m Row.

  7. Ben- I know this is looking down the road a ways, but do you plan on programming Open workouts on Friday or Saturday?

  8. 1.355#, 305#

    2. 205#

    3. 205#

    4. 6:30.... Quads tired and burning, thrusters broken up.

    5. Done.

  9. This is a great little group of awesomeness!! Glad to be a part of it! Quinn...keep up the good work!!

    1. This is an awesome little group. :) Glad to be part of it as well.

  10. Wow. 2:06 Diane. Awesome work buddy!

  11. My work/on call job has been wreaking havoc on my training. Missed wods, sometimes a few days in a row. Any advice for a missed day? If I had the time can I make up Mondays wod on Tuesday am, then knock out Tuesdays wod in the pm? Unfortunately this has happened a lot the past few weeks...I don't want to miss out on the good programming

    1. Advice - quit your job. Kidding, but not really.
      Missed workouts are missed workouts, don't double up the next day. Think of it as medication. If you missed taking your medication for 2 days your wouldn't take 3 days worth the next time.

  12. Thanks everyone! I enjoy getting on here and seeing the back and forth, along with some crazy numbers. That motivates me to go hard, just to make sure I can keep up!
    I'm currently following a week behind the rest of you... got my box doing this stuff. :) They love it.

    1. Often looking with anticipation at your score and Taylor's as I think you are both about my size - M/37/5'8"/175ish... I think you have both made bigger gains than me which is why I'm taking a week to refocus on my diet and recoup. Hope you are both coming to the Comp Comp at CFNE in Jan. Conor and I will be there and it would be great to meet in person and go toe-to-toe! Great gains fellas.

    2. Yeah, I'm M/35/5'10"/184. This ten pounds I gained over the last couple of months made a huge difference in the loads I can move. However, the flip side is my hip and shoulder mobility. Sticking the landing of my snatch these days is a huge bucket of nasty. Working on that.....
      Diet is super important, as you know. I've been playing around with mine a little lately and now I'm back to baseline zone diet. I cut the carbs down for a bit, but my performance starting to suffer. So, I loaded the carbs back in adn next day was a good day. I took out 1 block of carbs on each of my main meals so I could lose some bodyfat to make my gymnastics a little easier. I'll let you know how that goes....
      Won't make it to the CFNE Comp Comp - I'm a coach here at CrossFit Oslo in Norway, so I got peeps to torture. >) Soon enough though..... It's only what, 3 months until the Open? I'll be pulling for all you guys on here and giving hell over here in Europe.

    3. Hey Chris, our profile is almost similar... 25/36/5'7/175ish.

      25 mentally/36 realistically. Lol!

      Been doing CF for 2 years, this month.

    4. Good stuff fellas. For me I was just starting to get to the point where I was breaking down and getting injured more than I was making gains. Or I should say they were potentially more detrimental than the gains were helpful. So I'm hitting the mobility, stretching, massage, chiro, and movement hard for a week and really tweaking the diet and sleep cycle. 4 mile slow run this AM and then lots of stretching. Be back at it next week I hope.

  13. Great work Quinn. You're crushin it! Everyone is doing great. Thanks for the great programming Ben!

    1. 405, 365 (failed on a 435x3 attempt - got it for 2)
    2. 245
    3. 225
    4. 5:40

  14. 1. BS 325*3, 270*10
    2. Jerk Balance: 225#
    3. C+J: 225*2
    4. 5:54 Rx
    5. 2K ~ 8 min

  15. My lower back is really tweaked out today in the bottom of my squat as I push my hips back. AT says my hips have shifted? Anybody have experience fixing this problem?
    1. 3Rm- 385 10rm- 275
    2. 275
    3. 255 tng
    4. 5:24. I did a 30sec air dyne sprint for the row.
    5. Doing a 5 minute air dyne sprint at 85%

  16. 1) 365, 315
    2) 225
    3) 225, 235(2) barely missed Jerk
    4) 5:37

    5) 2K later

  17. 1. 365
    2. 295
    3. 205
    4. 6:00Rx (looked at my video and noticed I did 5 extra thrusters) disappointed in myself.
    5. 9:01

    1. Haha true. I lost my attention to detail somewhere between San Diego and St Thomas. Let me know if anyone finds it. Until then, I will start working out barefoot so I can count my toes, too.

