Friday, November 23, 2012

Saturday 11.24.12

3 RFT:
8 Deads, 335/235
8 Elevated HSPU - use plates, parallettes or whatever is appropriate for you.

At the 10 minute mark, complete:
3 RFT:
6 Squat Cleans, 225, 155
6 Elevate HSPU

At the 20 minute mark, complete:
4 Hang Squat Clean Thrusters (135, 95)
4 Elevated HSPU


  1. This is going to murder me hspu is a goat for me never mind elevated hspu

  2. Replies
    1. Stacked 2 45 lbs plate+1 25 lbs plate for elevated HSPU.

  3. 3:07, 7:50, 4:29
    1 plate each side. Hspus not great but better. Did Kipping the whole way. First time Kipping elevated hspus.
    Legs are shot from murph. Thank God for a rest day tomorrow!

    1. FYI for those following from afar

      We did these with 8 min time cap on each at CFNE- so there is a min 2 min rest between each.

  4. 6:45/DNF(2+2)/5:48
    Elevated HSPUs on 1 45# bumper plate

  5. 1. 5:15 rx
    2. 165lb 11:50 I should have stopped but I wanted to do all the reps.
    3. 95lb. 6:17
    2.25" deficit. All were "strict" until last two sets. Made it through unbroken until last set if six. Unlike the first two groupings, the hspus are what slowed me in the last group.

    Summary. I did not warm up my legs enough prior to starting and the lactic build up from group 1 killed my second grouping. Because of my poor second group I scaled my third group way down, but too much so. I was able to easily do the 95lbs and just waited on my shoulders.

  6. Hspu on 45 and 25 rouhe hi-temp to admat to save head from smashing into ground
    1. 5:01
    2. Dnf 2 rounds plus 3 cleans
    3. 6:34

  7. M / 5'8 / 165

    1. 2:35 RXd
    2. 7:19 RXd
    3. 2:24 RXd

    *4.5 inch deficit on HSPU

  8. Been following this programming with my older cousin, Taylor Domengeaux, and his training partner Alex Romero for about 3 months now. I am 14 years old and loving crossfit!!

    M/ 5'9 / 140# / 14yrs old

    1. 3:31 (205#)
    2. 6:41 (115#)
    3. 4:02 (85#)

    *HSPU with one abmat

    1. Awesome Dwight. Welcome to the Competitor Community.

  9. Thanks for the awesome programming!!!

  10. 1.9:56
    2.1round 225# squat clean buried me after dl. It took me 5 min to get 6.

    Used parallettes and one ab mat. First day back after 6 days off due to the birth of son Cruz. Good to be back!

    1. Thanks guys! You guys are both crushing compwod

    2. Huge Congrats Jared. I've seen the pics on FB. Looks like the little bugger is going to be a stud.

    3. Thanks Ben. I would also like to thank you for this programming it is awesome!

  11. 1. 3:15rx
    2. 8:10rx
    3. 6:15rx
    5 inch defecit did not kip, will probably need to work on kipping hspus during goat phase. Hspus were deciding factor in the end (kinda surprised)

  12. 1. ok this would have been my wheelhouse... but the plates am using are new and they kept sliding all over the place! the surface was too slick, wasted time repositioning plates for sure
    feeling smoked today!

  13. 8:19 rxed back got tweaked
    Dropped 225 to185 dnf
    6:19 rxed
    Used 5 and 1/2 in deficit

  14. 2:42
    6:57 with 185

    I used a 45 and a 25 and all HSPU were unbroken. Getting a lot stronger on the barbell but I'm still a ninja. My lungs felt fine but the last set of 185 felt heavy. I feel like I'm getting close, thanks Ben

  15. 1. 3:01 Rx. DL felt super heavy today.
    2. 6:30 Rx. Lipped hspu
    3. 3:04 Rx
    *used a 45# bumper for the deficit hspu.
    Rest day will be clutch tomorrow.

    Also, I've been doing this programming since Biloxi blues in October and I'm loving it. Lotta improvements in a short time. So thanks Ben and thanks Taylor for puttin me on!!!

    1. Yezzzirr! Felt good
      Today man!! I couldn't smell 225# for 18 reps 6 months ago! Little guy trying to be strong like you!!

    2. In my experience, limits are What you allow them to be. God said "All things". Not some. Not just those things. Always been my excuse to not accept limitations. I said that to a kid the other day and it blew his mind haha

    3. Oh I am the same way man!! Get it how you live!

    4. I like those words. Motivating stuff right there!

  16. I need to keep up with the posts on this site more often, it seems much more beneficial to compare myself with some of the times and weights that you guys put up, instead of just taking praise for completing some of these wods

  17. 1-5:58rx with 45 and 25lb plate
    2-DNf 2 rds completed and had to take it down to just the 45 lb plate
    3-6:10 mod with no plate

    Hspu are my absolute goat. Glad to work on them today.
    Male/28/6'2"/225 ( all the Olympic lifting has added 10 lbs of muscle in the last 2 months. ).

  18. I'm promising myself i will do this wod tomorrow. Nightshifts didnt allow time for it today.