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  19. 1). 305. 275
    2). None. Mid back felt a pinch and didn't want to risk it
    3). 205
    4). 5:18. Nearly unbroken
    5). 8 even.

  20. 1) 365, 310
    2) 225
    3) 195
    4) 5:48
    5) 7:56

  21. 375
    I was so mentally frazzled from 10rm that I forgot jerk balance

  22. 1. 3rm= 330#
    10rm= 275#, 295# (8)
    2. Jerk balance= 245#
    3. CJ x 3 (TnG) = 225#, 235# (2)
    4. Metcon= 5:06 RXd
    5. 2k row= 9:57 (super moderate..trashed!!)

  23. 1. 150/110
    2. 121 (should this be more than my jerk?... Its less)
    3. 110
    4. 7:42
    5. 9:42

  24. 1.405/315
    2. Neck pain avoided overhead presses
    3. 245x3 255x2 just squat cleans
    4. 5:58
    5. ran out of time

  25. 8 min of goat
    1. 330/275
    2. 250 felt good will try more next time
    3. 205
    4. 7:12
    5. outa time

  26. 1.220/195- could have prob done 205 for 10 - felt pretty solid no struggle
    2. 155 - forgot this and made it up later in the day
    3 145/155x2 - missed 3rd jerk- assumed full cleans & split jerks
    4. 5:42
    5. 8:33

  27. Squats 365x3, 325x10
    Forgot jerk balance
    C&J 225x3, had 5 or 10 more pounds
    WOD 6:06, thrusters nearly killed me

  28. 1. 305/270 big pr on 10RM
    2. just Jerk to 205, 215(F) x 2 (but close)
    3. 3Rm C&J: 195
    4: 6:56 with 30# dumbells
    5. 8:20 (1:02 off from pr)

  29. 1. 395x3, 345x10
    2. 245
    3. 245
    4. 7:14
    5. 7:31

  30. 1. 350 3x 305 10x
    2. 225
    3. 250 felt real good with TnG.
    4. 6:43 broke up the thrusters. Legs were gone
    5. 7:45 moderate was perfect.

    1. M/5'11/210 All n all, been CrossFitting for about 16 months

  31. 1. 3@330-had room left

    2. 185 (just missed 205-lost grip)

    3. 215

    4. 6:29rx. Disappointed in thrusters. Subbed 50-SDHP's for row. Blasted through burpees and rows.

    5. Tapped out. Couldn't bear the thought of 200 more upright rows. It's time to buy a rower.

    1. I inverted the scores on 2. & 3. Jerk balance was 215 & c&j was 185.

  32. 1. 175x3, 125x10
    2. 135
    3. 135, just missed the lock out on the last rep with 145
    4. 8:16
    Ran out of time before the 2k

  33. 1) 225x4x6 (light squats to protect knee)
    2) 275
    3) 265
    4) 5:03 Rx
    5) dun

  34. 1. 345 x 3, 285 x 10
    2. Skipped, no time
    3. 225 PR
    4. 6:42
    5. No time, had to take my child so wife could wod

  35. 1.315f/315f/295f
    3.205 time. worst day in a long time

  36. 1-355 3 rm
    2-285 10 rm
    3-215 jerk balance
    3-215 have only done heavy tng a few times so worked mainly on good technique.
    4-6:15 Rx. Felt good.
    5-completed in 8:00 right at one minute longer than my fastest 2 k

  37. 1. 345/305
    2. n/a
    3. 205 TnG. Prob coulda done 225 but back watch already disgruntled after the 10rm.
    4. 6:32 (Burpees done at 1min mark, broke up the Thrusters, 500m row took about 1:44(ish). Serious cotton-mouth today!
    5. Dont have a base 2k to base this on so I just went at a crusier pace. about 2:20/500m took like 9:20. Now I know to go a lil faster next time.

  38. 1. 335/305
    2. up to 255
    3. 225
    4. skipped
    5. done